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  1. No I certainly wasn't a Yuppie. I used to work for Lotus so was a bit of an enthusiast. Nice one Trev and obviously picking up the chicks in your Lotus then by the looks of things! Yeah good times. Need more than a nice motor to pick em now though
  2. No I certainly wasn't a Yuppie. I used to work for Lotus so was a bit of an enthusiast.
  3. A few of mine that I've dug out Welsh road rallying in the 70s Built this from a bare shell: Start of the 1986 Welsh International Rally The car I kept the longest so far - 10 years.
  4. The skipping CD and poor handbrake are both known faults and should be rectified under warranty. The boot struts can be uprated to compensate for the heavier Nismo spoiler and some of the traders on here do them. That said, some would argue that since Nismo is the official tuning arm of Nissan, they should also be covered under the warranty.
  5. Cambermin. -1.33deg nominal -.58deg max .17deg L/R difference .75deg Caster min 7.42deg nominal 8.17deg max 8.92deg L/R diff. .75deg Kingpin inclination min. 4.33deg nom. 5.08deg max 5.83deg Toe Min. 0in. nominal .04in. max .08in. Thanks Phil
  6. Cmon peeps surely someone must know these or at least where I can find them
  7. I've done a search for this but can't find what the settings should be for toe, caster, camber, etc.
  8. Have you considered that they may need to go through 1 or 2 heat cycles before they deliver the best?
  9. Considering the chassis and suspension components on my race car are powder coated, I'm sure it's a myth
  10. Mine also appears to do this but I have learn't to live with it. The throttle on the Zed is fly-by-wire so can't really stick. What revs is it idling at when warm? If it's higher than about 750 - 800 rpm with the climate control off, then it needs adjusting.
  11. Just had the Pilot Sport 2s fitted this morning. Its obviously too soon to make any real assessment yet but the inital feeling is that they are quieter and less harsh than the Stones
  12. Just had a price for 4 standard size 18's Pilot Sports £598 including fitting and Vat.



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