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  1. Hi from an ex CTR and 350Z owner, but a resident of South Wales nevertheless
  2. Have to agree with you on the Vantage. Superb looking and sounding car, but build quality and reliability is miles away from Porsche.
  3. New 370Z vs used Cayman S and they are totally comparable. Obviously if you have to buy new then they are not on the same page. Although if I had £30k to spare I think I'd save a little bit more and go Aston Martin V8 Vantage Compare that, if you will, to either car. Speak to Zedrush about Astons and you may change your opinion
  4. I used Mintex M1144 in mine and found the feedback and cold performance from them great for a reasonably inexpensive pad. See my F/S post for a nearly new set of rears I'm selling
  5. Just go and sit in one They are a bit clinical in a typical Germanic sort of way, but the quality is superb. Check out things like the way the cup holders are dampened ( if you can find where they're hidden) and soild clump when you close the door. And thats before you drive it and feel the rifle-bolt gearchange and incredible steering feedback.
  6. There's no way of avoiding an extra owner/keeper going onto the V5, but since it will show up with the former keeper as having the same name as you, any future buyer should appreciate the situation once explained.
  7. Jack, Jack handle, Wheel brace and locking wheel nut remover.
  8. The 296 bhp engine was upgraded with different pistons, cams and I think cylinder heads as well.
  9. If you make it clear in the ad that test drives will only be permitted with proof of fully comp insurance, you shouldn't have any problems. That will elimate the test pilots and anyone that is a geniune buyer will arrange the necessary cover.
  10. Generally only perceived that way by those who buy for the badge and not the superior chassis dynamics of the Cayman +1 - Get the turbo conversion for the Cayman and its waaaay better than a 911 Or the Autofarm 911 engine conversion.
  11. Generally only perceived that way by those who buy for the badge and not the superior chassis dynamics of the Cayman
  12. Mintex competition pads Done less than 1K miles. £35 including delivery to UK mainland





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