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  1. Got a traxass revo 3.3. But it's hard to keep tuned. I think a lipo car is on the cards next
  2. This great. A red roadster. Lovely!!! My uncle has a coupe and has done all the mods you said. It transformed the car but with subtle looks. It's accepted in the e-type world too However he has just had to have the head done. Cost over 2k. Only done 350 miles last year too. But it is absolutely gorgeous. Sounds amazing too. Will be following this.
  3. Not black Red is nice but still a standard colour Yellow is cool Purple is awesome Inter fire. Is beautiful Pink no no no no A very funny picture papa. !!!!!!
  4. There is a member on here that has a 313 LPG with the prins system. He posted up the other day. Use the search function.
  5. Ooh that is one sweet ride
  6. This is terrible news. Hope he makes a full recovery!!!
  7. Well this could work out fantastically. I have my BE up for sale Pm me for details
  8. Looks awesome. But no rear bumper??????? Plus it'll be a bit chilly going to tescos with no windows on the back
  9. Worth a look. http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/66341-my-yellow-350z-gt4-for-sale-6500-low-miles/
  10. Spray it up like the nismo one. Looks really cool
  11. all 3 sizes come in the box. its quite time consuming too. needs modding and cutting. got the gaiter off ebay. quite nice. as you have cut the oem off
  12. As I have said, this a pre post to get an idea. I will post up full details when I can next week. I am in a hospital bed not able to move so getting info is a little hard.
  13. Well, after a turn for the worse with my health. I cannot drive the zed. My legs are not working. It is with reluctantance and dismay that I have to do this. I will post up a proper FS ad up. But I need to know how much I owe on the car. I will know more on Monday once I have spoken to the right people. The car is standard apart from my carbon nismo gear knob and the very expensive reversing cam mod. Anyone that knows me will know I love this car to bits. And have looked after her. Cleaned alot. Usual stone chips on the front but only a few tbh. Any questions just ask. I hope this will be let through. Cheers Sparky
  14. Buy the proper ones. The others will look gash
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