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  1. What make of wrap is it bro? Car is looking stunning!!!
  2. Scream if you want to go faster!

    Where did you end up getting yours from bud? Unfortunately I bet my old car is not being looked after the way it deserves
  3. New wheels for my first love

    Dogs are cute tho lol
  4. Scream if you want to go faster!

    You're car is looking great buddy. Especially that front end.. I don't know why its not more popular!
  5. What car after a 370Z

    I had a 350 then moved to 370... after that a camaro... c63... then baby came along so I have a x6 40d but just ordered a corvette stingray c3 for my fun car!
  6. Can any member photshop 4 photos for me ?

    That looks absolutely shocking! Don't do it
  7. POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    I know! Since the 370... I had a camaro then a c63 but when my son was born I got an x6 40d
  8. POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    No mate I was just floating on the forum and saw this thread so thought I'd put a post up of the old pumpkin. I have a dad car these days lol.
  9. [SOLD]Volk GT-S 19" £1800

    Paul T get these bought ASAP
  10. If this was only in another colour I would snap your hands off! I'd say 9.5 to 10k mate
  11. Time to sell up *FALSE ALARM*

    Mate you should've said 7k then bought it for 7k lol But seriously if you're considering another zed get this one I'd pay 7k now for it lol
  12. Time to sell up *FALSE ALARM*

    8.5 to 9.5? Lovely looking zed!
  13. I know bud... Crazy chat... Bloody worth a grand that bumper lol!