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  1. Everywhere goes somewhere, even if it's a dead end, it's somewhere. So ,where does it go? Probably Starbucks.
  2. Disagree with half of this. Mainly as i have a background in it, i'd say it has surpassed us in a few sectors of our daily lives already. Do i like it? not really. Not because of what films would have you believe but more because, the plain fact is, nobody really knows - and i really do mean nobody really does know - what path it would take eventually and nobody likes uncertainty. I'd say that companies like Lockheed Martin, JPL and Google are at the fore-front of it but again, even they don't really know how it'd pan out left to its own devices (no pun intended) Hence this thread, and a smattering of AI movies which are always doom and dismay, death to all humans yada yada yada.
  3. I know Pulsar GTiRs are worth more than when i first bought mine
  4. i like how the cars are catagorised as " pride and joy "
  5. Bought a Pandora's box 5 recently. Good fun an the emulation isn't bad at all.
  6. As soon as i saw his pic, i immediately thought "arrogant **** alert " Fella should do a stretch for wearing a white suit too. Who does he think he is? The man from f**king Del Monte? Leisure suit Larry? O well he best get a jobby job now. I hear UPS is hiring.
  7. Not trying to **** on anyone's parade here but, 700hp,11.1 Qrt Mile? isn't that a bit slow? I'm assuming it doesn't lay the power down so well? Poor tyre choice? My little Pulsar did a smidge over 12 seconds just over a year ago @ 330 hp pulling 1090k. Just seems a little odd.
  8. i think it'd be nice if a car is appreciated for what it is, rather than what it's not compared to another car.
  9. i don't know whether to laugh out of sheer disbelief or tut until i run out of saliva.
  10. Nope, i don't like i love it!!
  11. I really like it. Or at least that photo
  12. For me, the best world cup i've seen in my life. On a par with Euro 96 IMO (turning a blind eye to Southgate-gate)
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