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  1. Rock_Steady

    Bye bye Matt

    And why not, she's got a few horses, but i bet there's plenty more in that V8 G man's got. You know she's gonna be jealous.
  2. Rock_Steady

    Fatal attraction - New Type R

    Very true.
  3. Rock_Steady

    Guess the car part

    Tesla!! is this getting tired yet?
  4. Rock_Steady

    Back from Honeymoon

    Congratulations Davey!!! once of us now, the compromise club
  5. Rock_Steady

    Fatal attraction - New Type R

    i'd say it's pretty common knowledge that the fastest FF production car out-of-the-box on track would be the DC2. Or at least it used to be once upon-a-time. Nothing could touch it in its class and then would go on to hammer most things with an additional 100 hp on it. Superb car.
  6. Rock_Steady

    Fatal attraction - New Type R

    There's something about it that appeals to me. Yes, it is as ugly as a baboons bottom, but i don't know, i think i'd still consider buying one, probably more if i drove it.
  7. Rock_Steady

    Bye bye Matt

    From the bits iv'e seen, the presenting is pretty wooden and, the banter is quite telegraphed. I think if you can't tell a joke..... don't. They're trying to keep the recipe going with different ingredients and unfortunately the cake isn't rising to the occasion, it's pretty flat. Just my money's worth. Can't be bothered to sit through it TBH. But bye bye Matt!! definitely the best of the bunch so far.
  8. Rock_Steady

    Do you get bored of cars quickly?

    if i like a car i keep it, until i feel it's time to move on, as there are so many great cars i'd like to mod to my taste and have fun with. Thankfully it's a handful of cars i like, so i can spend many years with them rather than only spending a year or so driving it about before pushing it on.
  9. No, i'll grant you.. the Rally pug 205 turbo was an absolute monster and looked awesome. I can remember a man down the road from me when i was a kid had the rally kit on his 205 and i remember dribbling with want as he drove past.
  10. Rock_Steady

    Guess the car part

    Bloody hell!!!!!! bet it still has a 205 gearbox though...
  11. Rock_Steady

    Guess the car part

    Sorry to stop the fun but, wasn't Panoz founded by none other than......Noel Edmond? way back in the early 90s?
  12. Rock_Steady

    Can you folks not drive?

  13. Rock_Steady

    Pay at pump story

    Blimey, that was a dry day for news. Haven't most people realised this when looking at statements? Beggars belief.
  14. Right, lets steer away - which isn't possible in a Xantia - from french offerings. How about the old Suzuki Ignis? Awesome little JDM box with piano wheels. Corners like a house fly.
  15. Please...... somebody stop him! Moderators! Ban that man from typing!! God, i'm getting a sweaty brow now Wasn't expecting to read this after the weekend, people actually nominating the very cars i hate as their underrated gems? This is an outrage!