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  1. Rock_Steady

    Super Artificial Intelligence

    Disagree with half of this. Mainly as i have a background in it, i'd say it has surpassed us in a few sectors of our daily lives already. Do i like it? not really. Not because of what films would have you believe but more because, the plain fact is, nobody really knows - and i really do mean nobody really does know - what path it would take eventually and nobody likes uncertainty. I'd say that companies like Lockheed Martin, JPL and Google are at the fore-front of it but again, even they don't really know how it'd pan out left to its own devices (no pun intended) Hence this thread, and a smattering of AI movies which are always doom and dismay, death to all humans yada yada yada.
  2. Rock_Steady

    General car prices

    I know Pulsar GTiRs are worth more than when i first bought mine
  3. Rock_Steady

    BMW 335i?

    i like how the cars are catagorised as " pride and joy "
  4. Rock_Steady

    Home project - Raspberry Pi3 into Playstation1

    Bought a Pandora's box 5 recently. Good fun an the emulation isn't bad at all.
  5. At least he's paid some if it. Not that he's got much of a choice.
  6. As soon as i saw his pic, i immediately thought "arrogant **** alert " Fella should do a stretch for wearing a white suit too. Who does he think he is? The man from f**king Del Monte? Leisure suit Larry? O well he best get a jobby job now. I hear UPS is hiring.
  7. Rock_Steady

    BMW 335i?

    Not trying to **** on anyone's parade here but, 700hp,11.1 Qrt Mile? isn't that a bit slow? I'm assuming it doesn't lay the power down so well? Poor tyre choice? My little Pulsar did a smidge over 12 seconds just over a year ago @ 330 hp pulling 1090k. Just seems a little odd.
  8. Rock_Steady


    i think it'd be nice if a car is appreciated for what it is, rather than what it's not compared to another car.
  9. Rock_Steady

    I wonder if it made it through the MOT...

    i don't know whether to laugh out of sheer disbelief or tut until i run out of saliva.
  10. Rock_Steady


    Nope, i don't like i love it!!
  11. Rock_Steady


    I really like it. Or at least that photo
  12. Rock_Steady

    World Cup

    For me, the best world cup i've seen in my life. On a par with Euro 96 IMO (turning a blind eye to Southgate-gate)
  13. Rock_Steady

    DE losing oil slowly...

  14. Rock_Steady

    DE losing oil slowly...

    Quote: "For the past few years it feels like I need to completely refill the engine oil every 3-4 months" Blimey, slow down boys. 4 posts in and it's an engine rebuild even though no one's actually looked at it. Using oil is what DE models do very well. As Zmanalex has said, the REVUP DE does it even better. I had the REVUP DE and yeah it used oil, much more than any other car i've had and ran it like that for years. Sold it to a good friend of mine and it's still running 2 years later. Just keep an eye on it. After all, it could be down to the brand and type of oil you're using. Obviously get someone to look at it if you're not engine savvy. i wouldn't be considering a rebuild based on what it "feels like". Not sure? Make sure you are! Not trying to be a clever dick, just trying to pull things into perspective before forking out hard-earned cash.
  15. Rock_Steady

    The New DBS.... damn right I've an opinion on it

    i can take them or leave them, they all look the same to me. A bit yawn. i know i know... i'm a philistine