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  1. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds...

    impressive, very impressive. while some people have mentioned that the 4.4 - 100 mph is pretty pointless, surely so must be the 100 - 150 mph test. where are you going to do that? i doubt it's a car people want to drag down Santa Pod. Anywho, Very impressive though. I'd still take the porker over the Tamiya.
  2. Xmas Warning

    Very good!!
  3. Stubaru BRZ

    God, so annoying, people's stupidity / inconsideration of other people's property.

    i watch this show a lot. i love it, i'd love to chat to Wayne about cars for a while.
  5. Gutted about my Z

    They can insist all they like and it is probably true that they can fix it, but that doesn't matter. You have made your decision and they have to honour it and they have to give you the list price. End of.
  6. GT-Four

    A good friend of mine did exactly what you did not long ago on his ST205. Bought a HKS SSQV, didn't like the sound, so changed it. Sounds like waste gate chatter now. I'd've thought that the stories you hear about ring land failure are from those who don;t look after their cars as they should. In the ten years i had my Four and was part of the forum i came across this problem a handful of times. I wouldn't take it as gospel. Of course it happens, but like i said, it tended to be those who crank up the boost and rev the nads off it and never check the oil.
  7. Gutted about my Z

    What he said, take the money, run and re-group for something new. Put the zed to bed and look forward to exciting times ahead.
  8. My rx7 fd3s daily *apexi ecu now fitted*

    Just a few hoses then!! Kudos for doing that, looks like a proper ball-ache. Grazed hands and cut fingers?
  9. New CLS... what happened?

    Yeah, that's an ugly duckling that will grow to be....... and ugly duck.
  10. I didn't buy a Lotus after all.

    Great choice, they're a hoot!!
  11. Where is The North?

    Core blimey governor! Your nips should be able to cut glass!!
  12. How much!!!!!

    Yep, old Cortinas and Granadas too. God knows why.
  13. How much!!!!!

    Early 90 Jap cars, they're going up in price all the time. The Gt-four, Scoobie, Evo, Supra (even the asthmatic NA) , GTO, Pulsar GTIR, Sunny GTI and yes the NSX. Generally i don't think most of them are too overly priced but DC2, EK9 Type Rs , AE86 and apparently the NSX, stupid money.
  14. Hate in the car community!

    My wife and my mother - who both feel that my hobbies of retro gaming and car modification are completely unnecessary to existence- say a similar thing to " you can't go above 70 so why bother? " to which i always say " it's not about top speed, it's about getting to 70 that's the fun and doing it in style " which, i suppose in a Nissan Pulsar GTi-R, is debatable. But a quick trip to The supermarket via the bypass soon puts it into perspective with a nice dollop of power coming off the slip road, as we rocket to 70 in a blink of an eye, She's often speechless as the power pins her tongue down to her pallet. And even if she did comment it's all drowned out by a turbo the size of an Indesit. Ahhhhh silence is golden.
  15. Hate in the car community!

    I like the video. it's true that you're not going to like everyone's choices but, it is just rude to say to someone, "you're cars ugly". What will that achieve? Nothing more than the recipient thinking "what a knob". They're definitely not going to strip their car and call you for advice on how to do a second time round.