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  1. Mars next stop :)

    Yeah yeah
  2. Mars next stop :)

    There's also the "hollow moon theory" too. Since the early seventies NASA has known that there are artificial structures on the moon, which has been leaked by the Chinese on social media by their own space lunar module, Chang 3. There is the theory that it has been mined for a very long time and after tests done by the last apollo missions it seems that the moon " rang like a bell " as in hollow. But that's a whole other thread.
  3. Mars next stop :)

    which is then followed up by....ooo look something else found on the internet! Sorry i found that quite funny
  4. Mars next stop :)

    If NASA, The NSA or the DIA wanted to hide a fact or change peoples names what they usually do is purge all documents in reference to that person and deny all knowledge of said people. They never visited, applied or worked there. End of story. This would be handled much like the Robert Lazar case. "It's all Fake". The problem with people in general is, they will pick apart a FACTUAL event and turn it into a conspiracy theory such as the Titanic, The JFK assassination, 9/11 and of course the 1969 moon landing. So nothing really stands a chance as being taken seriously. If the earth is flat, i'd imagine so is the moon and all the other bodies in a our galaxy. So riddle me this: How do you explain a crescent moon if it's flat? i know it's not the Earth but it stands to reason. How does it make a crescent shadow? Surely if it's flat that wouldn't be possible.
  5. Power to weight**

    Yeah, i'd definitely go for the lighter option. Lightness is a weapon. The DC2 proved that many years back beating cars on track with twice the power which were heavier.
  6. It's that time again! (possible new car purchase)

    DC5 definitely. Awesome cars, slightly softer around the edges compared to the legendary DC2 but the extra power makes up for it.
  7. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    I always thought Toyota made the noses too long on their designs - from the front wheel arch to the end of the bumper -including this one but i still think it looks really nice.
  8. Colour.

    i'd say Amber but hey ho.
  9. Mars next stop :)

    You know what, i'm going to start my own movement. The " i think the world is slightly not flat ( mountains ) and not quite round movement " And i'm going to prove it to be true armed with a set square and my Casio calculator watch. Undeniable evidence is coming your way!! Prepare to be spell-bound!
  10. Mars next stop :)

    Sorry! This made me giggle
  11. Mars next stop :)

    That really made me giggle. Couldn't read it without hearing Chief Wigam's voice in my head
  12. Mars next stop :)

    Anyway, what's the benefit if the earth is flat? Doesn't change my life. If it's flat it's flat, i'm happy to accept it, if it's round it's round! Bonus. I guess the FE crew can say " Ha!, told you so" ........... and then? A disco?
  13. Mars next stop :)

    Unless i've missed a trick here, perhaps half the trouble is a map that any of use can get of the world, does not give the correct proportions of size to certain countries, thus leads to confusion about distances and other such factors.
  14. Mars next stop :)

    Stars that are further away appear to be red, as longer rays of light are seen by the human eye as so. The closer the star is, the more blue it is due to the fact that shorter light rays have this effect on our eyes. That's the general consensus. Physics on earth work on earth, since their basis is fundamentally researched and tested in earthly conditions. if you took our physics and mathematical theories to , lets say the Zeta Reticuli star system which is roughly 54 light years away, our physics and mathematics would not apply given the nature of time and gravitational differences of a binary star system. Gravity disturbs time in space so much so that our theories can be violated. Yes light can be bent as our sun has proven so by NASA, who claims that it is possible to see a star behind our sun as its tremendous gravity pulls light around it and gives an image of what's behind, in front . While NASA ( Never A Straight Answer ) does modify photos which have been taken in space, for various reasons, probably haven't modified those that show that the earth is "round" which it isn't a perfect circle but is close enough.
  15. Mars next stop :)

    No that's o.k i didn't really read it as a dig at me but if it were.... i don't mind. I asked to be educated about something i'm not well versed in and i got a jeering negative response? if that is the case then i guess gangzoom is just showing his character. BUT i think my post was taken the wrong way. I wasn't saying " who's this dick and why the bloody hell would anyone want to send something to Mars?" No, i think it was just read in the wrong tone.