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  1. Can't Pay Take It Away

    So many dodgy companies selling cars that end up changing their name after a few months. Tsk tsk.
  2. Apparent road rage incident in Woking.

    yeah, that'll learn him!
  3. My rx7 fd3s daily *apexi ecu now fitted*

    Wow, that's not bad at all!!. Good luck with it all though. I never touch electrics. It's all witch-craft to me.
  4. My rx7 fd3s daily *apexi ecu now fitted*

    it is a shame that you'll get cracked vacuum pipes and shoddy electrics but, early 90s jap cars. My Pulsar is the same. brittle wiring and cracked rubber pipes. A nightmare.
  5. My rx7 fd3s daily *apexi ecu now fitted*

    Every time i see an RX7 -which isn't often- i can't help but think that it looks so timeless. It could have come out last year IMO. That ford focus in front of it in the 2nd pic looks more dated for crying out loud.
  6. What would you choose.

    i've driven an E92 335i that was fiddled with a little and that was pretty brutal on pick up and sounded awesome. The mid range rolling power/torque is ridiculously relentless. If that were supercharged, it would be a sleeping super car killer i'm sure.
  7. Apparent road rage incident in Woking.

    i think 10 months is a little extreme. I'd've thought a nice hefty fine/ lots of points and some community service would do the trick. I mean, i've seen people come off a water slide faster than the teacher did coming off the bonnet. Alright, i know it was a school but i don't think for that reason alone it constitutes 10 months at her Majesty's pleasure. In fact, it may have been better ( apart from not moving at all ) to have reversed so the cheeky teacher fell on their arse but each to their own.
  8. What Game are you currently playing ?

    Ah, that's more up my street. A bit of retro gaming!! i have the first Nintendo, the super Nintendo, Gamecube, NeoGeo and some ( i say some , about 52 i think ) original Arcade cabinets. Love Arcade games.
  9. What would you choose.

    Look dated?!?! I'd have to disagree. I think they still look contemporary. I'd have a supercharged E92 any day. i still think they're one of the best looking cars on the road. Classy.
  10. How would you stop people parking on your drive?

    I didn't know that
  11. Sunday night pondering.... (future Z replacement)

    BMW 4 series for me
  12. How would you stop people parking on your drive?

    I like this. It's non-violent yet annoying
  13. Your dream job?

    I'd probably set up my own retro gaming company OR buy a load of land, lay down a load of tarmac and start my own drag club ( that's a drag racing club before anyone chimes in with any transvestite jokes )
  14. New weekend car? 6-15k?

    But it did though!! Before i even made a gear change it was already down the road, over the hill, round the bends, past the church, under the bridge, round the lake, through the tunnel and probably parked up at home.
  15. New Ferrari

    And it's in baby diarrhea yellow.