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Memory Lane: Post up your old car pics here


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Absolutely gutted I got rid of this. Had it standard and sold to a guy who's got about 290bhp out of it now.


Had one of these myself. Loved it.

Also had the S12 Sylvia which was my first turbo car - sooo much lag, handled like a pig, but is the car I remember most.

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Right, don't laugh to much


Austin Allegro 1.3 :lol:

Mk1 escort

GLS cavalier

SRI cavalier

MK3 Cortina

MK4 Cortina

1.6 capri

2.8 capri

rover 820

ford probe

1.6 pimera

2.0 vectra

1.6 focus

1.6 qashqai

1.6 qashqai

1.6 qasqai

the zed




Not 'too' bad Rob.

I started out with an 850 mini, followed by a 900cc Fiat, and then a GLS Avenger. Thought the Avenger was the dogs nuts because it had a rev counter (not many had in those days) and a vinyl roof that frequently removed itself.

After the Avenger I had a 2.0S Cortina and the 'sporty' cars started from there, apart from a few relapses to more sensible cars when I was skint.

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Absolutely gutted I got rid of this. Had it standard and sold to a guy who's got about 290bhp out of it now.


Had one of these myself. Loved it.

Also had the S12 Sylvia which was my first turbo car - sooo much lag, handled like a pig, but is the car I remember most.


Yep. Have a classic mini too and I'd say the S13 put as much of a smile on my face...






Must... resist...


Seriously though, they look like minters.

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First car was a MG ZR 1.4, pretty much standard.


Then I had the same with a 2.0 turbo conversion, the one on the left:





Then I had this S15, was at just under 360bhp before I sold it:







And now the 350GT.



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I was relatively late to start driving, 23yrs old in '07 I started and I've always been a Renault owner until the 350z.


My 1.4 monster!



Followed by my first decent car, my 172 and my first taste of trackdays:



Sticking with the theme I speced and ordered my brand new dream 200 Cup. Those 15 weeks felt so long!



Which a lorry decided it wanted to merge into the side of at ~5mph, it tainted the whole "brand new car" aspect.


So then I took the plunge into Turbo charged ownership with a 250 Cup instead:



Then the wife came along and so I needed to downsize while saving for the wedding. Que the "halo" Clio, 182 Trophy:



And now with the wedding out of the way I was given the all clear to indulge in a 2 seater, hence the 350z while I have the opportunity! :D

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^^ Love it, ...any more pics? What engine was in it?




Before the age of digital photos I'm afraid so had to scan that in ... engine was 5.0 litre V8

Nice mate. Bet that sounded great. B)


Know what you mean about the pictures though, ....all my old car pics pre around 2005 were taken with a good ol' 35mm camera. :wheelchair::lol:

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OK, so I thought I'd join in with the nostalgia..


First car was a mark 2 Vauxhall Astra 1.3 - I don't think I've got any pics of it, although maybe something in the loft somewhere.


Then I had a Mk 1 Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD.. that thing was so sluggish, used to have to change down to overtake old ladies on the footpath (I probably shouldn't have been driving on the footpath come to think of it).


Then I went for a Renault Laguna 2.0 - it had an onboard talking computer on it that used to frighten the life out of passengers when it piped up (in a very upper class english accent might I add) - I actually managed to sell this one when I did a car boot sale, taking it quite literally...




After that it was a Ford Probe 2.5 V6; it had already been chipped, lowered and fitted with a custom exhaust when I got it (perked it all up to 194bhp). I loved that car though, and then someone ran into the back of it while I was stationary and waiting to turn right and it was written off. On the plus side, after 2 years of owning it I actually got only £200 less than I paid for it on the insurance payout, and was still able to sell the car for parts for £700. Somehow I made a profit on it... Anyway, that meant I could buy a car that I'd always loved the look of.




My first Peugeot 406 Coupe V6.




And my second 406 Coupe V6




And my third and last 406 Coupe V6 (yes, I really loved the look of them)




And then my 350Z (my Dad had a Nissan Silvia Turbo, then a 300ZX, so I'd always wanted to go down the Nissan route - I like to think he'd have approved of my choice).




And finally, my current 370Z.



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Here are my last 4 cars... in 4 years :lol: ( I won't bore you with the likes of the ST etc etc etc... straight onto the "good stuff")


Cayman S - Full techart conversion, at the time it was one of roughly 50 in the EU and very few in the UK (I only knew of one other in the UK)




Next was my 350z, with a dodgy looking kit on it :lol: :lol:



I then went back to a Cayman S... pretty standard just had a full Porsche AERO kit on it. and some other nice touches



I then had "grown up syndrome" yes I'm only 24.. was 23 at the time... But needed a "bigger car" to get the misses and the dog in :lol:

So bought my Current car Audi S5.. 4.2L Petrol V8. the most thirsty car I've ever had... but wouldnt have it anyway... kind of, its for sale anyway.. so watch this space. New Cayman GTS or if I can get into the good books again of my local friends at Porsche a GT4 If they don't stick a hefty mark up on it, currently sold out all pre-orders when I enquired a few weeks ago :rant:



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First car (which I still own!) Is this beautiful 1988 Austin Mini Mayfair... The Mayfair model was meant to be upmarket meaning it had a tape player as standard and a burr walnut dashboard and accessories (very snazzy!)


My first love


And here's her engine with a number of tasteful mods!



Good old A series 998


The next one was another mini, this time in red which belongs to my mate who is the guy I restore/modify cars with!



Other Mini


Between us we have also restored and now run this Beautiful, (and pretty scary) TR6



The TR6


Which is powered by this beast



The beast


Also went through a very quick phase with this 924 which was good fun!


The German one


On the look out for a tasty 350z now though! B)

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Only just come across this thread :teeth: so I thought I will share some of the last cars that I have owned over the past 12 years up to the car I own now:


Vauxhall Astra Coupe Turbo:




BMW E36 M3 Convertible in Techno Violet:




Mazda RX8 Jap Import with Mazdaspeed Kit:




Nissan Skyline R33 GTST:




BMW E39 M5:




BMW E46 330Ci:




BMW E46 330Ci (facelift):




BMW 120D, my first ever diesel car:




The car that lead me to this site a 2015 370Z Nismo:




The car I own now a BMW M4:




As you can probably see there is a bit of a BMW theme going on here ;) but my first ever car was a Austin Montego 21 years ago which I do not have a picture of.

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