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  1. Its not the recommended grade Nissan designed it to use 5w30 Lots of reasons but mainly the 370z engine relies heavily on oil pressure at certain points, valve control for one, cam chain tension for another but there are many, pressure is resistance to flow , thicker oil is more resistant to flow and may increase the pressure at these points. Generally clearances on modern engines are much better than they were and there is rarely a need to go for oil above 40w. (My V8 takes 5w20, the GT86 takes 0w20) Also there is no need to worry about oil breaking do
  2. DO NOT use 5w50 use the recommended oil 5w30 or if you car is modified take your tuners advice
  3. More than likely but there was a revision mid 2012 and I am not sure if that's when these gaskets were changed, I believe the gaskets were upgraded for the MY12 so would include the GT Edition but there is no definitive info on this. I had a 2012 (12) plate GT Edition and a 2012 (62) GT Edition and there were some differences between the two, so to be 100% sure buy a 62 plate or newer
  4. I have a 350z spare wheel in my shed , arrange collection from Newbury , Berks and its yours if that helps
  5. Richf

    Urgent! Cats 370z

    Have you tried H-Dev ? They often have some
  6. Totally agree , I'd rather someone took my car off my drive without either battering me or my family to get the keys I like keyless wouldnt want to be without it
  7. Car and driver lap times https://www.caranddriver.com/features/lightning-lap-20062017-historical-data-every-lap-time-every-car-feature These are the peers to the Golf R - Not the R35 154 LL2 Nissan 370Z NISMO (2009) 3:12.0 #4 (2010) 155 LL2 Volkswagen Golf R (2015) 3:12.3 #9 (2015) 156 LL1 Ford Mustang V-6 (2011) 3:12.5 #5 (2011) 157 LL1 Nissan 350Z Track (2006
  8. Almost certainly a dsg Golf R as well
  9. True there are some sub £30k ones but if you cant afford a good R35 GTR you sure as hell cant afford a bad one , a good one is £45k plus
  10. No it cant, stock Golf R runs low 13's in the 1/4 mile , start winding the power up and try for those sub 4 seconds 0-60 and you'll break something at least with the manual you will
  11. Not driven one then? Go drive one and come back . Best part of £35k for a new plus options , no warranty once you've put your £120 map on it (More like £700 if you go anywhere who knows what they are doing) http://www.goapr.co.uk/products/ecu_upgrade_20tsi_gen3_mqb_r.html They arent a bad car , great family car, a good daily, practical with a bit of pace when you feel like it, cheap to run, but compared to a R35 GTR really ? The only reason anyone would take a Golf R over a GTR is if they cant afford a GTR and then they are just making excuses and fooling
  12. Of all cars why the Golf R ? They are so just so dreadfully dull , boring to the extreme, they are simply the "Beige" of performance cars , yes they are fairly quick but there are a lot better hot hatches out there today and much better ways to spend 30K, you could have a 600hp car for that and not an 8 or 9 year old one either The GTR may be a lot of things but boring it is not. I have a mate who has owned a few GTR's and another who runs a specialist garage for them and they reckon one would cost about twice what a 370z does to run . Of course you could be unluck
  13. Golf R with a few bolt ons as an alternative to a GTR , cant imagine what world that would be Quickest Golf R in the world runs high 10's on the 1/4 stock 35 will run 11.0 The Golf R isnt even an impressive hatchback nowadays. Audi TT-S is the same dull package , TT-RS perhaps Th GTR has aged and others have caught up but you still get an awful lot for your money but its true that the lower end of the market the bigger your contingency fund needs to be
  14. Sprinkle bird seed/breadcrumbs on the floor around the bike. After a few hours the birds will have left a message for him that parking there might not be a good idea
  15. Richf

    photobucket p500

    For photobucket users with chrome or firefox there is an extension that fixes the linking issue , its called the "photobucket embed fix" , tried it with chrome and it works fine Firefox extension https://addons.mozil....ix/?src=searchChrome extension https://chrome.googl....flicjjgj?hl=en
  16. You cannot modify a car to make it emit more emissions than standard nor are you allowed to make it noisier than standard 3.1 Legislation Operation of this procedure relies on the use of 2 offences: Silencer/ exhaust system altered to increase noise – Reg. 54(2) The Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986; Avoidance of excessive noise – Reg. 97 The Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986. In summary, vehicle exhausts must not be altered or replaced in a manner which increases the noise above that emitted by the type approved exhau
  17. Think you mean Construction and Use , this is the same legislation that covers many modified parts like HFC's, exhausts and spoilers , some people like to pick and choose what laws they will follow and ignore
  18. Richf

    370z Auto

    Adrians gearbox ended up in my old zed , I felt it was awful when in drive , in full manual it was ok if you like hard positive shifts all the time , but barely functioned as an conventional auto and was the reason I sold the car
  19. Like many many parts fitted to zeds , wouldnt stop me provided it was safe
  20. http://www.370zhitch.com/ You can get towing hitches in the US
  21. Never been a fan of those power meters but you may need the boost controller depending on what boost you are running. One boost controller is pretty much the same as another . The grid thing is a torque splitter for the 4wd system and can actually cause issues on the R33 and R34 they are more suited to the R32
  22. Richf

    370z Auto

    The 370z auto shifts slightly quicker than the manual on average , ie in a manual 1-2nd is fast but 2-3rd is slower . Yes as said it will shift down as you slow to prevent the car from stalling As said a remap does help liven it up
  23. Sounds like an air leak , check everything you removed when doing the plugs
  24. I doubt it will really , most of their income came from advertising , and advertisers pay depending on the amount of users and therefore exposure they get . Its a viable business model and how most other companies work ie Imgur, Google, Facebook,etc Facebook makes $1billion per quarter in advertising alone I'm expecting someone else will come along shortly and offer a free service based on the old model, there was no point offering the same as the market leader before I really dont understand the decision unless PB really think that take up will make them more money t
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