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  1. That's my dad's house/garage. Not mine. I gave a unit where i store and work on my motors
  2. The R8 to the zed is really an unfair comparison tbh. It's supercar performance and handling. Complete different animal. The R8 is quattro so straight line driving, she just pulls. Then the handling of the R8 is just scary, it literally just flys around corners. I was always weary on corners with my zed. Then you get to the sound of the engine/exhaust. I've put a full system on the R8 with F1 sound. It sounds phenomenal. I found my system on my zed more raspier and not as deep sounding as the V8. I loved my Zeds though, great cars, hence why I'm looking for a an everyday driver again. I've still got an engine, full system and air box's. Lol
  3. Alright chaps. Probably remember me from the complete engine disaster I had with my 370z. In the end after spending thousands having it rebuilt I put a new engine in. Long story short I chopped my coupe and convertible 370z's in for my V8 Audi R8 (which by the way is just a dream) I'm now looking for another 370z coupe to keep the miles of my R8. Got a 15k budget. Not to worried about high mileage (got a spare engine haha) YouTube video of my R8 Kind regards Anthony
  4. I don't think you need to worry for atleast another 30+k. Will be fine. The R8 has always been my dream car as was the gold/orange 350z. The 370z was the next natural step after the 350z. I really enjoyed my 370's and they are a fantastic car but the audi R8 really is a different class and drive. Obviously it's has a V8 with an extra 100bhp over the 370z. For me it's the drive and comfort you get from a super car. Now it has the F1 exhaust the sound of the V8 is phenomenal. People in the streets literally stop to watch it go past. I'm planning on going on the next meet to let fellow zed owners have a blast. Your more than welcome to have a go. Only problem is that you will want one after 🙈
  5. I think yours will have the upgraded gaskets!
  6. Tbh the leaking gaskets will just drop oil pressure and then would throw an MIL light. You wouldn't loose oil as it would just run down the timing case/chain and back into the sump. It's not actually hard to do once the chain is exposed!
  7. Talk about being picky lol! Couple of rust bubbles lol😂
  8. Been out all day in the R8. The clutch is so much lighter and now it just falls into gear. You get a really nice click from the metal alloy shifter. Safe to say it's turned more heads than the Boston strangler today 😂😂
  9. UPDATE! Warranty company have accepted the parts had failed and paid out in full. Thank God lol. Total bill was £3,296.00 This was for the following : Clutch Flywheel Bearing Engine oil change (again) Gearbox oil change Power steering fluid New exhaust clamps (exhaust to cats) Labour. My bill was the labour difference from garage to what warranty pay which come to £366.00. I phoned the garage I got the car off and they are paying the cost of this. So all in all I haven't spent a penny! Happy new year to me lol!
  10. Dual mass Flywheel maybe? Early stages they will get a slight knock? Mine had gone on mine that gad done 36k.
  11. Also as soon as the car detects low oil pressure, 1. You will get engine management light. 2. Obviously a code. 3. The car will go into limp mode to prevent further damage. I'm 99.9% certain your oil gallery gaskets are fine. I'm assuming all oil levels are fine?
  12. Can't see it being oil gallery gaskets. You would get low oil pressure codes.
  13. Assessor came out yesterday and said everything had failed and looks like everything should be covered. But until he sends his report into the warranty company it's hard to say. Fingers crossed!





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