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Introducing Carla Cayman


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Original title - If you had £40k to buy a new/used car...


Hey peeps,

Looking for suggestions. Part of me is thinking 370z Nismo but then I'm also thinking what else could I get. I want something fun and sporty.

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Are running costs an issue? If so your choice is much more limited than if you’ve got a bit of cash to spare. 

But yes, a Cayman in the obvious choice, but one with a six not a four in the middle. V8 Vantage worth a look, as is an R8, and every petrol head should try a Lotus at some point in their life. 

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I know I’ve been converted to the classic side of motoring but get the right one and you will have a lot of fun, and make money for a change rather than lose it. You could get a nicely sorted 240z for £40k that will be worth £50k in two years time. Just a thought..


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