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Malian Short Tails

Cray Z

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Hi All,


I fitted some of these 2 weeks ago, bargain price!!! I have no affiliation to the company, but i wanted to share my findings as it seems a decent product for only £250!!!

see my full video here


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First post... I've just fitted these. Got them off eBay for £275 delivered. Their website had them at £249.99 with free postage at £250 (typical) and postage was £350 in the UK!!! Strange. 


Anyway. I think they're very good quality for the money, handy you get gasket and bolts with it. Unfortunately I had to grind off the originals as it'd rusted really badly under there. 


I am surprised at how loud they are. I'm used to having loud with my old Aprilia RSV, Kawasaki ZX10R etc., but I think these are a bit too loud for my liking for a car. But I will keep them on as standards just far too quiet. 


They also stick quite far out of the back of the car.


Will post pics within next week. 

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I bought a set of these.. well made (suspect Chinese) but alignment is very poor, as you can see.. the tail pipe is mounted hard against the bumper cut-out.


Took it up with Malian (Kage Trading) by email as you can't speak to them on the phone :thumbdown:


No joy yet as they say the issue is with my car, not their exhaust (mine is a 370Z with 3,000 miles on it, so I doubt there's an issue there!!)


Will update this thread if a solution works itself out..


Its worth also noting that the exhausts come very poorly packed for shipping with, both silencers and tail pieces suffering dents and scuffs in transit.


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Interesting.. I bought mine direct from Malian (Kage Trading) but mine will definitely going back, by hook or by crook!


Hopefully people will read this post and learn from collective misery!


Exhausts and the noise vs drone balane is a nightmare, and I hoped I'd found the solution.. the search continues!

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Final footnote to this thread..


'Kage Trading' (Malian) refuse to accept a product back once sold, they are not contactable by phone and doon't answer your emails if you have an issue regarding their (probably Chinese) imported systems.


As their behaviour all falls foul of consumer law, I'll be resolving matters with this process.


So, just be warned!

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