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  1. Ditto. The fit is very poor on passenger side and they stick out too far on a non Nismo, I removed mine but UK Seller refused return. They are still sat on my patio table.
  2. According to Payco I am no longer welcome on this Forum (He posted on the US Forum) so I am just signing in and posting to see if I am banned. Seems I am not banned but maybe just unwelcome. Bye for now.
  3. Not diplomatic at all this Forum is lacking despite reading the unread IMHO. Logout and goodnight.
  4. IMHO its the only thread thats currently active on the Forum. Is that good or bad? If I am honest love the breakfast meets but Forum somewhat boring. Flame away.
  5. Thanks LR4N (Don't look so confused) I was originally looking for a car like this but this thread has proved its not a cheap car even with 100k mileage IMHO.
  6. WHY??? Springs to mind (VERY APT). Seems a big spend on a little car for not a lot of gain apart from brownie points on the Forum. This thread is becoming boring fast IMHO. Its not cheap at all.
  7. I had one of those with white hubcaps, followed by Toyota MR2, Renault 5 Turbo, Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 and then the first child arrived...
  8. I can't help but think this old shed project has cost you quite a bit.
  9. PM me if you decide to do postage/courier. When I offered to buy your profile stated you lived in Surrey, just to let the community know.
  10. Thanks for the reply Surrey pickup was doable but unfortunately Chester is a little too far.
  11. Have you checked that one of the doors or the rear hatch is not shut properly. Otherwise a door/hatch switch is knackered.
  12. I originally intended to buy a BMW Z4 M coupe but the prices steered me towards a 370Z.
  13. In the past I have been disappointed with the condition of keyfobs that come with with second hand cars, I now own a 2017 370Z and have become a bit OCD about my main use keyfob. Soon after purchase I bought ONE OF THESE and transferred my electronic internals upon delivery (Can also be used as a low cost refresh for worn keyfobs). I now use THIS as addititional protection. My original "Z" keyfob casing and second "Z" complete keyfob remain unused. Hope this helps anyone else with keyfob OCD.
  14. Last time I was at Silverstone before JAPFEST 2019 was 5 years ago...
  15. I m in the same boat, I want to buy a cheap car as a run around but it seems a 10 year old Nissan Micra will cost me the same as my 2017 370Z.
  16. I can't find the thread now but a recent sufferer of the steering lock problem was only quoted circa £700 for a replacement by a Nissan dealer (IIRC).
  17. That Honda S2000 was staying at the same hotel as me. I thought it was awesome as I have never seen an S2000 Coupe. However, when they went to take their gear out of the boot the "Coupe" part had to be removed to allow the boot to open. On the plus side the two matching attached side panels and the Coupe rear part really looked good. Honda missed out in my opinion, a Coupe version would have been great.
  18. I wondered why your car was so shiny - It looked fantastic.
  19. Thanks Andy, I was second to arrive at Silverstone and had a great day, as well as meeting other Forum members.
  20. I actually like them but only on a white 370Z.
  21. Don't assume servicing costs will be cheap because its a Ford. I had a Focus RS Mk2 and the servicing costs were not cheap, the recommended oil was £95 per service. It also ate front tyres which only lasted 5000 miles max. I suspect the Mustang servicing costs wouldn't be cheap ( I also had a Vauxhall VXR8 with a 6.2 litre LS3 engine). BUT if you can afford a Maserati I guess all of the options you mention are doable.
  22. I got mine washed and dried earlier (no tyre shine) but it already looks like its going to rain again and I still have to drive to Silverstone/Northampton tomorrow. I am staying overnight locally to Siverstone so I am aiming to arrive at about 7 am on the assumption that the hotel doesn't serve breakfast until 6 am.
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