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  1. As I mentioned earlier what I called TCS Nissan 2017 call VDC so I am going to suggest my module is working and leave it at that. As I did not remove my gear knob I had to unbolt my yaw sensor to unplug the plug so it would be a major job to unplug the sensor just to see what happens. I find it strange that what I would traditionally call the "TCS OFF Button" they call it the "VDC OFF" button.
  2. I am doing 14 hour nightshifts until Sunday so I won't be able to do any fault finding until Monday. When I arrived home this morning I pulled the cupholder to check the wiring configuration: The yellow wire is connected to cut black wire (pin1) loom side The blue wire is connected to cut black wire (Pin1) yaw sensor side The Red wire is spliced to green wire (Pin 4) The VDC warning symbol (See Below) light extinguishes normally (After a few seconds) if I disable the module and restart the engine. If I enable the module the VDC warning symbol (See Below) illuminates permanently after restart. I have just looked at the 2017 Owners manual what I call TCS they call VDC. So when I turn the "Skiddy car Off" using the button by my knee the "VDC Off" warning light illuminates. If I turn the module On and restart the car then another VDC warning light illuminates. There are no other warning lights associated with TCS/VDC so perhaps I do only have one warning light illuminated when using the module. I will provide a link OWNERS MANUALS (2017 370Z Coupe) if anyone wants to check warning lights page 0-14 to confirm this.
  3. I am afraid I only have the one light illuminated when the module is active (TCS) I have double cheacked the wiring but all seems as per instructions (Pins 1 & 4 of Yaw sensor) Look forward to hearing from you after you have double checked.
  4. 50th Anniversary Edition Not for me.
  5. I have messaged Chris but I have now realised he does not own a 370Z. Can anyone who has fitted the module to a 370Z please confirm how many lights are illuminated on the Rev counter when the module has been activated. I am only getting the TCS light illuminated but on the 350Z video there are two symbols illuminated. TIA.
  6. I don't know what they quoted for parts and labour but would you be willing to fit it yourself? You would need two shear bolts and a steering lock. There is currently a new steering lock on Ebay for £350
  7. `There must be something wrong with my car I generally see around 22MPG but I do mostly "Urban" driving. On the motorway its amazing the way that the "miles before empty" increases dramatically.
  8. Just confirmed my 2017 370Z has a steering lock. I thought it did as the steering wheel jiggles a bit when you turn the ignition on.
  9. On my previous car it was dealer only and they would only code new keyfobs purchased from them. Second hand was a No No but perhaps Nissan are different.



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