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  1. honestly i was a bit foolish and the finance deal i got is totally crap that added to the running costs just isnt making much sense
  2. Probably the best colour welcome!
  3. Mines on 24k 2010 model with nav and I thought it would be worth around 14k but i must be wrong haha
  4. Seeing yours really makes me want to keep mine
  5. only 20k miles the prices of these are dropping so fast
  6. ahh really that simple ? I will get one when i next go by looks so much cleaner
  7. People are always worried about declaring modifications even though most of the time it wont effect the premium
  8. really interesting read but leaves me confused on what to put on my car next
  9. Anyone done 25mm spacers and coilovers ?
  10. Might be worth upgrading to the mishimoto ally rad with built in condenser.. under £500 and get a quote from another garage for the install of it..
  11. have you got a link to the grommet you used ?
  12. They look better on a 350 then a 370 IMO
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