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Club organised Anniversary Meet - 2017


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Full details now available here:








Good Afternoon.


Some of you may be aware, 2016 is the 10 year anniversary of this forum/club.


We had planned something for this year but it fell through. So here is advance notice of our big event for 2017.


In July 2017 we will be having a very public meet at Millennium Plaza in front of Coventry Transport Museum. (It'll be a Saturday).

Following on from this in the evening we will be hosting a Meal for all club members past and present (this will be partly subsidised by the club). Depending how popular the Meal is we may look at putting on entertainment.

On the Sunday we will be hosting an AGM style meet for members to discuss the club with the Team.

The Venue for the Meal/AGM is very much dependant on numbers. So please can you all register your interest below.


Parking on Millennium Plaza will be 350z and 370z cars ONLY. However all members are invited to the meal and AGM regardless of car ownership.

I know it's a long way off. But I need to be able to gauge numbers so we can get a suitable venue.

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Plus 1's are welcome. Although they probably wouldn't have their meal subsidised.

We are hoping to get a discount on whatever hotel venue we chose for those wishing to stay over too.

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1) Humpy

2) kbad

3) Zeus

4) AaronC350z

5) wez370  

6) Wendy

7) stevod

8) Wasso

9) CJRamze

10) cov350z

11) 350Russ

12) ollydykins


14) modo

15) shad0wca7

16) Irn Bru +1

17) Andymac183

18) Hodaka +1


20) Amyzed


Added Amy :)

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