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Finally in a Zed

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Hi All,


After months of searching I've finally purchased myself a 350z HR! @Stutopia being a legend helping all the way through to collecting the thing 😎


The car is a 2008 plate, 108k on the clock, in white with a white (ivory?) interior. The car seems totally unmolested as far as I can tell, which is exactly what I was looking for after getting far to carried away with my Mini JCW which is now used mostly for track days. 


I've had the car up on a ramp and looks fairly rust free apart from the W brace (I was pre-warned). Someone has gone to the trouble of putting some underseal on the rear arches and some of the underside which is nice.


I have no major plans for modifications (yet 👀) as I intend to keep the car as a comfy GT. First port of call is a major service of fluids etc as other than oil services and MOTs, receipts are unfortunately minimal. Some new tyres have also been bumped up the list due to many free screws and nails being included with the purchase!


Picture below from collection day. Better quality photos to follow soon...





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14 hours ago, HEADPHONES said:

Welcome to the OC :wave:.

Seems like you found a gem of a ZedB)

Thanks! I'm hoping that's the case, it certainly looks very clean from what I've seen so far 😄 

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2 hours ago, Azurez33 said:

Looks good mate, didn’t think they did white on white so that’s a nice win there! Hr in white is also a win? FairPlay have fun! 

Thanks, I'm not to familiar with the spec options yet but I'm calling it a win 😁 Might see if I can get a dealer to run me off an original spec sheet (not sure if Nissan do that but I managed to get one for my Mini).

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Think options available were GT spec (Bose, Electric/Heated Leather, Cruise) Nismo aero kit, Sat nav, frost or tan seats, 18' RAYS or LMGT 19's wheels, lux boot & floor mats, rear parking sensors. 

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Gorgeous Z this, shame it was all the way down in Kent mind :lol: - long trip down, but well worth it.







It's really tidy and I must admit I got a bit misty eyed for my old Z when I was following you back up North. Wish I had had the budget for a white HR when I was looking back then, absolutely stunning. Naughty exhaust and some spacers and a wheel refurb from bloody black and you're all set! Don' worry about a few little mods, it's not at all addictive :ninja:


Can't wait to get this out for a proper photo shoot somewhere when the sun pops out and get the proper camera out.


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