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  1. 1. andy James PAID 2. Sebastian PAID - Track 12.40 3. Stephanie 4. Andy_Muxlow PAID 5. SHEZZA PAID 6. Silverthorn PAID 7. Cs2000 PAID - Track 14:40 8. nissmoandy PAID 9.Paul K - Paid (ticket rolled over from last year) 10. V1H PAID 11. Matthew Thain PAID 12. Jamie Thain PAID 13. whitevanman. PAID 14. Mark350Z. PAID - Track 14.40 15. luigi350z PAID 16. Sarah PAID 17. zzincubus (Len Meakin) PAID 18. Flashback - PAID 19. FruitPolo PAID 20. BUSTER PAID 21. Trott + 1 PAID 22. George (tarmacsportz) -P
  2. That was mine I believe . 58 plate right? I picked it up this afternoon around 4pm. First time using that garage as I just bought my Zed few months ago, but heard really good things about them.
  3. Hello mate, I've recently bought a zed and just discovered that I have a leak in the exact location. Did any of you guys that have this type of leak managed to sort it out? What was the solution? Thank you
  4. That's great shout I will take a look as I'm not too far. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi All, I know this post is quite old but I've recently bought a 350z and took it to fit new tyres and alignment. They aligned the front ones but they couldn't do the rear ones due to similar issues as mentioned above. I've tried asking nissan dealership for camber/toe bolts and they are quoting me £160 for 4 bolts , this can't be right as they were not sure about which bolts are needed and I don't feel confident either as they don't accept returns. Do you guys have any advice? Is there a cheaper option? Also just to be sure, see attached underneath pict
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