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Glad to finally be here


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Finally after many years of wanting I finally bit the bullet and bought a 2003 350z , well actually a fairlady z convertable in the iconic orange 🍊 , first year of jap production model with just 51k and full history from Japan and since arrival in uk


Had it about 5 months now and spent a few quid bringing her back from the edge as far as paint goes , I found her in a hedge when I arrived , bonnet had been badly oxidised as the bush had laid on the bonnet for a year , the rest was just minimal so a few days with a machine polisher and all but the bonnet had comeback to life , so in short paint or wrap the bonnet , I chose a black gloss wrap ,


The other bad poi t was scratches to the lower bumper which I simply covered with a new lip 


Paint sorted moved on to engine , she was missing so code showed cylinder 3 missfire , as I had no history for the last 18months I decided new ngk iridiums and to replace all 6 coil packs , she now purrs like a kitten on tick over and roars like a lion on steroids when you tap the throttle lol, new fugitsubo stainless exhaust , best sound ever imo


Wheels refurbed and painted black 


Spoiler added cos as we all know it adds 200 hp lol


Then I stuck a air induction kit on to let her breath a bit better


I decided as I'm old and had trouble getting in and out I wacked a quick release steering hub on and a new suede momo steering wheel , then had to match handbrake and gear stick gaiter in black suede , new mats , gear stick extender as I love the gear stick high and close to me 


Interior was carbon fibred on the centre console and clocks 


She came with a new set of toyo proxes on so that was cool


New brake discs and pads all round mtk drilled and grooved 


Rear 25mm spacers , front 15mm spacers 


Today I swapped out the old japanese sat nav see other thread


Last job for the moment is coilovers ,then a possible turbo upgrade 


Anyway thanks for reading , I not new to forums and used to run the qashqai club forum back in the day 


Finally a few graphics and stickers that I know won't suit you all but after all this is my midlife crisis car as I'm now over 50 lol , but still like to slide her round corner or two 


Here's a few pics 


Hope i can help out as much as get help on here , looking forward to a meet , went to a petrol head's meeting in runnymead last week , some nice cars there including a gtr I fell in love with lol






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Thanks guys , nice to be here 


Added a rear view camera this morning , nice easy install , wireless so not much needed but a live and earth as I wanted it running constantly like a second rear view mirror as you don't see to much out of the convertable rear screen lol


I admit I was lazy and just linked both to the the cigarette lighter power feed as there ignition lives lol but I don't use the socket so won't hurt 

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16 hours ago, Payco said:

Welcome . Lovely car but that gear stick . I’m working in Amsterdam this week and I see familiar things in the shop windows. Hope you aren’t keeping it..

It's just so comfortable to use but I have been playing today with a short one 



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I'm having a ball , sadly my bank balance isn't lol , especially as I'm out in her every day so doing £200 a week in fuel , and loving every second of it 😁 , there's a drift track near me and I'm so tempted to book an hour and see what she can really do , then again shes no spring chicken so maybe she would prefer just the spirited drive i normally do in it , I'd never race her so hmmmm decisions decisions lol , it would be fun though  😉 😜 


Thanks guys

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