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new owner:350z 2006 rev up.


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morning all.my names Marc,im a vehicle tecnician from Cambridge,allways been a jap car ownership of over 10x vehicles,sold my Skyline last year that i had for 10 year project/development.just recently purchased a 2006 350z,70k on the clock with a few mods allready on it,full exhaust and test pipes with a motordyne shock wave TDX2,Enkei RPF1 WHEELS,D1 throttle controller.nice example in black ,very tidy interior and well looked after.planning on taking it further with some more mods,few aero bits rear diffuser,side skirts and front splitter.just posting to say hello and look forward to interacting on the forum.will get some progress pic up as i go. 





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cheers for the welcome guys.Deano no way mate thats mad!! love the car its my weekend toy  i will run it through the summer and take it off the road and develop it over the winter.hope your enjoying Skyline life great cars aswell.

thanks again

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Cheers chaps thanks for the warm welcome , really enjoy the car it was Deano94 old car,been well looked after. I didn’t realise how nimble and lively these cars feel,so well balanced and such fun to drive.  I’ve just fully serviced it ,done all the fluids and full valet.and really look forward to getting to know the car and developing it further. 

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10 hours ago, Azurez33 said:

Get into those arches and check them out as soon as you can to make sure you don’t get any surprises! If it’s been looked after should be okay but can’t hurt to be sure 

yeah first thing i done bud,they are all solid thankfully,and i fully undersealed the whole car and stone guarded inner wheel arches.

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Welcome to the OC :wave:

Looks like you bagged yourself a great car.

Always amazes me how extreme the difference in condition can be between cars that are 15 years old.

You see some really battered 350z's out there.

Leather ripped and worn.

Interior scratched to buggery.

Arches rusting away.

Gearbox shot.

Paint looking rougher than a 15 year old chopping board.


Then there's yours which looks fresher than alot of 3 year old black cars on the road :thumbs:

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Yeah I know what you mean, I searched for 2-3 months for a decent example ,there are some bad ones out there.I allways feel with my cars , look after them and they will look after you. Thanks again for the welcome, some amazing owners cars on here 

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just small update,sorry not been on here much lately,been flat out at work.

just removed the Motordyne shockwave dx  true duel system(will be up for sale soon).


just fitted and heat wrapped new 'y' pipe

japspeed silenced decats on order to replace test pipes(also for sale soon)

fitted full ISR performance(thank you boys at Torqen),single exit.

really pleased with the system,build quality exellent,the fitment spot on, and  the deep exhaust tone was just what i was after.





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  • 5 months later...

few changes been done,in the spring:






photos coming after valet and full machine polish

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