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Will Nissan still sell a DE bonnet


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Hi guys, might be a silly question, but have been told I need a new bonnet :(


I seem to have in my mind that it was possible to get a new DE bonnet from Nissan directly and it wasn't stupidly expensive? 


Am I dreaming this up? Does anyone know who I need contact at Nissan to get one if it's possible?



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49 minutes ago, Azurez33 said:

Stick to the de don’t conform to the masses 😂😂 I genuinely prefer de bonnets, you might be lucky but may aswell go second hand 


+1. I'm not a fan of the "bulge" in the HR bonnet, much prefer the lines of the DE bonnet as I think they suit the car more, but I think we're definitely in the minority :shrug:

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