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New Z confirmed by Nissan

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10 hours ago, GranTurismoEra said:

Im sure they will do similar colours to last time. White, black, silver, red and I reckon there will be a possible blue and grey option this time. Depends on demand which I think will be high for USA....dont know about anywhere else. 

The 2020 nismo only came black and white no option for any other colours

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When I’m sliding backwards into a hedge, I’m always grateful that at least my tyres look pretty whilst doing so. 

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You're right. Speaking of Nismos £38,000 is the dearest. Im sure someone will still pay it for the last of the Nismo with 2k miles. 


I remember when they were £30-£34k with less than 3k miles. 


If it did come to the UK I wonder what the prices would be on the 370 2017 onwards with decent mileage. 

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I think used car values aren't increasing like they were few months back. The German brands will hold/increase values more.

 I'm not sure if using the current used Mk2 Nismo prices gives any indication to the potential depreciation of the new Z if one imports one in in say 2023/24. Importing one in could be risky one as it could take a big depreciation hit as by then depreciation rates will have returned to normal  and I don't think the car is special enough to generate any buzz/demand. A safer bet would be to wait for a limited run Yaris GR when that comes . As much as I like the new Z you cant let your emotions totally dictate your wallet!


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Lol GR Yaris might be great around a winding track that takes 50 seconds to complete, and fun in its own way. I dont think the audience is the same at all. 


For me the GR86 with a Supercharger is a better bet. Just a shame journalist are claiming 21-26 mpg. I guess it may or may not be the reality.


Youre right you could import a used performance model with 8,000 miles and 1 year old for say £28,000 retail as was £35,000 new with options according to US exchange rate. 


By the time you pay customs and VAT youre heading in the wrong direction of £37,000. Better off waiting a few more years and like you said its not special enough to warrant that kind of headache when there are so many other options from Toyota, Mazda, BMW etc...Plus upcoming models.


Realistically youd need to wait 3-5 years and dealers in Japan or US would have to be struggling to shift them for any price within reason. 


The 350 and 370 still do the job. If you dropped a VR in an auto Z its practically that. The new Z is apparently carrying Z34 chassis number. 


The reviews may not rate the car as highly. Have to wait and see 8 months to go 

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"That schedule will also be uncomfortably close to the proposed EU7 introduction date - and Cartier confirmed that Nissan has no plans to invest in its engines and vehicles to make them compliant with the new rules. “Strategically we are betting on electrification,” he said, “to the point where we are not investing in Euro 7.”


From an article regarding axing the Micra and the current gen Leaf. 

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