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  1. Very old bump i still have these in garage as they don't fit on my zed any more make me an offer for them as i just need them gone i now live in ashford kent
  2. kingrob

    BCM CD410

    Hi Please lock After reading up more i went back and rechecked turned out it was a wire to the seat switch had worn though and was touching the metal causing a short this then stopped the windows and the seats working
  3. kingrob

    BCM CD410

    Hi guys lost all power to my seats and windows looks like my bcm has had it jon checked for me and i have the CD410 one does anyone have one the cars a JDM http://prntscr.com/efo740 Thanks
  4. i have these still they have been stored in my garage for the last year http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/95287-17-inch-jdm-winter-wheels/
  5. My car had a very bad day ... had it fully resprayed then had a SC fitted due to a issue with it not running right after it spent the best part of 6 months with jez while i was travling. The day i got back i went to collect it on the way home i needed to to in pc world. My wife got out of the car and Touched a red van parked next to us ( driver was in it ) she said sorry to the guy and i made sure there was no damage he just said it's ok looked away. Anyway we come out 10 mins later my PS door has a massive dent in it and the paint is down to the metel he had rammed his door in to it more then once. wife ofcourse blamed herself for it happening and burst in to tears it was her first day living in the UK so not the best start for her. lucky RT can repair and respary again when i get a chance to drop it in .
  6. Big bumb i still have these sitting in the garage will take 250 to get rid of them
  7. kingrob

    Max protect

    Thanks for the input guys atm i am doing as told not washing the car ect but if any bird droppings ect get on it i clean off with plain water asap Yes the painter suggested the company to me. i want to make sure the paint has the best protection it can have
  8. Hi all Just had my zed resprayed and was adviced to have it detailed and protected by max protect http://max-protect.co.uk/ has anyone here heard of it or had dealing with the company or product before ? thanks in advance
  9. kingrob


    The first post was never meant to upset ppl and it seems to of pi**ed off a few the car is mine right now in my name for all rights ect's But i will be sending it to my friend in greece i did not expect a few of the Pm's i got about where i live and the insults that came with it My house is my home and i love it and would never move for any reason. i was just showing you guys the car if that has got up peoples noses i am sorry
  10. kingrob


    I love my zed i had better do i just spent tons on work on it I have the KIA for that i just love my zed
  11. after meeting you tonigth and talking this over i am so close to doing this now
  12. I wanted a twin turbo But looks like GReedy and GMT are a no go now looks like i will have to look alot more in to a SC
  13. Thanks for that jumping350 I still have these in my garage 17's with almost new wheels did Under 500 miles on them I have been told these clear brembo's if you want to make me an offer you can see the tread here http://www.350z-uk.c...-winter-wheels/ your welcome to PM





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