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  1. Anyone know where I can get some emblems for the front wings? one of mine was about to fall off and it seems like a good time to replace with something new so it matches the new shiny front/rear ones ive brought. They seem to be hard to find though...
  2. Hi, Brought my first Z a few weeks back. Just in time for there to be no fuel and the rain to arrive Loving it though! always wanted one. Had a Mazda RX8 a few years back! Really missed being in a proper car! Can anyone point me in the right direction for options around the in car audio. its an 04 so I have a CD and a tape player and some sort of "thing" in the middle compartment but its missing the "top" from what I can read on here. is this a bluetooth module of some kind? also looking forward to Beaulieu Simply Japanese next year! Just down the road from me!
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