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  1. The fuseable link connector has popped on my Zed as i stupidly put jump leads on the wrong way round when i was in a hurry. Do you think this will fit? I believe the part number to be 24380-79913 origionally but this part looks identical and is £35 cheaper. Has anyone used this before or will it not work? Thanks!
  2. What have you done to bodge it? i need to bodge mine for abit until i get my new one.
  3. i work in Liverpool, based in Mossley Hill, you can find me parked down Rose lane most days.
  4. Have you seen the price difference for semi slicks between 17's and 19's! lol
  5. I'm after some 17" wheels for my zed. I'm not to fussed on condition as i can refurb them. Standard or aftermarket. Thanks.
  6. I am after a hub for the nearside side front as my wheel bearing is going on mine. thanks.
  7. I have just bought some new wheels With tyres. they are: 235,40,19 8.5j fronts 255,30,19 9.5j rears This has abit to much arch gap and has made my tcs completely fail, when cruising at 30mph it is kicking in so have to turn it off. I have been on the tyre compare sites and my diameter difference is over 6% when the most recommended is around 2.5 What size tyres would give the best overall handling and fill the arch gap better but not like balloons? Thanks.
  8. one of my wheels has cracked and i cant find a single wheel so after a set of 19's for my 350. Cheers.
  9. Most likely me, I live round there
  10. They head unit i have has the connector to the headunit and ISO on the other end so i just need the adapter that goes from the loom to ISO.
  11. I want to change the headunit in my 350z as the 6CD has completely bust! Can somebody please send me a link to and ISO cable for the 350Z that actually fits? (54 Plate) I bought one off ebay and its not even close to fitting even though it was listed as 350Z fitment! :@ Cheers
  12. Got my Zed from NI, I used aferry.co.uk



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