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  1. i wish people would stop using the word Banana , call the parts by there correct name, cutting seized nuts with a disc cutter is normal, i think Z's are a nice bit of engineering compared to a Merc
  2. nice set of wheels and tyres
  3. Ive had my 03 fairlady for 3 months, always had bonking noise when driving along bumpy roads, replaced drop links, had suspension leg apart to check the shock, even lubricated the sliding part of the caliper,got a friend to lever the wheel up and down with a length of 3x2, checked all rubber bushes, all looked ok. decided last week to book it in for MOT at my local garage, told tester about clonking noise, car past its MOT no fault found. decided to have another look today, must have had the front wheel of 6 times. having a really good look and lever around i noticed a grease nipple which supplies grease to the lower rear track control arm, its only accessible by turning hard lock, gave it a good clean off and 6 pumps with the grease gun. took the Z for drive the knock has almost gone, only noticeable if you listen for it, guess there must be some play in that ball joint. i can find nothing on the web about that grease nipple only fitted to Jap imports?
  4. Try Direct line, get an online quote, they gave me best quote of 246 im 64 the car is a Fairlady03 import
  5. i see there is a company in USA , suspension specialist selling a pair of upper control arms NEW aftermarket for just 74 bucks plus postage
  6. bottom ball joints are sold on ebay 40 quid for 2 look on YouTube loads of info on replacing, common fault
  7. Taking the 750 gram weight out of the tailgate helps
  8. can we ask how the engine got damaged? i think the readers of this forum would like to know, we constantly listen to are engines for any unusual noise
  9. HI are you selling your old shocks? im after a driver side front shock
  10. ive lost one of bump stops
  11. im after an off-side front shock oem
  12. greasyphil


    the center pipe is cheap to buy new, look on ebay
  13. could be a good buy for some one who wants to do a custom paint job, auto gear box, better than the heavy to drive manual
  14. Hi have any members bought a budget stainless Y pipe back from uk-performance-uk Ebay?



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