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  1. Looking good can't beat a bit of carbon, you not tempted to double up on the canards
  2. Heres a few of the plenum top and bottom before cleaning: Throttle body intake side before cleaning: Plenum after clean:
  3. Now you've got me worried!! I've read a one or two posts during my search of guys who have reported the same thing, while others said there's was clean. What's going on, could this be a fuel choice issue? Or just dirty filters? I've got some pics of the inside I'll put up later, I stripped mine out for painting last week and was a little supprised how dirty it was, but a bit of machine cleaner and elbow grease worked a treat! Its definately oil residue for the most part, I'll be investing in a catch can as soon as I find one that works properly and won't need me to remortgage to afford it.
  4. Never mind the throttle body if you want to clean something clean the rear of the tb and inside of the plenum, mine was gopping with carbon and oil @ 41,000 miles....
  5. It's a great book, properly inspirational guy, nothing but admiration for him
  6. You sure it's just the one you got there???
  7. Looking progress with the black bonnet "fangs" it does mean your going to have to re-name it "Green Goblin"
  8. I'd be up for this date dependant 1. Buster 2. Keyser 3.Vansman 4.Greddy-matt 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  9. Greddy-Matt

    Which spoiler?

    Looks like the esprit rear wing, very nuce are these going to be available soon?
  10. Few quick pics of the red bolts, please excuse the state of the engine bay I only finished putting it back together on Sunday... Please note that there are a couple of Probolt nuts on the plenum and bolts on the engine cover. It's worth mentioning that Tarmacs bolts are a deeper red than the Probolts that I have.
  11. That looks like awesome fun! Is that ornamental drive / top end of brockenhurst near queens bower?
  12. Think my pop charger must be broken then as I can't hear it at all
  13. Just a quick thank you to CS for sorting me out some EBC ultimax discs and yellow stuff pads, really quick turn around and a pleasure to deal with!
  14. That looks über slick, nice job on all the shiney bits! You did better than me at polishing the timing cover, I gave up half way through
  15. Looks great , I suspect it's one of those mods that looks better the more exterior mods you have, spoiler and spats would look pretty spiffy
  16. Seeing one at goodwood quite a few years ago, having a poke around, quick sit in it and chatting to the rep, walked off thinking that's the car for me I have to get me one of those !
  17. Greddy-Matt

    Rear diffuser

    Pics off the car would be good
  18. Good to know I've got a set on the way with some fresh discs, looking forward to it
  19. I give up trying to park away from other cars, doesn't seem to matter where I park I always find either a 4x4, tatty transit or people carrier next to me when I get back
  20. That'd be fantastic I'll pm once I've got the parts much appreciated
  21. Hi My brakes have been loosing bite for a while now to the point that I can't bare it any more. I'm going to bite the bullet and refresh the whole lot, I'm looking at changing to EBC Ultimax discs (not my first choice but in my budget), Ferodo pads (FDS1561's) and HEL lines plus swap out the fluid for Motul 5.1. I want to do the lines, and front axel this month and the rears enext ideally but can't find a garage in my area (Totton / Southampton ) that isn't going to charge an arm and a leg, both quotes I've got so far were nearly £150.00 for changing the front discs/pads and lines, I think this is a little excessive no? Can anyone recommend somewhere in the southampton / bournemouth area that charges reasonable rates or am I being a tight git and the price is about right? Any recommendations appreciated
  22. Dying, and there being nothing after, everything I've experienced, memories knowledge etc all just gone into the pointless vacuume. That and I'm not keen on ducks
  23. There's only so many things you could do wrong with fitting one of these, check: Intake pipe on and tightened (no leaks) Breather pipe connected under intake pipe Maf sensor connected properly and connecting wires not damaged Maf sensor clean I can't think of anything else
  24. .....but then tescos do very good 99 Ron cat food now





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