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  1. Running without the front spacers for a bit, looks like top fuel dragster Handles much better although I am in dire need of some new front tyres now
  2. Thanks mark, I did wonder if I was going mad, its definitely the spacers had them off and all back to pretty much how it was, I'm going to get an alignment done, but if that doesn't solve it would a wider front wheel (to fill out the arches) with an offset to keep the suspension centred be the solution?
  3. I guess about a hundred miles, did a fair b road jaunt to scrub them in tyres were changed last Sunday and been fine up till I put the spacers on the front, they're coming off tomorrow so we shall see!
  4. Interesting as I have new rears but not fronts snd have the oposite issue...... The grip levels don't seem to have changed just that the front isn't as as snappy
  5. So you went back to stock or did you change rims altogether?
  6. Hi it's a u GT, off to dabble with the tyre pressures to see if that helps
  7. Thanks for the replies guys I had new tyres last weekend but was handling great on the way home from work (before front spacers) will check pressures tomorrow, going to be out of action for a few weeks but sure my lady won't mind booking in for a check. Are we talking 4 wheel lazer alignment? Maybe the shocks haven't settled after being jacked up, I'll run it through the local forest twisty bits as well and see what happens
  8. Hi I fitted the fronts tonight, I'm going to do a back to back with them on / off tomorrow night, I'm running Tein lowering springs if it makes difference, lowered circa 20mm all round. It may be geometry based, I know the fronts are running a fair amount of negative camber. I like the 18's, so if I replace the rims I'd go 18's again I think, plus I just forked out for new Michelin super sports, looking at the Rota Boost if I can get them in a good offsets
  9. Hi all Excuse the long post but I don't want to c**k this up.... I've got the standard Rays on my 350, and after deciding I couldn't put up with the wheels being tucked so far in the arches anymore, I went with 25mm Eibach spacers rear and 20mm up front after looking at the multitudes of threads on here, and looks wise the set up is perfect, however the handling is now horrific... I was running 20mm spacers on the rear and none on the front whilst the 25mm spacers were on the way and the turn in on the car was great, nice and tight, very stable, almost darty, now I've taken the 20's off the rear and gone for the more usual 25 rear 20 up front, the front end feels wallowy and un-responsive with the added negative of feeling skitish at higher speed, you can feel the weight transfering side to side with steering wheel input without the front changing direction much, i.e. you can feel the front suspension working hard. Long and short of it I cant believe a 20mm spacer has such an effect on the car and I just can't live with it so the rays and spacers will be going ASAP, but I'm concerned that by changing wheels I'll end up with the same issue going for rims with an offset that gives me a flush to arch look? Could anyone confirm the issue is moving the whole of the rim width out 20mm, i.e. could I solve the issue by running a rim an inch wider on front with a 20mm lower offset? I don't want to spend a fortune on wheels to be disappointed Apologies for the long post, I've read thread after thread but none the wiser, any advice would be welcome.
  10. Appletons for me was converted when we went to the rum factory in Jamaica I still have a bottle of Appleton blue mist (hint of blue mountain coffee ) and a bottle of rumona (rum and honey) YUM!
  11. you mean like this was tempted by the white, but not sure it looks as good as i thought it would, maybe a cream instead of a white? interior leather is cream. Gotta have faith! Doesn't look awesome in that pic maybe, BUT just think white and carbon, throw in some wasso'd parts and got to be a winner
  12. Why not go different and go white or pearl white with a few little polished bits in the bay? Would look the absolute nuts with your body colour
  13. These are my two Z's from an ever growing collection of Autoart 1:18's, pics not great but: Calsonic Z Motul Pitwork Z
  14. Are these the same guys that do paintwork too?
  15. Beaten by two quid Boo Come on then who's the lucky winner
  16. Are we nearly there yet, Are we nearly there yet, Are we nearly there yet, Are we nearly there yet..... enjoy the drive back
  17. Greddy-Matt

    New Pics

    Looking good Additions look good, nice and menacing! The wing was an interesting choice' but I recon it looks good. A set or nismo rear spats would really finish the ar$e of a treat.
  18. Im sure either Steve@redline or tarmac (both traders here) could sort you out with one of these
  19. I could be interested in these, getting board of the nismo v1 kit do you have any more pics?? I'm only in Southampton
  20. Proper job that man, she's going to be uber shiney when she's finished!
  21. Ah you see this is why I bought a gazeeebo for my detailers visit this Friday, can't have him die of heat stroke half way through the job!! (Or drown if the weather turns)
  22. Mytyres.co.uk £120.70 for the 225's





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