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  1. The 453's are in stock at the moment with some places, I need all 4 swapping out so have been calling around this afternoon, £120 a tyre is pretty cheap too , let's hope they are an improvement over the 452's unlike when the 452's replaced the 451's....
  2. Wow that's um... very different to a rex ! .nice cars the my folks have one
  3. ^^^ this is what I did, changed out the old oil for cheap synthetic, Mobil 3000 I think fir £25 for one week then drained and put the good stuff in (changed the filter again as well as was only £8.
  4. Silver 350z passed me in the opposite direction (heading towards ashurst) about 6 ish today one word, loud, Gave you a wave but think you were busy playing with the throttle Male driver with sunnys on
  5. Hi Having had my car covered twice last week / this week (and I mean plastered) with spray paint at work as some builders were spraying steel girders over the road, I found the meg's claybar was the only thing that would shift it none of the lotions & potions touched it.
  6. Glad you posted this up, I've just checked mine, plenty on the outside pretty much zero on the inside
  7. Greddy-Matt


    There were some bc coilovers in the for sale section yesterday day before circa £400 ish...
  8. And me I've been looking at these too
  9. Hi If you've sorted yourself some 15mm spacers can I buy your 20's mate? Could collect to save posting hassle etc? Let me know Cheers Matt
  10. That looks properly good that does! A lick of paint on the wheels, in a charcoal or similar would finish it off a treat.
  11. Adam there's a set on ebay that look tasty, don't have the link but "team dynamics 350z" brings them straight up
  12. Thanks for the suggestions guys lots of products to research! I might see if I can get some tester pots to try before splashing out and do some 50/50 comparisons
  13. so... I'm going to have to invest in a DA then by the sounds of it, sounds expensive I've used swirl x over the whole car so paint is pretty swirl free I've got to get some poor boys blak hole for the wifes car so could always try the Diamond White at the same time Heard good things about the Dodo Super Natural too, is it easy to apply by hand?
  14. So I thought I'd treat the Z to a proper clean, she got a wash and a proper going over with the clay bar and now looks uber clean, but can any one recommend a sealer and wax please as all of the Autoglym (super resin polish) and Meqs stuff (the three step stuff) I've used doesn't really improve the gloss or make the paint look any better than it does when clean, any suggestions on what to use I'd really like something that gives a bit of depth and more colourfull reflection if possible? This is how it looks after cleaning: Cheers Matt
  15. In the highly unlikely case it doesn't sell carphone warehouse will buy this off you for 250 quid, paid straight into a bank account
  16. I've replaced all mine recently with a Tarmac kit if I can find the stock ones in the shed your welcome to them
  17. Thanks guys hopefully it'll stop raining long enough to get a shot in the sun soon, the metallics are really zingy
  18. Thanks for the offer but I've got my heart set on a carbon fibre one Painted up the front slam panel today, if anyone else is looking to do it DONT wet and dry it, it's not plastic, live with the moulding lines because it does not like being flatted back.... Ready for a carbon cooling panel and begging for some hoses now 'tho not sure on colour....
  19. Funny you should say that it's next on my "to do" list, bit of mdf, jig saw and some covering, can't be all that hard.
  20. If the skirts were pulled off rather than easing the poppers out the brackets snap off
  21. Good news for those concerned, at least once you pull your z from the flood water you'll be able to hose it off now
  22. Surrey rolling road are good, ive had a couple of cars mapped and run there Somewhere with a hub dyno would be ideal tho
  23. Nice I might well be in touch, any intake pipes?
  24. Hi all Ok so I've started painting bits and bobs in my engine bay and tidying up the car in general, I've gone two tone in metalic graphite and blade silver metalic, all fairly straight forward so far, this car is a real pleasure to work on! So far I've done: Plenum + little bracket at the back TB Strut brace Pop charger heat shield All wiring harness cable brackets (didn't think as they are mostly hidden by the engine cover ) Plastic battery and brake surrounds and covers Engine cover Cam / Timing cover - painted in black wrinkle paint (looks ok but not sure I'm that keen on it) At the moment it looks like this (it was peeing with rain so pic is not great!): Graphite is pretty in the sun: Seeing the car like this was a bit unnerving tho: I really want to paint the front slam panel that surrounds the bonnet release etc right across the front of the car at the bottom of the pic, does anyone know what it's made of? It looked like plastic, but someone else said it's composite?? Reason I ask is that it needs to be wet sanded to get rid of the flash lines and small marks but I don't want to wreck it! If anyone knows if wet sanding with a fine grade will be ok I would really appreciate knowing. Also thought I'd tidy up the front grill as the rusty old chicken wire look was one of the things I hated when I bought the car: Before: After: I've got quite a shopping list, oil cap, rad cap, polished tanks / reservoirs, carbon intake pipe and slam panel etc etc, but I desperately need to change the hoses and clamps as they really let the bay down at the moment, was trying to find braided or over braided hoses to cover the wiring harness etc but a decent quality kit seems to be impossible to find, anyone have any pointers for where to get that sort of thing? Opinions welcome





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