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  1. Been fancying one of these as a track toy for a while now, congratulations. I will be watching this with interest. Think a guy did something similar a few years ago on PH as he lived near the 'ring?
  2. Pretty sure they did one year? MX5 or something similar? EDIT: Yup, 2010 Google tells me
  3. Cheers Rich, thats the sort of thing I was after but on Anglesey ideally!
  4. I agree, but I thought that maybe some organisers book less people onto the day than others, then charge more to do them?
  5. As per title really; toying with the idea of getting the M3 on track, although I would rather pay a bit more and have a relatively quiet track. I've worked out that Anglesey is 'full' when 77 cars are booked on with Javelin; anyone else have any ideas or experiences? I did a Javelin day in the Zed years ago and it seemed to be very quiet! Cheers
  6. Easily an MR2 Roadster. I realised just how cack it was after a long day at work, following a Zafira people carrier on a roundabout at a perfectly acceptable speed but in the rain... unexpected snap oversteer (no throttle at all) which I just caught. Zafira no problems at all. The MR2 had new tyres as well.
  7. Looks fantastic, congratulations mate
  8. Not quite true; I read this online but gave my local OPC a call because I didn't fancy paying £300+ for a crap Porsche branded battery when a decent Bosch one was only £85, and the service agent explained that only the electrical system would not be covered if I did the latter.
  9. Very nice mate For what it's worth, I had exactly the same feeling on the PS2s with 3mm that the car came with; the dealer paid for some MPSS to be fitted at my convenience and since having them on the back end feels so much more planted under acceleration, especially in the wet. Ive decided now that when pressing on in M mode the gearbox is in its most effective state at 4 out of 5 (or 6 with the TC turned off); I found that the kick given in the most extreme modes on upshifts unsettled the car slightly, particularly mid corner in anything other than perfect conditions. Glad you're enjoying it anyway
  10. Can't believe I have only just seen this thread; congratulations man you won't be disappointed. I was in the exact situation a few months ago and went for an M3 in similar spec as yours; I can honestly say, hand on heart, that this is the first car I would be happy to keep forever. Only disappointing thing is how quiet the exhaust is at low revs, but I'm hoping a 2 pipe mod will sort this when the weather gets better (even standard it sounds great over 4k rpm). I can appreciate why some people in this thread would hate on the car, as it does look a bit boring compared to some of the choices here, but the engine is a masterpiece and is really well matched to the DCT box; if you want a car to enjoy driving you have made a great choice. The only car I would be tempted to change it for at the moment is the R8, which would be even more money on top so I can't see it happening imminently. MPSS on the back gave a great deal more traction than the PS2s. Have a good look at the manual as this was the first car I have ever found it useful to do so; loads of little tricks to learn particularly regarding the DCT. Finally, don't worry about the fuel consumption; I get about 20mpg on average when I was expecting about 14! Congratulations
  11. jjt

    'STANG thread

    I think they look good and I gave one serious consideration... but at that price would they be able to compete dynamically with european cars?? I decided no and went for the M3, and reading road tests now the likes of Evo are getting their hands on them to test I think I made the right choice. Could be an interesting used proposition in a couple of years time though....
  12. I used the Eagle F1s for a year on the 350z, through winter and very wet weather and on track at Anglesey; couldn't fault them for the price





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