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  1. Not too bad mate, still having loads of medical probs but getting them sorted.just going off to photograph a wedding in swanage so stress levels are up lol. Hope to catch up with everyone soon.
  2. Good morning, got a nice wave from a nice clean looking 370
  3. Just seen the gm 04 at swanage bay view campsite. Looked very ni ce and clean
  4. Hi All, just recieved my recall letter for the Zed Electronic steering column problem, they say it will only take an hour to sort.
  5. Westover Nissan in Poole, not too bad if you can put up with the salesman telling you to use a marker pen to touch up stone chips, and trying to fob you off that your car has been supa guarded when its not been.
  6. Well My Team Did it yesterday, The Mighty OWLS are on the way back..
  7. Very nice Mate, and a great few photos too. not too much photoshop.
  8. Wont be getting mine done then
  9. Sorry about that,I got it wrong then, but then again my Zed did inspire me to go out and take the photos. i will put them in another thread,cheers Dave
  10. It looked sweet the other day Bob, got som admiring looks from passer bys while i stood there
  11. And another from today, Back street of Swanage..more to come



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