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  1. How to spend some of my winnings this weekend..?😊

  2. Moving to something different , so no need for my beloved 370z any longer, some items require a new home as detailed below. 1. 20mm Ebach Spacers, .....SOLD...... 2. Spare "Space saver" wheel, never used, as new just a bit of factory residue(sticky stuff) on the rim. Dust cap missing. £60.00. Collection preferred due to weight. alternatively, you can arrange your own collection. Paypal payments to be paid as "GIFT" please. Any questions? please ask. 1. 2
  3. Being divorced.......

  4. Bad idea if you leave the roof open I guess.......
  5. Look for mazzugara on YouTube, here you will find a video of replica fitted to Doogyrevs car when we had them fitted.
  6. I had one....... Replica and it was great, loved the noise and looks. Noise was great as smd and will370 will testify.
  7. Gosh, but he made all of £50 for his troubles........
  8. See the green logo on the home page and click it. http://www.eliquidlabs.co.uk
  9. Shame the stupid clowns in No10 are trying to make them illegal to buy as there are " potentially" 2 cancer causing components in the inhaled water vapour. Nothing whatsoever to do with the lost tax revenue. Nagh........
  10. I will pop some up at the weekend. No good ones as yet!
  11. Best help I can offer is to buy an android phone. So much better than apple tat.......IMO.
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