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  1. spawn

    Skirt problem

    Theres 3 brackets that hold the clips on the skirt, maybe they have broke off? The clips are a couple quid each, and push into the female clip in the sill. Hope this helps.
  2. I would use upol glaze or top stop... dont use a 1k product it sinks! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/U-pol-Dolphin ... 1e674fa639
  3. Yep cant wait for the new M3's to drop like a stone..lol Serious motors tho!
  4. Yeh i had a 55plate 330ci m-sport (below), such a good ride I know E46's are alittle dated now but it will be a stepping stone to a E9* M3
  5. No, just a change of heart! The car is mint aswell!, im gutted tbh... Im still being torn towards a M3 vert, there was absolutely nothing wrong with my 350, and they are like rockets!..lol Its just i felt it wasnt for me Ive sold it to a nice chap so it should hopefully look after it (he got a bargain tbh). I got my money back and made a hundred so least i didnt make a loss, but yes i did put alot of time and effort into the car, but thats life!
  6. Nissan 350Z 350 Z 3.5 V6 03-06 K&N High Flow Air Filter, only done 50 miles so as new! £25 posted. Nissan 350Z VQ35DE 03 to 07 Gates Auxiliary Alternator Belt & Air Con Belts, New £20 posted. Payment by Paypal as a 'GIFT' Thanks.
  7. Sad day, but the Zed has just been picked up as now sold Looking for a bimmer or porsche vert now
  8. Now Sold and Gone Please lock mods.
  9. Sorry i think they look GAY! But if the op likes them then fairplay
  10. Cheers guys, ive got my eye on something else But im not to fussed if it doesnt sell really, as im happy to keep her, maybe add a performance exhaust, wheel spacers and my private plate I gave her a clean yesterday, and the car really is mint! not a mark on her!
  11. spawn

    350z seats

    Bump on drivers seat 50 quid.
  12. Price drop to £6000, if it doesnt sell at that il keep her Cant stress how mint the car is! Just needs a good home
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