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  1. So after all of your posting and telling people they are wrong youre calling it a day over a single word? In fact my post was intimating that "also" would mean less time and effort devoted to developing and testing vaccines. Theres a lot of research that "also" could have been done but the people that actually know what they are doing focused on the vaccine which was undoubtedly the right thing to do - if it works why would you bother wasting resources looking into anything else? In fact why would anyone even suggest researching another solution unless they were being deliberately obt
  2. Jesus wept. Rather than spend the time developing vaccines that have proven immensely effective and have allowed the world to return to any level of normality, arguably the most successfully medical project of all time ........... they should actually have done something else? Once again, Jesus wept.
  3. Pray tell, if it wasnt the lockdowns that reduced the number of deaths from Covid (or something non specific that isnt Covid as youve also suggested) by 92%, what do you think it was? The wind changing direction ? People breathing through their ears? Uri Geller? Im sorry but this getting ridiculous. A givernment report was released 4 days ago that found locking down a week earlier would have cut the death toll by "at least half", this was also the finding of Imperial College in June. Countries that locked down more quickly undeniably had less deaths than the UK, South Korea with similar
  4. I really should leave it alone but its like a perpetual car crash that you have to keep looking back at ........... Are you really claiming that lockdowns and vaccines dont work? Really? You realise youre 5 pages into posting graphs and data showing massive reductions in cases/hospitalisations/deaths following lockdown and the vaccine coming online ......... but the reductions are actually something else?
  5. I like this analogy, it works quite well. The medical profession, the scientists, the people actually studying this virus are flying along in an AWAC aircraft at 35,000ft, they can see all of "the terrain". Youre standing in a 5 foot deep hole wearing blinkers but somehow think youre in a better position to judge "the terrain" than they are.
  6. Jesus wept. Nobody had taken the second jab before the beginning of March, theres still 25% that havent had their second jab. The vaccine reduces transmission and hugely reduces new variants and hospitalisations, how can this not be a good thing for care homes or anywhere esle for that matter? And this: Not only are 130K excess deaths "minimal" but none of them are due to Covid? Im literally going to leave this for a week the same way Id walk away from you if you spouted this utter, utter bollocks in real life, how anyone can be that epically misinformed is beyond me.
  7. 13th May 2020 was a long time ago. I dont even know what youre trying to argue now, Ive made my point so cheers, nice one and all that.
  8. Its there in black and white FFS. There were 46,000 excess deaths between March 2020 and October 2020, do I really have to point out that is 7 months/30 weeks and that Covid has been around for nearly 2 years? Youre either astonishingly stupid or an incredible basic troll, Ive got better things to do. @rabbitstew the average from 2010 to 2019 was 514,500 but the figure for 2020 is 608,000. Thats an increase of 90,000, or around 15%, thats a pretty big swinf and in line with the numbers Im quoting. The last year there were more total deaths was 1918 and Im sure there was *something
  9. All this "rEsEaRcH" youve done but you dont know how to use google? Incredible. Excess mortality for UK: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanepe/article/PIIS2666-7762(21)00121-6/fulltext Excess deaths in globally: https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/coronavirus-excess-deaths-tracker?gclid=CjwKCAjwzOqKBhAWEiwArQGwaLcQvU7v346b8CP60jBM8kkHvkwyfnEk_MNoo89eSGzmWHIYm7JvuBoCafUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Note particularly how closely the excess mortality data follows the deaths attributed to Covid. So back to the question, what was it that killed them all?
  10. Seeing as youre still not telling us what killed the 130,000 odd extra people in the UK, and youre constantly trying to refute or undermine what is generally accepted by the medical and scientific professions I can only conclude this is exactly what youre saying. See, this is the problem with being a conspiracy theorist, its a bit all or nothing. You cant be an antivaxxer and still make fun of flat earthers ...........
  11. You failed to answer my question. There have been 130,000 additional deaths over the 5 year average in the UK. If its not Covid then what is it? Please tell me so I can let my mate Lea, an intensive care nurse who has been watching people die from this "something" daily for the last 18 months, I know she would would love to know. Another question that you deliberately ignored - when youve needed medical treatment in the past have you "gauged the terrain" and told the doctor you know better than them? How is this different, where do you get this insight that 99.99% of the medical and
  12. I did: "Having looked into what Fenton was saying in this incredibly long video I cant say with any certainty that hes incorrect" Hes definitely well qualified to discuss data and risk ......... but Im not entirely sure how thats relevant to "Why are so many people buying into the narrative?", you know, the actual comment you made that I think is bollocks, hes just making a case that the reporting may be inaccurate, not that Covid isnt actually A Bad Thing. Now do you want to answer my question? What have the 130K extra people died of if its not Covid?
  13. Why are you listening to a mathematician rather than a virologist? Could it just be that there arent *any* virologists that share your beliefs? Maybe because they are wrong? Having looked into what Fenton was saying in this incredibly long video I cant say with any certainty that hes incorrect, but I have found that he accepts that ~130,000 more people than we would normally expect have died over this period. So seeing as youre the expert and the rest of us are just "following a narrative", what did they die of then @davey_83 ?
  14. Hes a mathematician. Chris Whitty, Anthony Fauci, even Angel Merkel are all specialists in what we are actually talking about with direct access to all of the data and information. Youre not only focusing on what a tiny minority have to say, the minority arent even experts in this field. FWIW hour long videos arent going to win any arguments either, I guess antivaxxers and Covid deniers dont have much of a social life as the rest of us dont have time to watch them.
  15. Do you factcheck your doctor when you visit him as well? Anyway, if youre going to knock about telling people the "narrative" and you know more than all of these incredibly highly qualified and experienced scientists this should be a breeze:
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