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  1. A BIG ASK

    Ive done this a few times for a mate that lives in Wales, he does the opposite for me and we have the same agreement with a few of the other members of my car club. Last one was a rally prepped Mk1 RS2000 with 210hp and sequential box, why wouldnt you want to go drive something like that?
  2. Drifting setup

    If your diff works you wont need it ........... yet
  3. Advice on BMW M135i/M140i

    With S/H prices of M135i's atm youd have to REALLY want a 140 to pay the extra ......... that said the B58 (140) engine has a lot more potential over the N55 (M135), with breathing mods only they are already outperforming M2's ...... :o Other than that can only echo what others have said, spec is important to resale price and there are a few must have options and if youre up for a bit of effort M3/M4 lower arms and ARB's make them handle much better, a remap will see 400+hp as well. Difficult to find anything that competes at the price IMO, I use them as hire cars for smashing around Europe and have a 135i sat on my drive at home too www.babybmw.net is pretty good for info
  4. Aftermarket LSD advice please

    Ive had 1.5 way and 2 way on cars and Kaaz, Quaife, Nismo, Cusco, Weldo .......... the Kaaz is a fine product, no doubt but its a bit noisy and clunky compared to the Nismo, the Nismo is a lot easier to adjust as well. Quaife works in a different way and feels different too, not my cup of tea but each to their own. By no means am I saying to avoid the Kaaz but the Nismo IMO is a better diff, Id lean towards a 1.5 over a 2 way for a streetcar as well
  5. Am I missing something here ?

    Guys, Jez is a good mate of mine, I actually spoke to him - its all pukka.
  6. Am I missing something here ?

    He has just confirmed to me. Like I say, tempting ........ might have to get in touch with yer seller and see what he has to say
  7. Am I missing something here ?

    And its legit, all work carried out where he said it was, genuine reason for sale, bit of a bargain TBH. Tempting.
  8. Am I missing something here ?

    No its not, a mate had a Roller once that only got driven in the dry and that had a lot more than 6K miles. I happen to know the gentleman who apparently did the work on it, Ill drop him a line and see what he has to say .......... theres a temptation to return to the Z car fold with this one, I have to say
  9. Wheel arch extensions - recommend?

    Original work was done by Will @ Streetoptions (who is a magician BTW), it was painted white by Greg @ Tradelink when I sold it top him, it might even still be there
  10. Wheel arch extensions - recommend?

    Mine was done in metal ......... after Id driven it into a ditch, Id never have done it otherwise My arches were probably about 80mm extended each side and the wheel specs I was running were faintly ridiculous - 18x10 ET -35 front , 11.5 ET -25 at the rear or something, wheels like that dont come up very often and spacing wheels for widearches is not acceptable ........ and it ended up white, notice how much has been added to the Chargespeed bumpers to make them fit with the arches:
  11. Recaro Cross Sportster CS

    Not at all, Ive just bought some for my BMW and they are absolutely gorgeous. However a friend of mind has just paid less for an 05 plate 350Z than I did for the seats
  12. Number plate exposure on line

    Thanks, I think So seeing as this has veered massively off topic now, where have you taken legal advice from already and what did they say?
  13. Cant agree with this enough, the M135i's are mad bargains for what they are at the moment and in reality are no different from the current cars and are far, far better than the Golf R. And there are plenty out there, www.babybmw.net is the best UK site IMO
  14. Wheel arch extensions - recommend?

    How much wider? You could get up to about 40mm extra clearance with standard arches and a talented man on the puller/roller, if youre going much more than that you would probably need to blend bumpers in as it would look a bit weird otherwise. And why do you want to do it - bear in mind it will involve paint and some bodywork, then you need wheels to fill the arches, tyres, lows ......... not saying dont do it (I did and loved the result), just that its not to be taken lightly
  15. 118mph and suspended sentence?

    1. Crap rider - as Stu says there are a lot of hazards there and you can read what the road is going to do, not backing off suggests he didnt have any idea of his own ability. 2. Meh, I dont know that sticking him away for 8 months would do anyone any favours and it certainly wouldnt be in line with the pointless penalties you see on Police Interceptors etc. A very large fine would make a lot more sense to me.