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  1. More grown up than an MX5 but nearly as much fun. Has anyone ever been disappointed with buying a Z33, I know I wasnt?
  2. I bought a BTC when they were about £10K and a couple of Ethereum when they were around £700 just as a punt, obviously done quite nicely but the problem is recovering what Ive made as Im fairly sure Ill regret taking it out as it will continue to increase. I think its like stocks, you need to be in it long term to see the best returns (although Ive just doubled my XRP and XLM in the last month or so), Ive already said I wont touch the BTC until it goes to £100K - on balance Id rather lose what I didnt have than sell and watch it inevitably go to the moon BTC has a value as y
  3. No known issues but coilovers will fail over time - when Apex in the UK would replace an individual damper having to send a set off to Japan to be looked at was a bit of a pain to say the least Of what youve listed Id go with HKS but thats experience from a good few years ago, theres nothing wrong with Cusco, Bilstein or S-Tunes, I do seem to remember S-Tunes being £££ in the UK though
  4. HKS used to have to be sent back to Japan to be fixed, dont know if thats still the case? Teins werent ever really that good and Ive heard havent improved, cant speak for the other but I had HSDs on mine and they were really impressive for the money. Ive got Meister GT1 on my BMW and really rate them, CRDs are available for about £800 for the 350Z - might be worth a look? The difficulty with coilovers is very few people have used more than one type on a given chassis so comparison isnt easy
  5. No way to tell from those pictures, the diff is inside the casing but by the sound of it its a 1.5 or 2 way plate diff, probably Kaaz if you can feel it clunking. If you dont drift or track the car then you might as well swap it out for something a bit more user friendly, you should recover a few hundred quid out of it too if it is a plate type ETA that diff oil cooler is pretty pointless unless youre drifting too, probably some more money there if you sell on
  6. Can confirm its not just oil, hes a tight arse in general Good to see youre still about Tone, Richie was asking me about Project Pheonix the other day as it happens, how you getting on?
  7. TBH I think the big problem is emissions, my 9K revving 2.0 wouldnt get past the regs these days or would have to be so strangled it wouldnt be worth it, they havent fitted it to anything since 2011 FI gets round these very neatly and gives a load more oomph as well, crazy NA cars are probably gone for good. I have remembered it is actually a 1.8 though so the previous point about not moving on stands up even more
  8. Oh really? I saw this new model was coming out, checked to see if it had at least 300hp and then got on with my life. Releasing a £30K "sports" car in 2021 with 228hp and 184 lb/ft is a travesty, at least the MX5 can get its roof down. Peak torque is at 3700rpm so its not really a screamer and when the biggest issued levelled at the outgoing model was lack of power youd hope they could have done *something* .......... They arent fast enough to be track cars, are too pricey for a weekend toy, not practical as a family wagon and too bland to be considered exotic, unless youre dead set on
  9. Typing two words without any further explanation 15 pages into a debate isnt politely disagreeing, its refuting someones view without giving any explanation so yeah, thats definitely arrogant. Oh, and I "denigrate"* opposing views with evidence. You know, like everyone else in the world does when they are having a debate. Apart from you. * disagree is actually a more accurate word, its nothing personal, youre just wrong.
  10. There are no facts - which means by extension science is not only wrong, it doesnt exist. Big call that one. Control groups are being forbidden (wtf does that even mean?) I guess refers to testing, pretty tough testing anything without a control, how do you know the test worked? The way youve posted "I disagree" without any further explanation twice when youre the one questioning generally accepted wisdom is incredibly arrogant too. If there are ranks for conspiracists then I reckon youre definitely a few up on flat earthers, this is reminding me of an extreme US Televangelist's ran
  11. Youll be telling us facts and opinions are the same thing next
  12. It can only be a debate if there are at least two different arguments. We have one argument and .......... Im not even sure what the other thing is, I cant it shifting anyone's opinion though.
  13. Mate of mine went on, as you can imagine it was quite @*!#, particularly if you were the one in the helmet Spellcasting ............ D-I-S-M-I-S-S
  14. I have a good friend now in his 30s called James Deacon, very memorable when we had to explain who Joey was to him, he started using his pic as an avatar on message boards Vortex was awesome but you cant top Knightmare for me, they are all on Youtube too. Also hadnt realised that Doogyrev was verygood until I was today years old, this thread keeps giving.
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