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  1. Wow.

    Youve never driven an M car then?
  2. Understeer

    Going up there with C. Ninja is a great idea, he will be able to tell you if its the car or not and also be able to give you some advice, very few people just jump in a car and can magically drift. And trust me, the worse the car the better you become as a driver, I learnt in a properly knackered old S12 that kept misfiring and had no handbrake, when I finally got into a sorted S13 it was a revelation. However, you still havent told us if the car will burnout, donut or FO8 ...........
  3. Understeer

    Im sorry mate but that isnt whats being said here at all, if anything the driver isnt drift ready yet - a standard 350Z with lock mods is arguably enough to take a win at BDC Pro-Am with a capable driver, you probably dont need to do anything other than learn to pedal. Far too many drifters fall into the trap of thinking they need 500hp, hydro handbrakes and Wisefab to do anything, when in actual fact most of the guys that you see and marvel at learned their trade in 100hp Volvo/BMW's on cut springs with no handbrake, I had my 130hp MR2 on the lockstops flat in 4th the other day. Your diff could be knackered but I think its unlikely, as per my earlier post if the car can donut and FO8 that isnt the problem. If youre struggling to get the rear to break traction add more tyre pressure ......... but to be totally honest the best bet for anyone who wants to be able to drive sideways is to get some tuition, at a normal day (Santa Pod is on today) or at L2D, FlatoutFactory etc., teaching yourself on the street is expensive and often painful. I know this the hard way Apologies if this sounds condescending but Ive seen ££££'s wasted when in reality all you need is a reasonable RWD car and a bit of practice.
  4. Wow.

    M2 Competition was announced today too: http://www.evo.co.uk/bmw/m2/21114/2018-bmw-m2-competition-still-want-that-audi-rs3
  5. Understeer

    In my experience you forget that not everything has 300 b/ft at 2000 rpm and either stall or fail hard, either way you look a bit of a knob OP, will it burnout in a straight line? Can it do donuts? Can it do a figure of 8? If it can do all of the above you probably just arent giving it enough manfoot, if not then it could be another issue. Easiest way to reduce rear end grip is to increase tyre pressure so you might want to try that but the usual answer is more speed, more throttle, more commitment
  6. Finally, an MPS4 review I can trust

    Dont disagree with you Butcher ......... until it rains, the MPS are definitely better in the wet. Also difficult to compare car to car, a bit of camber and some tyre pressures can make a lot more difference than whether the tyre is a Yoko or a Michelin.
  7. Best track tyre when cold?

    AR-1s are not that bad (i.e. you probably wont die) in the wet either
  8. Russia out of Europe?

    I believe that the only people who have it are the only people who have it, its only ever been made in one place and if the Ukrainians had it they would be using it against the Russians already. Might be wrong of course but it seems an interesting choice when Sarin or VX do much the same but are easier to synthesise .........
  9. Russia out of Europe?

    Corbyns reaction to the attack and his own comments regarding anti semitism have done the damage there. Unless he is actually a ROBOT PROGRAMMED BY THE TORIES Intersting how Glushkov's murder seems to have dropped off the media, I imagine that if it was a British conspiracy we would be flogging that to death as well. If it was Novichok then I cant see it being anyone other than the Russians, only us and them have anything to gain by it and if it was us I dont know why we would have involved his daughter, or not have given Glushkov the same treatment to strengthen the case.
  10. Best track tyre when cold?

    P Zero Trofeo Id imagine, they are available in softest compound and generally the most expensive, I know that as a "warm" track tyre they are generally considered to be the danglies. Ive used Maxx Sport too and they work well, get up to temp quickly. Back in my drifty days we used to us a good road tyre (like an MPSS) on the front of the car for similar reasons, as the track tyres were only just getting into operating temps when a 30 second run was finished.
  11. Russia out of Europe?

    Pretty much comes down to "Was it Novichok?". If it was, and an apparently independent UN Team are currently looking into it so we should know in a week or so, then it was very likely the Russians: http://www.iflscience.com/chemistry/scientist-brilliantly-tears-conspiracy-theory-about-russian-spy-to-shreds/ If it wasnt Novichok then I find it difficult to believe HM Gov would be stupid enough to claim it was.
  12. Work wheels 3 piece disk identification

    I think JP is probably right, theres no indication of the disk but if you know offset and width you can figure it out by measuring. This might help: http://www.workwheelsonline.com/wxx189518954039.html https://www.ravspec.com/shop/work-vsxx-1995105 and if not, Driftworks would probably be able to tell you

    This is the problem, you dont actually seem to take on board what people are saying and just continue ploughing down the "EV (in fact Tesla) is the only way" route, the exact inverse of your first sentence above. On the page alone people mention the purchase price (not being funny but if we could all afford £75K cars we wouldnt be driving 350's), the range (I still do 250+ miles in a day regularly) and probably the underlying fear, the constant advances in tech and build quality that means your car is old tech as soon as you drive it off the forecourt. There are also questions over what happens when your batteries start to degrade, what the actual resale price of these things is going to be and of course, the elephant in the room, how clean the energy generation actually is. Youre also looking at the wrong comparisons, a 500hp Velar is not an alternative to a Tesla as its just ridiculous, but a lower spec Velar for £300 a month? Its a lot less than a Tesla is anyway. And if you cant see why people are comparing an electric, £75K iPace with an electric, 75K Tesla then you need professional help, seriously - the size of the rear seats is not a cars defining feature funnily enough. You might think ICE cars are a waste of money, but for someone that drove £1000 cars for a good portion of his life brand new £75K cars that depreciate heavily are a far, far bigger waste of money.
  14. I think the bus driver has the same issue that I face sometimes, if you want to get past a slow moving vehicle on a country lane you need to be close to start with as opportunities will be fleeting. Again, no excuse for driving that close in a PCV but youve got 2.5 minutes of him driving up your chuff, it might have been worth pulling over earlier (or at least slowed and indicated left). If hes got no kids on board and is late for next pickup I can see where hes coming from, TBF if he hadnt been so close you wouldnt have pulled over and he would have been further delayed, I know Ive been termpted to harass people out of the way before.
  15. Avon ZZ5

    Serious Q Dan ........ what are your thought on people changing wheels for wider items, does this not throw off the balance of the car to a greater extent than changing tyre compounds? What about pressures?