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  1. docwra

    World Cup

    Still better than all but 3 of the teams in the Cup though, people seem to forget that Sweden and Columbia had Germany, Mexico and Poland in their groups. What I saw of England was better than anything I remember in my lifetime but we still had that tendency to drop off in the last 10/15 minutes of games - late doors last night Alli and Lingard got very lazy while the Croats were still running their legs off, we also had a bit of the old school negativity and lack of invention which has been our biggest problem for 20 years IMO. But, Im still prouder than Ive ever been in our national team. Weve moved away from the "must have" players (Lamps and Gerard in the same team anyone?), weve developed tactically where previously we had bugger all before, we have started allowing players to be in their best positions ......... but mowst of all we actually look like we want to win the game rtaher than just turning up to make up the numbers. Dont forget we are World under 20 Champs, World under 17 champs and Euro under 19 champs too, I think its still coming home
  2. docwra

    Track day question?

    Standard discs are about as good as youll get anyway but pads, fluid and braided lines make a difference Definitely sack off the 20's as well, heavy and expensive.
  3. docwra

    Track day question?

    Pretty much what Brillo said, for me brakes are more important than tyres so braided lines and good fluid are a must
  4. docwra

    Vibration when braking.

    Steering rack bushes will do exactly what youve described if they are knackered, interesting you mention the turn in on your first post too. Balancing will affect the car when its not braking so you can probably count that out and while you cannot see disc deposits its interesting you dont suffer anything at high or low speed, it will usually get worse as you slow down more. Id check the rack bushes before spending anymore money personally
  5. docwra

    Moly Slip - Stock LSD

    The viscous unit is sealed, the diff oil is just acting as a lubricant so changing it wont affect the way the diff locks, if the oil is new I cant see any additive making a difference TBH. Id go along Alex's lines, maybe its a wheel bearing or something?
  6. docwra

    Too Good To Be True? Wheels & Tyres

    Dont know if thats really too good to be true - curbing, mixed worn tyres and some pretty crap pictures, the the paint hasnt been done properly youd be needing a refurb pretty soon anyway. Specially when these are £100 cheaper: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OEM-Nissan-370z-19-Forged-RAYS-Alloy-Wheels-5x114-3/142831864140?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D49131%26meid%3Dca9c7b4b6b694a3989188e3e9236c844%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D223027973896%26itm%3D142831864140&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  7. docwra

    Le Mans 2018

    Our pub worked rather well, we had lots of people walking in and offering us money, looks like we will end up on German TV as well I dont know if this is going to work but this video sums up LM for me, we had nicked the motorised scooter from a feller dressed as Immortan Joe from Mad Max. this wasnt even the crazy night https://www.facebook.com/julian.mapp.71/videos/10155390453175877/?t=2
  8. docwra

    Le Mans 2018

    Hes a plumber, what do you expect? Probably rocking around with diamond encrusted slippers and drinking Dom Perignon all week as well
  9. docwra

    Le Mans 2018

    They managed to beat themselves last year though You havent checked out the Rebellion time either And £1500 is a bit on the heavy side, this year tickets are about £70, a car is £130 odd so if you split 4 ways its not that bad at all - we're only sticking EUR 200 each in the whip for food and beer all week. This will be 12 in a row for me, I just love it.
  10. docwra

    Le Mans 2018

    Compared to what, F1? Did you actually watch the last two races? :lol: TBH its difficult to understand until youve been, but 6/12/24 hour races with 4 different classes on track at the same time isnt comparable to normal racing - instead of seeing the cars for 5 seconds every 2.5 minutes theres almost constant action in front of you, but theres also time to go to different viewing points, get food and drink etc. too. The cars also look different and sound different from each other, you can have different weather every hour and the camping element at LM is amazing, lots of petrolheads drunk for 5 days solid cant be bad Anyway, check out the Rebellion/TVR qualifying times, could be a race in LMP1 yet .........
  11. docwra

    HELP: Ferodo DS2500 Pads

    I sometimes wonder where these "mechanics" did their training or how so many people can work on toy car maintenance DS2500 are not an extreme pad by any means, and are generally recommended by every message board as an upgrade for fast road/occasional track use. I, and a lot of people here have used much more aggressive brake pads without any problems with squeaking, cold use or disc damage, if they are making noise then Id bet they havent been fitted properly, try what the guys have suggested up there. Discs dont warp either. They can pick up brake pad deposits that can create vibration under braking which can be sorted out by skimming the faces but its possible this might also be an effect of having the pads fitted wrongly as well, or something else entirely. Get the pads refitted with shims and coppergrease and re-bed them then see where youre at, FWIW the Brembo setup on the 350 is superb when its all working right
  12. docwra

    coilovers collapsed

    Thats very concerning, Id get in touch with Driftworks right now this minute. Never known anyone have any probs with HSD before, but then Ive never seen any coilovers of any brand do that either :o
  13. docwra

    I need some help!!!

    I ran 18/19 and it was great, the car was excellent on and off track. Almost certain that Id have had TCS issues with that setup ......... except I always has TC turned off The early Time Attack S13's used to run 17/18 stagger, S2000's run it as standard too so I dont think its a bad thing dynamically.
  14. docwra

    Bye bye Matt

    She was very good on the last series of the Classic Car Show, she can also drive, has presenting experience, has a big interest in cars and is well known and invited to everything ever, thats a damn sight better than 2 of the current three IMO. And I would, obvs. And she was never convicted of any charges related to coke, and it was over 10 years ago. James Martin could be an interesting one as hes dyed in the wool petrolhead, I just hope whoever it is has some knowledge about cars and can drive a bit
  15. docwra

    Le Mans 2018

    In Houx with 41 (!) other people, we are making a pub. Some taster images: We have a quiz night, ladies night, roast on Sunday and some nice touches too - last orders bell, picture of the queen, lots of brewery bar mats and towels, horse brasses ........ but my favourite: Come and say hello, I doubt youll miss us ........