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  1. I think Lewis is struggling to adjust to the car the same way Vettel did in the RB when blown diffusers were outlawed, or Danny Ric did when he came to McLaren - in both cases the "number 1 driver" was slower then "number 2", I guess its more difficult to unlearn 15 years of experience than 2. You cant really count a 7 time World Champion out of the bask of 3 races with a car thats clearly underperforming TBH, if either of the Mercs are going to be challenging they have to sort it in a couple of races I reckons
  2. Youre far too defeatist, I got round those issues by buying an E82 135i (less than 600 to start with!) and taking the back seats out
  3. Let me introduce you to the BMW 1 series Cant say Im overly excited about the 400Z (like I possibly am by the Emira), still seems a bit heavy and not exactly at the cutting edge of technology, FI is good for increasing power though I suppose. Like someone else said, maybe 5/10 years ago this would be a winner but not for me, neither is the Supra for that matter though
  4. I hate to be that guy but when WBAC offer £12,500, a trader offers £15K and Adrian offers £15K have you considered £15K might be what the car is actually worth? Sure, it might be the cheapest and lowest mileage 370Z but its also a write off, when there are plenty of other cars out there this is going to affect the value pretty substantially ..........
  5. 6 hours? This was my drive on the last day of NC500 2020, Id done 6 hours before I was 6 hours away from home:
  6. Yep. Speaking as an Englander thats done the NC500 for the last couple of years its not even worth us getting involved in this thread Roads themselves are better, scenery is off the chart but the best thing is that other road users see you approaching at a rate of knots .......... and pull over out of your way to let you past, WTF? Coming from Southern England where folk deliberately drive in the middle of the road to stop you making progress this is a revelation, it actually puts the pleasure back into driving Just dont leave a Ferrari in a field ....... like I did
  7. Got them fitted on my MR2, PS4 on my 135i and PS4S on the other car. I wouldnt quite say night and day between the Michelins and the Hankooks but its very noticeable, the PS4S are borderline astonishing - I actually bought Hankooks rather than Michelins as I didnt want too much grip, I wanted the car to move around a bit The best tyres you can afford is never overkill (remember they stop you as well as make you go round corners) and when its £40 a corner difference then I wouldnt skimp, seats and steering wheels regularly get overlooked as well.
  8. Got to agree with yer man above, its only a good time to sell if youre not replacing it with another car, or if youre downgrading significantly, everything thats even slightly desirable is also holding its money or increasing in value. Will be interesting to see what happens when the prices crash, if they ever do though, I bet there will be bargains to be had
  9. Ahh, the beauty of social media these days where everyone has an equal voice, whether they have been giving excellent technical advice on 350Zs since 2008 or whether they joined in 2019
  10. The speed sensors would freak out even if you didnt have the module fitted. I know, Ive done it. I didnt even have to run 19s on the front and 17s on the back to manage it
  11. No, running different wheel radii from what the stability control is expecting is what causes the problem. I used to run my Z with an 18 front, 19 on the back and the stability control would trigger all of the time, I got it when running drift wheels as well. Turning the stability control off is the only way to stop it happening but it also means you have no ABS, and sometimes the car will go crazy and youll have little or no braking at all. Got to say I like the way you come on with 20 posts, make an incorrect statement and then tell anyone giving you the correct answer they are wrong though, impressive stuff
  12. Was entirely my fault TBH, I knew my subframe bushes were beyond knackered and could feel the subframe moving about but kept going, eventually it just steered me into one of the big concrete blocks which as you can tell from the picture was pointing into the track for some reason. Youll be fine, Im sure :lol: Never had much luck at the Pod TBH, first time I was up there I managed to smash a back quarter into a barrel, not unusual but unfortunately the one I chose was full of concrete
  13. Some of the cones are pretty tough, regretted this one Same day: But dont let me put you off, Im sure youll have a great time
  14. Toyota chassis much better but needs power IMO, Ive heard FI ones can suffer cooling issues, particularly on track. If they had been 300hp to begin with would anyone have actually bought 370's since 2012?
  15. On the first bit, he has spotters, race engineers, tyre engineers, sim engineers - all manner of advice from non drivers - do you think these people are from another planet or something? I advise people daily on stuff I dont actually do, while we wouldnt be able to tell him much about actually driving the car theres a lot of other aspects that you might give good advice on. On the second bit this is a discussion forum where 99.9% of users manage to have intelligent conversations in public, kinda part of the point of a public forum. Why should anything go to PMs, the rest of us manage alright without? Its undeniable that at least two of your comments on this thread have massively contradicted the stuff you were banging on about a few weeks ago, just accept it and move on, you cant be right about everything
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