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  1. Brave, brave man Bella is pretty much how youd spec a baby if you could (never cries, comes out to pubs/restaurants with us, sleeps a solid 12 hours every night) but its still grief and hassle, while weve got away without too much pain with 2 I think our lives would be considerably less enjoyable. Whatever you do dont buy 2 Beagles as well and DEFINITELY dont go for the third, this is when your "cars" start becoming "vans", you need a bigger house and can only afford to go on holiday once in the rest of your life Congrats mate, "well in" as they say
  2. Even if you are really limited on cash then the DS2500s are still the better bet but Id strongly advise spending a bit more and getting RS29, Carbotech XP10 or the daddy on a 350Z for me, CL RC5+. You only get one chance to stop before you hit the barrier, and where the DS2500's will be giving up the RC5's will have another 3 laps in them, much better feel and control too.
  3. Was the SXOC chairman at one point so owned loads of S12s, 13's and 14's, just the one 350 though. The 370 isnt/wasnt different enough for me and the GTR although amazing doesnt really light my candle. All about German cars for me now, my trackcar is a 135i, daily is a Phaeton that will prob be replaced with a big Merc or Bentley CGT, missus has a Golf GTi that we are looking at replacing with a Touareg - even the rental cars I get when I travel tend to be German. Jap stuff doesnt really interest me at all, they dont quite do luxury as well as ze Germans and the performance options arent out there anymore - I am seriously considering getting some 90's classics in as investments though.
  4. Likewise, its surprising more didnt move onto the 350Z after the 200 - cant say the same for BMW's or MX5s though
  5. Dualtechs, it was a while ago but when I came to sell the car on it handled so well the guy couldnt believe it hadnt had anything else done to it Ive got Meister GT1 on my current car and Im pretty blown away with them for the money but would probably still stick HSDs on a Z33 if I ever got another one.
  6. I remember playing it in arcades, there was ACTUAL FEEDBACK FROM THE STEERING. In 1989 that wasnt just groundbreaking, it was sorcery.
  7. The clue is in the thread title ...........
  8. Fast road, I was actually used as the test car so they were rather less expensive in my case
  9. Aye, had the engine mounts fitted to mine and was very impressed with them. Not cheap but worth the money if youre changing/upgrading.
  10. So whats Boris going to pull out of the hat then? Hes already ruled out Single Market membership and freedom of movement, hes also ruled out us staying member of the customs union. Whether theres a border in England, the Irish Sea or on the land Irish border there still has to be one somewhere and much as he might want to, he cant avoid paying the "divorce bill" as we have legally committed to our contribution. Hes not going to find £350m a week as we dont actually pay that much, we cant start talking about a new trade deal until we leave (and its already sounding like the US requirements for any deal will not be compatible with EU requirements anyway) and despite the whole world knowing we cant get this sorted by the end of 2020 hes still telling us we will be out by then. So what is he going to get that he didnt have before?
  11. Only another 10 years of this to go then ........
  12. The incumbent Home Secretary was forced to resign from a few years ago after having secret meeting with the Israelis. Once again, you might like Diane Abbot but the alternative is even worse.
  13. Boris lies about everything from how many kids he has to how many nurses he is going to introduce. The media focuses on Corbyns 2Bn trees claim. Despite it being valid. Tories promise to build 40 new hospitals ......... except funding is only in place for 6. Ekona brings up Labours broadband promise. Which could be a reality if they nationalise Openreach. Is it just me that sees the issue with this? The bit the Tories lie about is absolutely essential and far, far more important than what Labour "might" be lying about, its not a realistic comparison.
  14. Maggz is bang on and the concern that Adrian raised is very real. After the constant lying and misrepresentation and silencing the media protests removing the power of the courts is the next step in the dictator playbook. Scary times.
  15. Except F1 viewing figures have increased by about 10% over the last year, they also did the year before. WEC are introducing a hypercar class in 2020/21 which will get 75% of its power from an ICE engine, WRC, WRX, Indycar, F3, NAscar, DTM, WTC all continue to use ICE as well. That article says is that Honda havent committed to supplying Red Bull after 2021 which isnt exactly earth shattering when you realise they only did 2 seasons with McLaren. In fact I use the word "article" very loosely as it doesnt seem to contain very much other than conjecture and "what ifs", Im not entirely sure the author knows what point he was trying to make





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