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  1. OK, this has gone on long enough. Where is this FB thread, I want in
  2. Its still the discs I reckon, it often gets worse as they get hotter - Ive had it on other cars but judicious use of aggressive pads usually sorts it, you could also try doing a bedding in process again which often helps. Overheated pads stop working, you can feel them slip slightly before they give up all together, they will rarely judder in my experience. Pedal travel is invariably linked to fluid, I reckon you might have overheated and lost some hence why theres less pressure in the system now. DS3000s arent bad pads but still fall short of the god tier I listed off, if youre planning on tracking regularly Id really suggest using one of them - Ive heard good things about Ferodo 1.11 recently too but done have personal experience. Get it right and the difference is huge, I used to be convinced my Zed was getting the rear wheels off the ground under heavy braking
  3. Or perhaps the air suspension system from the Bentley Arnage/Continental? And double glazing, 18 way adjustable massage seats and draft free 4 zone aircon? Well under budget: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202007201441463 About on budget: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-12-VW-PHAETON-3-0-V6-TDI-DIESEL-4-MOTION-SWB-AUTO-PHANTOM-BLACK-BLK/264800044635?hash=item3da750065b:g:HHUAAOSwS1xfBZKR Seriously, the best car Ive ever owned and Ive got an F355 on the drive at the moment.
  4. If the car was shaking its more likely to be deposits on the discs than the pads themselves - if you dont know how old the fluid is then it might be worth a purge as well. Get the discs skimmed when you fit the new pads and you should be fine Yellowstuff are shyte, Hawk arent much better and DS2500 are a fast road pad at best IMO. PF like yer man says are a proper track pad, see also CL (I recommend RC5 on a Zed), Carbotech, Pagid RSL29. Sure, they are more money but when that extra 10% is the difference between missing the barrier and going 10ft through it you wont regret it
  5. VW Phaeton. Seriously.
  6. Been in the modded car game for over 20 years and have never heard a bad word about Abbey or the guys there, pretty surprising to read this. Have mno idea whats been said but imagine most will take it with an extremely large pinch of salt, your reputation is well known all over
  7. @fake ben taylor is doing something rather insane, IIRC he had a thread on here somewhere. Highest power VQ I ever did see was RJNs GT4 car, they reckoned that was around 430hp but race engine, obvs.
  8. Exactly where my money is going, they are all dead certs to hold or increase. I like 981 Boxster/Caymans as well, not sure they will appreciate but dont think they will lose much.
  9. Exactly what Im talking about. Youre paying a premium for the MSA logbook and the cars history but it will be a dog to drive, likely still on leaf springs and no servo for the brakes, probably sticking out 110hp at best and will be noisy and uncomfortable. Even if you REALLY need a Classic Rally car to compete in are you really going to use a £52K Escort? 993 prices have already gone IMO, 996 Turbos are very tempting but would have to be a manual for me, old auto gearboxes are @*!# compared to what we are used to know (which is 100% of the reason I dont have a Ferrari 599)
  10. People thought the Cayman GT4 prices were unburstable .... they werent. That said the 987 Spyder is the only car I 100% knew would make money and I still didnt buy one If youre not dead set on a classic sit on your hands for a few months and wait for the all the M2's, RS4's and F Types that get handed back from PCP deals people cant afford to flood the market.
  11. Also this though, well worth waiting a few months for it to settle down, there will be people looking to exit the market quickly so bargains to be had.
  12. Im fortunate enough to have a bit to invest in cars atm. If youre going to keep it as a 100% moneymaker you cant really drive it and will be looking at least £1000 a year in storage (unless youre prepared to forgo your garage indefinitely) Fortunately in the case of the DMC its @*!# so you wont want to drive it Im looking at cars that I actually want to drive that rather than definitely appreciate wont lose too much. £40K will easily buy you a Citroen SM, a 981 Cayman or Boxster, various nice beemers (E46 CSL, Z3M, 635, 850 etc.) or even concours 180SX's, R32GTRs and FD RX7's. All of them should roughly hold their money and are far more everything than a De Lorean, theres even an argument that you can chop and change a lot more easily if you dont mind losing a couple of K each time round.
  13. RHD are sound, been around for years. Cant speak for Japanparts though.
  14. These were about 65mm over standard, wheel was 11J ET 10 with a 25mm spacer so effectively 11J ET -15 but no camber and normal tyres. See www.rimtuck.com for many, many more.
  15. This is a Covid used car bargain how exactly?





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