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  1. 25 years modding cars, 22 years on SXOC (including finishing up as the Chairman), 18 years in the drift scene. Member of GTROC, various BMW, Nissan, Range Rover and Toyota boards. Thats how. In all that time I dont think Ive ever known anyone with a true 1000hp car, even guys like Ron Kiddell, Andy Barnes and Simon Norris*, its incredibly unlikely that a guy who doesnt have a serious car already is going to make it happen in his garage. 600hp sure, 1000hp, no. * I know Andy had at least one drag car that much have been over 1000hp but I also know it was imported like that.
  2. Always makes me laugh, invariably the guy wanting 1000hp hasnt driven anything with more than 400 and even then didnt get full throttle. A good friend of mine has a supercharged LS2 in an S14 200SX, its well over 500hp/ton, about the same as a Huayra. It doesnt grip at all below about 50mph so is useless as a drag car, while balanced doesnt have the throttle control to be a track car and whenever its hooked up on the road is already breaking the speed limit, see point 1. Its absolutely hilarious and savagely fast from 60-170 but until recently was getting used twice a year because it was pointless. I see a similar thing with fast 1 series bimmers - a map and an intercooler saw mine well over 400hp and close to 550lb/ft of torque, all there from 3K rpm to the redline. It makes for a scary fast car in the dry - less than half of the people that have driven mine have actually managed full throttle - and a damn near undriveable one in the wet, its will spin at WOT in 5th. Ive got loads of experience of genuine fast cars and even after 5 years the sheer pace still scares me from time to time. And yet there are guys looking for 600, even 700hp out of the same 1400KG RWD car. I cant use 400 on the road without nearly dying and you want nearly twice that? WHY?! Seriously, thats the question, its like having a 24 inch dick - some people will be impressed when you tell them but its not like you can actually use it.
  3. Been keeping an eye on values for the past couple of years, I think the 981 (particularly GTS) is just so good it wont lose much, if anything. I think GT4s will suffer a bit as they were always a little artificially high priced and the 718 has sorted the gear length thing but low mileage GTS Caymans (and Boxsters, theres only 170 of them or something stupid) wont ever lose and will start climbing again fairly soon. The car in the link supports it (I wrote the post first!), that car is 6 years old and about the same as it sold for new.
  4. Yeah, Ive driven a Conti and I smoke about in a Phaeton, I cant see my daily not having airride, being absolutely massive and being far too fast for the level of massive , Bentley are about the best in the business at that
  5. Cayman or an M2 C/CS next for me I think, very tempted to take a GR Yaris for a spin but doubt I could live with it. Was chatting to a mate who adores his F Type the other day and since driving one I think everyone should own a 6.2 V8 Merc of some variety at some point, they are hilarious Or a Bentley of course .............
  6. Michelins are as good as anything Ive used, I wont put P-Zeros on a car if I can avoid it.
  7. I run Cup2s but @*!# myself when it rains, I actually ended up taking my back seats out (not a Z33!) so I can carry a set of MPS4s as wets RSRs are good for the money, Ive used Nankang NS2Rs and they are a pretty good compromise between road and track, heard good things about Achilles AR-1 ............
  8. Reminds me of a post Spa trackday session where we all agreed 400hp was enough for any track, anymore and it starts to become an inconvenience. We also used to see it in drifting as well, 700hp cars when guys were winning events with 180hp, unfortunately the tracks and and sport have moved towards massive power being required. Im lucky enough to have some nice cars now too, while my BMW is far and away the fastest car driving it is like having a fight, its trying to kill me. The two mid engined cars are much slower but are like dancing with a beautiful woman, they work with you and are more fun to drive, give me a low power sorted chassis any day.
  9. Theres an easy rhyme to remember when it comes to tyres: if you havent heard of them, theyre @*!#.
  10. Horsham Developments run a TT Zed in Time Attack unlimited but Im not sure Ive seen any others, for me its not a good starting platform as its heavy and the engine is difficult to make mad powerz from. Ive driven some boosted MX5s and they are a better bet IMO due to lower weight and more tuneability but if you actually want to win stuff Id be looking at Elises and Exiges or proper track cars. Without the TA side the 350Z is an excellent track car but eventually the weight and lack of power get frustrating. Ive still got a hankering after a sorted Mk1 SC MX5 though
  11. Its a pretty much "you know what youre getting" thing, they also have the image going on that a Hyundai is never going to achieve. Id add that the Mk7 Golf GTi is an insanely good car (yes I have one ) and while it might not be as fast round the Nurburgring as some of the competition its a lot easier to live with day to day and still scares me from time to time. Oh, and resale values too, Golf Gtis have always held their money well. Youd have to make something pretty incredible to beat a Golf at its own game, hence why Peugeot, Honda, Renault and Hyundai all take a different route, variety is the spice of life etc.
  12. 100% they influence designers, the first Motorola flip phone was called Star-TAC, theres some other cool ones here: https://mashable.com/2011/09/08/star-trek-gadgets/?europe=true Jobsy used to reference Star Trek regulalrly: https://trekmovie.com/2010/06/07/steve-jobs-invokes-star-trek-again-while-unveiling-4th-gen-iphone/
  13. Still pulling at 331 but the way it took off from 200 is insanity. Wonder if it cant get traction under that speed or something?
  14. Serious manufacturing fault caveat to the rescue ........ possibly





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