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  1. Only another 10 years of this to go then ........
  2. The incumbent Home Secretary was forced to resign from a few years ago after having secret meeting with the Israelis. Once again, you might like Diane Abbot but the alternative is even worse.
  3. Boris lies about everything from how many kids he has to how many nurses he is going to introduce. The media focuses on Corbyns 2Bn trees claim. Despite it being valid. Tories promise to build 40 new hospitals ......... except funding is only in place for 6. Ekona brings up Labours broadband promise. Which could be a reality if they nationalise Openreach. Is it just me that sees the issue with this? The bit the Tories lie about is absolutely essential and far, far more important than what Labour "might" be lying about, its not a realistic comparison.
  4. Maggz is bang on and the concern that Adrian raised is very real. After the constant lying and misrepresentation and silencing the media protests removing the power of the courts is the next step in the dictator playbook. Scary times.
  5. Except F1 viewing figures have increased by about 10% over the last year, they also did the year before. WEC are introducing a hypercar class in 2020/21 which will get 75% of its power from an ICE engine, WRC, WRX, Indycar, F3, NAscar, DTM, WTC all continue to use ICE as well. That article says is that Honda havent committed to supplying Red Bull after 2021 which isnt exactly earth shattering when you realise they only did 2 seasons with McLaren. In fact I use the word "article" very loosely as it doesnt seem to contain very much other than conjecture and "what ifs", Im not entirely sure the author knows what point he was trying to make
  6. Other than the fact that we used to set the price and oversee the supply and now we dont, nothing at all.
  7. Can we have "Not Conservative under any circumstances" as an option? I dont like Corbyn or his policies but I dont believe any other party can get near a majority but Im ****ed if Im voting for that bunch of lying bastards. Looking like the tactical vote will be LibDem round here but will keep an eye on the polls
  8. Who are you and what have you done with the real Dan? Any system where people dont seek treatment because they know they cant afford it is worse than what we have at the moment, never mind the enormous profits being made off the back of sick people.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/jul/21/private-firms-nhs-budget-matt-hancock-promise The last part of the paper was less than a year old as well. Tell yourself what you want but its happening already, it will just be legitimised if they get back in. And Im really starting worry on the level of whataboutism Im seeing in defence of Boris - impossible free wifi is hardly the same gravity as selling off the NHS, I had another mate point out that Corbyn has promised an "impossible"* 2Bn trees as a counter argument to the Torys doctoring videos and changing website names, again, slightly different in its impact. * Its actually easily achievable.
  10. Cant accept that Dan. The Tories are outright lying on a daily basis at the moment, who knows what they will do if they win a majority but its not going to be in the interests of most of the population - the way parliament voted against a hard brexit but they keep bringing it back, or they were happy to mislead everyone for a prorogue or even that Boris is in contempt kind of supports the fact they genuinely dont care about whats right or the actual truth. They arent making any real commitment to mental health or social welfare which are both huge issues and the way that Boris, Hancock, Cleverly and Rees-Mogg fail to answer questions, appear for PMQ's or debates or actually tell the truth on anything is setting us up for 4 years of them doing what they want, if we are out of the EU as well theres no-one to stop them. "They arent going to sell off the NHS" isnt true, the working group paper that Corbyn was waving around earlier in the week lays out what we would need to do for a UK/US trade deal. Ive voted Tory all my life, I dont like Corbyn at all and I can see its obvious that they cant implement all of the policies they want to ......... but they arent lying and misrepresenting to anything like the level of the Tories, and you cant be confident about the future of anything from Brexit to the NHS if the people in power are liars that dont have any respect for the electorate.
  11. docwra

    11J ET8 Rears?

    Its good but it doesnt take into account archhwork, camber, tyre profile relative to manufacturer - www.rimtuck.com does
  12. docwra

    A Sad Day!

    I also drove one across Germany a couple of years back, doing 2800km in 6 days including a sustained 15 minutes without dropping under 150 From what Ive read the Hyundai n30, Megane and Pug 308 Gti are more driver focused but they also depreciate quicker. If you do go for the Golf the interior upgrade and Dynaudio are worthy, we also got pearl paint and different alloys as there are *quite a few* around, its good to be different
  13. docwra

    11J ET8 Rears?

    I was running 11.5 ET 15 on this, so not far off what youre talking about: Thats around a 75mm metal arch extension BUT I only needed that much as the inside of the wheel wouldnt clear the brakes so ended up having to add a 25mm spacer. Youll probably find you have the same problem though This one is 11J ET5 with a 275 tyre: but he has had arches pulled, flared and is running 5,2 degs of camber, which is mental.
  14. docwra

    A Sad Day!

    I can highly recommend the Golf as a "do everything" car - worked as daily commute for the missus, just been on a 7 day holiday with baby and two dogs, up for trying get a trackday in before Christmas in it now and seeing > 40 mpg too (although not with the roofbox on)
  15. I like to call it "lying", and as Col has nicely detailed up there it seems to be the currency for the Tories at the moment, see also doctoring videos and being in contempt of parliament. On that basis alone I dont think I could vote for them, their lack of respect for the voter is horrififying and I think if we have 4 years of it there will be no respect left for politics or politicians in this country at all.



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