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  1. Knowsit, it always went fuzzy on the money shot due to constant rewind and fast forwarding action too There was a Color Climax compilation doing the rounds when I was about 13 including "Black Hammer", "Hot Tongue Salad" and "Sexy Blackmail", we still use cheesy quotes originating from that vid to this day
  2. Still got one, still got a Betamax as it happens, kept them really to show my kids how it used to be. Tapes are all either porn or Disney films but theres a bit of old TV there too
  3. If my potential liability is £65K you can be damn sure Ill be reading every last word
  4. I know the lads at Rarerims and they know their onions, theyve sold loads of sets for 350's in the past. Ask them what they recommend or use https://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Wheel-Offset-Calculator, or go to www.rimtuck.com and see what others have done
  5. Ross and Nero as it happens Original (including paint) other than a Capristo exhaust and some rear wheel spacers, it goes, looks and sounds beautiful, who cares how much it cost? My BMW is considerably faster but is trying to kill me all the time while this works with you, its like the difference between having a punch up with someone and ballroom dancing. Can also confirm an MR2 handling is not a million miles away .........
  6. Absolutely no chance the EU would let us rejoin without serious concessions, certainly losing our rights to veto and probably GBP too. As with the deal they offered us, it cant be too good or everyone would be jumping out to see how it went for a few years. If we leave it really is a once in a lifetime decision which is why its so important to get right.
  7. 1. How would you go back to the people and check? Run your own personally bi-election? 2. Brexit negotiations are happening NOW, she couldnt have waited 2 months while the bi-election happened to make her move as the time would have passed 3. Cambridge is overwhelmingly pro-remain and Ive not seen her depart from any other Tory policies (i.e. what she was voted in on) 4. I can actually see all of the Change MP's going back to their original parties if Brexit doesnt happen. No foul.
  8. I used to be a bit of a fan, mainly because he does come across as true to his beliefs but some of the utter bullshit he has spewed about Brexit put him on the Boris step for me i.e. a self serving liar with little or no integrity. JRM consistently bangs on about WTO being economically positive ........ because he conveniently doesnt mention the associated tariffs, even the name ERG suggests the group issomething that they are not. He also lied that we can continue on EU terms while negotiating with WTO, there would be lower prices after Brexit and made false claims about Labour, surely not all of these were just "mistakes". He also appears to vote for his own interests, the one thing I cant rail against him on is the gay rights thing as I believe he is a religious nut - while I dont agree I wouldnt beat on someone for their religion.
  9. Then to be blunt you shouldnt be able to cast a vote, the same as the people that voted for us to leave the EU based on incorrect beliefs or information. If you dont actually understand who or what you are voting for how can you make the right choice? You wouldnt get on a plane if the pilot told you he hadnt flown before and asked where the cockpit was ........... You say you dont expect things to change, take some time to look at our political and economic policy in 1980, 1990 and 2000, consider we are on the brink of leaving the EU right now - they do change depending on who people vote for. I dont mean to cause offence but it seems there is a large proportion that are voting for the Brexit Party because they want Brexit when the reality is voting in the X Factor will make as much difference. Thats a bit scary if you ask me.
  10. Who'd have thought it, Heidi Allen is my MP too and I think shes a bit of a hero. While initially she kept the party line on Brexit, following May's attempt at bringing the same deal back over and over again she responded to over 60% of her constituents that voted to remain. Lets be honest, the Tories arent doing anything else with their parliament at the moment, I dont see why you think you're losing out on any of their policies you actually voted her in on. Shes also nailed her colours to the mast on Rees Mogg and the DUP situation, I admire her for actually speaking her mind and not trying to blend into the background.
  11. You should consider going into politics Col
  12. Oh, and as for "democratic" Q. Do you want a blowjob? A. Well yes, of course I want a blowjob. Q. Its from a piranha. A. Well, seeing as I said I wanted one Ill have to stick with that decision now.
  13. All of the above may be valid but the thing that has to be kept in mind is if remain had won, nothing would change. We wouldnt have long debates in parliament, contingency plans, economic changes, the workforce would remain the same ........ no upheaval. Thats why things are proving tricky, we are trying to redefine our entire country in a few months.
  14. If its heart over head I dont think anyone needs to drive anything, we all know which would win While Mazzers can be horribly expensive you only live once. Which is why I bought a 355 recently
  15. So you think we would be best represented in Europe by a party with no policies that admit they will not co-operate with the EU on anything? A party that despite naming themselves "Brexit" wont have any hand in the negotiation? This is the best chopice for the good of the country? This is my biggest issue, the Brexit party have absolutely nothing to do with Brexit process yet this seems to be where they are putting their banner out, its disingenuous. And as a more extended question, I can see why people would vote to leave as a protest ........... but thats cutting off your nose to spite your face. Rather like voting for the proven liar Farage here, you can make yourself heard but at what cost?



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