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  1. Horsham Developments run a TT Zed in Time Attack unlimited but Im not sure Ive seen any others, for me its not a good starting platform as its heavy and the engine is difficult to make mad powerz from. Ive driven some boosted MX5s and they are a better bet IMO due to lower weight and more tuneability but if you actually want to win stuff Id be looking at Elises and Exiges or proper track cars. Without the TA side the 350Z is an excellent track car but eventually the weight and lack of power get frustrating. Ive still got a hankering after a sorted Mk1 SC MX5 though
  2. Its a pretty much "you know what youre getting" thing, they also have the image going on that a Hyundai is never going to achieve. Id add that the Mk7 Golf GTi is an insanely good car (yes I have one ) and while it might not be as fast round the Nurburgring as some of the competition its a lot easier to live with day to day and still scares me from time to time. Oh, and resale values too, Golf Gtis have always held their money well. Youd have to make something pretty incredible to beat a Golf at its own game, hence why Peugeot, Honda, Renault and Hyundai all take a different route, variety is the spice of life etc.
  3. 100% they influence designers, the first Motorola flip phone was called Star-TAC, theres some other cool ones here: https://mashable.com/2011/09/08/star-trek-gadgets/?europe=true Jobsy used to reference Star Trek regulalrly: https://trekmovie.com/2010/06/07/steve-jobs-invokes-star-trek-again-while-unveiling-4th-gen-iphone/
  4. Still pulling at 331 but the way it took off from 200 is insanity. Wonder if it cant get traction under that speed or something?
  5. Serious manufacturing fault caveat to the rescue ........ possibly
  6. Thats not stance, thats Onikyan, literally "demon camber". And its a no from me but better than this:
  7. And IMO it will destroy the resale value of the car. They are hardly rare, they arent lambos, a wrap would be cheaper and you could remove for the next buyer if they had any taste
  8. More than madness, its actively encouraging people to get it as if a fat 74 year old can beat it in 2 days, never mind the fact hes still contagious but not taking any precautions at all. Wouldnt wish death on anyone but what hes doing is getting me very, very close, as always its terrifying they let him get away with it.
  9. I dont think we will ever know. The timing is pretty suspect though as he can disappear until after the election then emerge and confirm that its nothing to worry about even for a bloated orange 74 year old burger addict. Very suss that him and his wife get it at exactly the same time too when they have access to tests as often as they want. What we see as positive and what his supporters see are very different things, I read an article yesterday saying that his incessant interruption and talking over Diamond Joe appeals to the the average MAGA cultist as it apparently makes him look "strong" , the racism has the same effect.
  10. Veilside is nearly always gash, and no dynamic mods on a 20+K build is a joke. Id actually argue its among the worst 350Z's in the UK, welcome to the club though
  11. OK, this has gone on long enough. Where is this FB thread, I want in
  12. Its still the discs I reckon, it often gets worse as they get hotter - Ive had it on other cars but judicious use of aggressive pads usually sorts it, you could also try doing a bedding in process again which often helps. Overheated pads stop working, you can feel them slip slightly before they give up all together, they will rarely judder in my experience. Pedal travel is invariably linked to fluid, I reckon you might have overheated and lost some hence why theres less pressure in the system now. DS3000s arent bad pads but still fall short of the god tier I listed off, if youre planning on tracking regularly Id really suggest using one of them - Ive heard good things about Ferodo 1.11 recently too but done have personal experience. Get it right and the difference is huge, I used to be convinced my Zed was getting the rear wheels off the ground under heavy braking
  13. Or perhaps the air suspension system from the Bentley Arnage/Continental? And double glazing, 18 way adjustable massage seats and draft free 4 zone aircon? Well under budget: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202007201441463 About on budget: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-12-VW-PHAETON-3-0-V6-TDI-DIESEL-4-MOTION-SWB-AUTO-PHANTOM-BLACK-BLK/264800044635?hash=item3da750065b:g:HHUAAOSwS1xfBZKR Seriously, the best car Ive ever owned and Ive got an F355 on the drive at the moment.
  14. If the car was shaking its more likely to be deposits on the discs than the pads themselves - if you dont know how old the fluid is then it might be worth a purge as well. Get the discs skimmed when you fit the new pads and you should be fine Yellowstuff are shyte, Hawk arent much better and DS2500 are a fast road pad at best IMO. PF like yer man says are a proper track pad, see also CL (I recommend RC5 on a Zed), Carbotech, Pagid RSL29. Sure, they are more money but when that extra 10% is the difference between missing the barrier and going 10ft through it you wont regret it





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