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  1. docwra

    Coilover advice

    Was in exactly the same position for my 135i recently. Researched and spoke at length to people including Jerrick @ MeisterR and was convinced that the GT1's would be as good as Ohlins and I cant fault them. Better ride than standard dampers but considerably improved body control, they are particularly good over very bumpy or poor surfaces. If youre in that market at half the price of the Ohlins they are difficult to overlook IMO.
  2. docwra

    Driving like an idiot, azure blue. M5 south.

    And if youre doing less than 70 then its not illegal anyway.
  3. docwra

    Lotus - Evora & Exige

    Yeah, no comparison for me, the Evora is a closer match to a GTR. Very tempted by the Evoras but Cayman GTS /end.
  4. docwra

    370Z specialist in Essex?

    Or just drive to wherever you got the car from and ask that they let you take another 370 out for comparison purposes .......... Humming noise sounds like a noisy release bearing to me which is not uncommon on Z3* cars, burning smell will 100% not be down to the car running lean (it will blow up or go into limp home way before making the exhaust noticeably hotter) but may be due to something coming into contact with exhaust, maybe even a small oil spill when it was last topped up. If it was me I wouldnt worry about either but Im not known for my mechanical sympathy
  5. docwra

    Drifters - can you help?

    Ive never heard of them, they dont seem to offer any drift days as such and only seem to have Elvington which I thought stopped drifting ages ago. These are the lads for me http://flatoutfactory.com/learntodrift.html - all top guys, all ex Comp drivers and 4 venues on offer
  6. docwra

    'STANG thread

    You dont half talk some rubbish sometimes There are plenty of cars that are more iconic, plenty that are more fun, loads that are more capable and there are cheaper V8's too, an M5 nearly hits all of them. I doubt many European manufacturers aspire to make an overweight car with a crap interior either, if they did they could just rewind their model range 15 years
  7. docwra

    Drifters - can you help?

    The reason I got out was there were so few places to go, that improved for a while but has just got crap again with the closure of Rockingham Pembrey, Santa Pod, 3 Sisters, Driftland, Teeside, Buxton, Matchams and Birmingham Wheels are about the only places I know of now of those only Pembrey and Teeside are actual circuits. Dont worry about annpying other drivers, everyone has to start somewhere - Santa Pod is probably your best bet as they have 3 x circuits of different levels :thumbs:
  8. docwra

    BMW 335i?

    RWD, still road legal tyres and massive torque at 3K rpm is an arse if youre trying to get off the line fast. Leaderboard here: https://www.mlperformance.co.uk/pages/official-uk-bmw-1-4-mile-leader-board
  9. docwra

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    On the last two posts I think fast Fords have value because thats what EVERYONE wanted when they were young, from the Mexico's through the RS escorts, Sierra and Saph Cossies and then the EsCos, wonder if they realised that marketing they were doing at the time would affect values 20 years down the road? Skyline prices are going up as R32's can now be imported into the USA under their 25 year rule and people are buying up 33's and 34's in anticipation but agree, the R34 market here is full of dreamers from what I can see.
  10. docwra

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    Tell that to my mate with a standard ST185 Carlos Sainz, its going up daily at the moment If you want a laugh, we did this 11 years ago on SXOC: http://sxoc.com/vbb/showthread.php?327433-Affordable-appreciating-classics&highlight=future+classics - this was when you could get a 964 Porsche for under £10K, later pages mention Audi RS2 for just over £10K, TVR Chimera for sub 10K and Mk2 RS2000 for £4K Nearly all of the cars mentioned have gone up substantially in price, but at the same time 11 years x £600 a year storage is £6600 ....... in an older thread I found (2006) I mention being offered an E30 M3 for £3K While you can never be sure you can usually make a fair call on something ..........
  11. docwra

    BMW 335i?

    TBF a 350Z has half as many seats and half as much boot, comparing on a "which looks more interesting" basis isnt really a fair one. Do the same with a 3.5s Z4 and its a bit different. Everything on a 335 is a generation on for me - the interior, the power delivery, performance following a map and fuel consumption figures all tell a story. Admittedly they arent as much fund to drive as the chassis is more comfort focused but c. £600 makes them broadly comparable ......... I will agree that you cant beat a Z33 for the money though
  12. docwra

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    The guys are being very polite here but Ive only got 10 minutes to finish my lunch. The above is wrong but this bit: Is delusional. Ekona, me and about 25 other people I could pull out have driven both, on the road and in my case on the track and Im pretty sure they would all agree the E46 M3 is better in nearly every respect. The Zed has some positives, like being a purpose built sports coupe with amazing brakes, probably a better drift car in standard form but thats about it Doesnt matter about Tsukuba laptimes, J. Clarksons opinion or what it cost to start with, drive one and then tell me its not as good. Likewise, some of the reasoning behind the 370 holding its value are comical, when a the HR's are holding money better then theres only one way thats going to go over the next few years. We might all be surprised and 370 values might suddenly start shooting to the stars but I cant see why as they dont have the all round performance (M3), rarity (S13), folk legend (R34 or AE86) or were particularly sought after (Ford RS's) ...... and theres always going to be a Z33 available too.
  13. docwra

    R18. ET+46 offset too much?

    Offset numbers without wheel widths are as much use as a post code without the house number
  14. docwra

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    TBH I think youve got a bit of tunnel vision on your own point of view here, we can all see what you are saying but we dont agree with it - FWIW I dont own either car these days, I dont think Jetpilot does either so its not personal by any means. Age and model are nothing to do with it, an S13 200SX is worth more than the later S14 but less than the even later S15, and dont even get me started on Civics and Corollas. In all of these cases imports are worht more than UK cars, go figure? Early 350 values dropped rapidly as the later models came out but there isnt really any later 370, they have been dropping since day 1 and I cant see any reason why they wont get to 350 value at some point as they are broadly speaking very similar in looks, performance and image. Of all of them 350HR's are holding value pretty well, they arent just worth more than DE's, they are worth more than 370s, thats got to tell you something.
  15. docwra

    BMW 335i?

    Yes, plenty, I own pretty heavily modified a 135i as it happens. Chassis needs work to get anywhere near Z33 standards but its not that difficult, M3 LCA's, ARB's do a lot of good and if you can stretch to a diff and some camber adjustment its going to be very close. 335i has two engines, twin turbot N54 to about 2010 and then single turbo N55 after that, the N54 has more modding potential (mine is 430/550 with effectively just exhaust and remap) but the N55 is arguably the better drive. Theres a 700hp car thats done an 11.1 1/4 for sale atm for £16K if you fancy ..........