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  1. Nice info, would add that tyre pressures make a huge difference to the way a drift or track car reacts, worth keeping in mind
  2. CBA to quote anyone but if a car has a fault or develops a fault within 30 days of you buying it from a dealer then you have the right to demand its fixed or return the car at no cost. Ive done it with an Evo thats engine went bang the day after it was purchased and with my Phaeton as well, this is the law and always has been: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/the-second-hand-car-i-bought-has-a-problem-what-are-my-rights Ive always bought from a dealer if possible as theres no way to test if the clutch is going to need replacing in two weeks, for instance - if it does then the dealer neeeds to resolve it.
  3. 1st thing Id ask you is if you really need a welder, the LSD on my car locked up beautifully and was great for drifting. If yours is tired then pretty much anyone can weld it up, you just need to bury the gears in weld and be done. It does have to come off the car, sometimes its easier to find a S/H diff and get that welded then fit it.
  4. Never justify yourself for being afford a sweet car, just make sure you end up buying one The current top end Panameras are awesome cars, I cant imagine a Taycan being any worse. Go drive one and report back
  5. Have you really committed to spending £150K on a car you havent driven? Brave IMO, I hope its as good as they promise.
  6. Had GT1s on my 135i for 3? years now, it doesnt do huge miles but gets used very, very hard. Not had any issues as yet but havent touched the height/preload since it was set up, very comfy on softest setting and easy to find the sweet spot with a bit of fiddling
  7. Weirdly enough just posted on FB about it. Watched it last night, started out OK but anyone get the feeling not everyone is doing it in one take?Clearly actual driftcar, drift experience and hydro are going to give you a massive advantage but there are some glaring anomalies with people/cars doing much better than they should. Particularly, dare I say it, the female ones.
  8. I know, I mean I only managed 8.11 round the Ring on different tyres front and back when actually I probably should have died. What he is actually saying: cheap tyres will ruin your car.
  9. Oooh, interesting - what was it like? I go to the LM24 every year with a team of lads and theres always suggestions of doing the Ring or Spa 24h too. Ive always been put off by Spa as its in the middle of nowhere, even the town itself is pretty small, do you get a load of popup stuff when the race is on? Is there camping there, is it any good?
  10. Definitely worth a mail to BMW UK, if its enough for her to hit head on steering wheel the bags should be going off - they might want to look at the car a bit more closely to see if there was some issue.
  11. Ummmm .......... OK. I dont know many people who would call Aventadors and Diablos tame, what do you think is as extreme in its styling as a Countach then? Not really, if you look at most of the cars mentioned here theres isnt any modern equivalent - Pulsar GTiR, RX7, 200SX, Mini, Copen, AC Cobra, R5 GTT. When Lamborghini still make an overly large mid engined V12 with scissors doors, mad styling and interior, little to no focus on laptimes for more money than normal people can afford Id argue theres no need to bring back the original.
  12. Had this conversation with someone else this morning. Failing to delivering on promises is different from outright lying, and Obama didnt lie to get what he wanted. Neither did Ghandi, Benezir Bhutto, Gladstone, George Washington, John McCain, Abe Lincoln, Caroline Lucas, Keir Hardy, Tony Benn, John Smith, Douglas Hurd, John Major, Mhairi Black, Ken Clarke, Charles Kennedy or Paddy Ashdown. I personally admire my MP Heidi Allen for leaving the Conservatives when it became apparent they were hell bent on Brexit at all costs, I dont think Theresa May was power hungry either, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Boris is lying, making promises he blatantly cant keep and contradicting statements he made as little as few months ago and its all clearly just to get into power. What hes going to do when hes there is anyones guess but I really, really hope someone holds him to account at some point.
  13. I like to think we still have a reasonably good media in this country and Im looking forward to them pulling him over the coals over everything he says that he fails to deliver on. Sadly it wont move us any further on but it needs to be done, after Trumps comments this morning where he claimed a reported was dealing in fake news and then lied to them twice someone needs to hold politicians to account. A clown like Boris who says whatever comes into his head could be a good start.
  14. An Aventador is a modern Diablo at the end of the day, the Diablo was a modern day Countach.
  15. I had a go in a Fiesta ST the other day and it was definitely quick enough, dont see the need for a 300hp RS version TBH



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