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  1. docwra

    Z & the Ring

    TBF I find 3 feet of run off @ 150 mph does that quite nicely on its own.
  2. Id advise not searching for it but a mob in India were filed throwing firebombs at a a couple of Elephants recently in revenge for crop damage as well
  3. docwra

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    M car used to be a racecar engine in a streetcar. Not so much now as they are all too heavy and understeer chronically, but theres still a bit of the magic left. Im definitely in the market for Z4 and Supra but have a feeling they will both feel a bit sanitised for what Im after, nothing a map and some coilovers wouldnt change though
  4. docwra

    Brexit again

    I just shut them down with actual facts, if they then try to argue they end up looking even more stupid. Ive actually had a couple of people take memes or posts down so I guess its working to some extent
  5. docwra

    Z & the Ring

    Youve got the first bit down, dont go too hard Its quite intimidating to start with as there are a lot of blind corners etc. but as long as you dont try and drive it like you do on Forza you should be OK, I was told to treat it like a fast A road first time I went which isnt bad advice. Dont let yourself get the red mist, keep an eye on your RVM and get out of the way of anything catching you and go to Cockpit in Adenau for Currywurst mit Pommes at lunch and the Pistenklaus for steak on a stone at dinner
  6. docwra

    Time To Own A Waft Mobile?

    I looked into this at length when I bought my Phaeton, while the Jag XF particularly is an exceptional car, for true waftiness you have to have air suspension IMO. The reduces the field down to aforementioned Phaeton, Range Rovers, Toerags and other assorted large SUVs, big Mercs and BMWs, the old Jag XK and similarly aforementioned Bentleys. I have a V10 Phaeton and its honestly the best car Ive ever owned, its effectively a 35mpg V10 Bentley but Im already considering its shelf life, as a Euro 4 car I already cant drive it into Paris, London will follow next year too. Im struggling to see past a Bentley Continental as a replacement TBH, its a hell of a lot of car for the money.
  7. docwra

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    Its the same chassis, same engine, same drivetrain. Why would the Z4 be a better bet? And while the B58 isnt yet a legendary engine, the N54 that came before it is certainly getting there - the JZ wasnt legendary until long after it went out of production ..... Definitely in the market for this and the Z4, just hope they dont end up too heavy.
  8. docwra

    Brexit again

    Sorry, 85% Fair answer on the opinions as well
  9. docwra

    Brexit again

    1. Who is Beth Rigby? 2. If the ERG are who I think they are then they have got it wrong repeatedly in the last few weeks. 3. 48 is still only 15% of the conservative party, the other 75% must realise a change of leader right now would be disastrous 4. Do you have any opinions of your own?
  10. docwra

    Sticky race tyre..

    They will be even worse when cold or if its wet as well, have you sorted out your alignment? If youre proper dragging you cant beat drag radials ......
  11. docwra

    Brexit again

    Nobody seems to appreciate that most businesses run at a very tight retained profit, maybe 1-2% of turnover, if youre seeing 5% youre doing very well. If your costs rise by a number greater than your retained profit you will eventually go bust, no question. Now consider how many companies will go to the wall overnight if we get WTO tariffs on their imports and exports, if their cost of employment increases due to lack of immigrant workers, if their transport costs increase, if GBP drops another 5% against EUR and USD ......... Also keep in mind that in the event of "No Deal" the Irish border will immediately be reinstated, expat Brits living in EU almost certainly wont get free medical treatment or be able to draw their pensions and there would almost certainly be a huge exodus of EU workers and most international businesses will move the operations to Ireland or the Netherlands (I have already planned for this, £13m will be going into the Irish economy next year) ........ and people still want to vote for this? Are you actually ****ing mad or have you just not been listening for the last 2 years? If big Theresa can go back to the EU and using the threat of Noo Deal (which Im still not entirely sure will damage the EU *that* much) get an end date to backstop then it might just work but as someone else said, the EU want us to stay, they dont need to negotiate any further.
  12. docwra

    Hillclimb Zed

    Alignment? Have you got adjusty arms?
  13. docwra

    Brexit again

    If fabricating information is your idea of "genius marketing" then I suppose youre right. All Ill say is "if you like my post, Ill give you a tenner - and thats a promise"
  14. docwra

    Brexit again

    I dont know, I think we have seen the first example of an MP actually admitting the real situation this morning with Hammond saying Brexit is going to hurt the economy. At some point TM is going to have to come out and say "look lads, I did the best I could, do you honestly think the EU were going to give us the farm? Although I voted to stay in as I its now obvious anything else would damage the country Ive done the best job I can" This suggestion that anyone else could have done better needs to be shot down ASAP IMO, bloody Corbyn cant even decide if hes anti semitic or not :lo: The labour 5 point thing is impossible anyway, she could prove that in her opening statement.
  15. docwra

    Brexit again

    "UK in a Changing Europe is an initiative to improve access to research on the relationship between the UK and the European Union. It is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, and based at Kings College London" Seem pretty even handed TBF.