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  1. docwra

    156mph in a 911 on M180

    As with most things it comes down to the driver for me. Modern cars are capable of doing 150+ safely, otherwise people would be dying on trackdays all over the place, and for me an empty motorway isnt far removed from the Kemmel Straight (and is probably shorter and bumpier than Dottinger Hohe ) What isnt safe is street racing when theres other traffic on the road, when its pissing with rain or making sudden direction changes at high speed - having seen the vid I do wonder if the guy actually had much high speed driving experience. My BMW is a very fast car and I let it loose sometimes but never if theres anything else on the road, if someone pulls out 500m in front of you when youre doing 160+ things suddenly become rather "entertaining"
  2. docwra

    Brexit again

    Nobody knows whats going to happen? I can show you FB posts I made 15 months ago talking about Irish border being an impossible issue, that major car companies would pull out of UK, that no deal was economic suicide and that a deal everyone was happy with wasnt going to be possible. Ive earlier posts around the time of the vote proving £350m wasnt going to happen, that the single market is essential for us and that immigration had a net benefit on the UK. BTW Col, earlier post was aimed at the previous comment claiming everyone was talking in memes and soundbites - this is half of the problem though, the vast majority will just believe what they want to believe and spew it back out without understanding it, we should never have been given the vote in the first place.
  3. docwra

    Brexit again

    Not in all cases, pretty sure I havent posted a meme, link or article, everything Ive posted has been authored by me on the basis of a reasonable understanding of politics and economics and what Ive learned running an international business for 15+ years, Maggz also seems to be capable of independent opinions too. Whats frustrating to me is that actual well supported and individual arguments get lost in the sea of crap and people banging the same drum over and over but thats not just here, thats Brexit in general
  4. docwra

    Brexit again

    The vote to reject no deal under any circumstances that happened last night was fairly definite as well TBF EU have said they are open to an extension but I cant see what its going to achieve when they have also said they are not prepared to renegotiate anything (they actually said this well before Christmas but whatevs) Votes this evening are very interesting: Amendment H, tabled by Independent Group MP Sarah Wollaston and which seeks an Article 50 extension to stage a second referendum with Remain and Parliament's preferred Brexit option on the ballot paper. Amendment I, tabled by Labour's Hilary Benn and which seeks to allow MPs to take control of the Brexit process. Amendment E, Labour's amendment which notes that Parliament has "decisively" rejected both Theresa May's deal and no deal and calls for a delay to Brexit "to provide parliamentary time for this House to find a majority for a different approach". Amendment J, Labour MP Chris Bryant's amendment to stop a third meaningful vote on Mrs May's deal. H I reckon will pass, I would be fascinating if it did and would almost certainly lead to a GE, E is basically calling for a GE and J seems obvious to me, how much more time will be wasted having the same discussion?
  5. Sorry, I read the title as "what did you come from" rather than "list off everything youve ever owned" I had modified 200SX's, was seriously considering an S15 Silvia but didnt want to end up with an undriveable 400hp monster when I failed to resist the urge to modify (I was SXOC chairman at the time) 350Z was better in every respect, as is the 135i I moved onto afterwards
  6. docwra

    370z which pads

    They will wear discs faster than weaker pads but its not excessive, I went through two sets of RC05+ without needing to do anything with discs, Carbotechs are less harsh. My 135i took 2 sets of RS29 before the discs needed skimming, Im now on a second set of CL RC6 which are known for eating discs up.
  7. docwra

    370z which pads

    I had CL RC05+ on my 350Z and found them really good, a bit dusty but excellent on road and track. Carbotech XP8 would be a good choice too. With the greatest of respect to those that use them, Hawk, Yellowstuff (any EBC TBH) and even DS2500 are hugely outperformed by these and they arent that much more expensive, if youre tracking then Id say something of this level is a must
  8. docwra

    Celica sold what next?

    Not missed the boat, they never dropped under 15K to start with. If youre buying anything with an N54 in it make sure wastegate issues have been sorted. And LPFP, HPFP, cams, injectors, continue ad infinitum ............
  9. docwra

    Lowering + wheel spacers = Better drive?

    Lowering with good quality dampers will actually give a better ride than standard in my experience, a 350 invariably benefits from good quality suspension upgrades. Spacers .......... not sure I agree. Theres no real increase in stability as you arent really increasing track as all the dynamic components are in the same place, you are increasing your scrub radius though. I had 25mm all round on my Zed and it was great, weirdly I ended up taking off the 15mm spacers I had on to start with as I felt they blunted the front end a bit.
  10. docwra

    Z & the Ring

    I had a mate lose his bottom end and cover the track in oil. 11 crashed cars, 2 helivacs, lots of barrier repairs, a substantial closure and about EUR 100K later ........
  11. docwra

    Tesco momentum Vs V Power

    Ive said it before, if someone can show me how the car knows or measures what fuel is in it and then adjust its ignition timing accordingly Ill believe theres a difference. Otherwise Ill stick with running 99 in my BMW to avoid det as thats what its mapped on and not worry about the others
  12. docwra

    Shemima Begum?

    This. However, its also pretty stupid that we would let her back in as long as she pretends to be sorry .........
  13. docwra

    Shemima Begum?

    2 sides for me here, the legal and the moral. Morally you can either say she was mislead and can be rehabilitated or as she is so unrepentant she will obviously be a threat to the UK if she returns, I do wonder if someone is putting words in her mouth though. The legal side is undeniable though, the only reason we can rock around being world police is our legal integrity. Changing laws or making stuff up on the spot to suit is not what we do, if we did we would be no better than IS is. She isnt a Bangladeshi, we cant leave her stateless so she has to be allowed to come back and then prosecuted for being a member of terrorist organisation.
  14. docwra

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Sorry, looks like I was going off at you personally - I wasnt As with Ekona, I just cant get my head round rejecting cars simply because of where they were made, when the country in question probably makes the best cars in the world its even more difficult to understand. Even worse is the "my mates got one, so I cant have one"
  15. docwra

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    You know what? Im really getting fed up of hearing people say this "German cars are boring", "BMW's are @*!#" and all this crap. I had a mate over from Spain last week and took him out in my BMW and my other quick car. He loved the other one, but could not get his head round how fast/capable/exciting/scary the BMW was. The other car? A Ferrari 355. Seriously. Go drive some M cars, a 997S and a Cayman and tell me German cars are boring never mind the monsters youve mentioned on the last page