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  1. To anyone else thinking about it my advice would be the same, its an incredible circuit with loads of run off in a beautiful location and Spa town is pretty damn nice as well - Dominos steak house is a must visit and the bars are pretty lively too. Last time I was out there I rolled it in with a couple of days TF at Nur and another trackday at Zandvoort, the Euro circuits are awesome and theres an additional element of adventure with the road trip too Im sure someone will have watched a youtube and will now tell me Llandow is better than Spa ......... but seriously, if you havent been already get yourself over there, its amazing.
  2. No, fair play to Davey - hes right. A simple error on a post that made in a rush means that all of the knowledge Ive ever gathered about cars, motorbikes and anything else with an engine is immediately invalid. Furthermore the experience of driving every car mentioned in this thread (apart from a Pinto), and most of them on track is rendered incorrect, Z33/Z34s now have a better chassis than they did before I made the post and Cayman laptimes have gone up by at least 15%. Peugeot RC-Zs have 100hp more than claimed, all of the TOTB winners were standard cars, German cars dont ever do trackdays and the Nurburgring is a made up story that German mums tell their kids to make them go to sleep. Oh Autotrader is a work of fiction with prices generated by throwing darts at a phonebook. I trust the mods will do the right thing and delete all of the posts Ive made - as they are all lies of course! - I honestly dont know what Im thinking, why the hell would anyone be interested in actual experience and knowledge when you can just spout bullshit and be done with it?
  3. Seriously? A 987 is a facelift 986 with a roof and some more power, they were both on sale the same time as the 350Z which - incredibly - could also be had with or without a roof. While the Porsches cost more new, its exactly what I said - youve posted some 987s for £12 - 15K and oh look: 15K 350Z https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202303034848578 17K 350Z https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202302284719221 12K 350Z https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202303135202602 The cheapest 987 is £7500, cheapest 986 is less than £5K. And what about 981's, did you miss that bit? As for the rest (including calling me a liar, WTF is that all about?) I CBA as I know youre wrong, anyone that drives seriously knows youre wrong, and you probably know youre wrong too, I cant understand why you feel the need to repeatedly prove it. Edited as I missed a bit on 986, cheers Eddie
  4. The biggest difference on track is always the driver, unless you put Nismozeta in another car youre not going to get a fair comparison. Youre also comparing modded with OE, which we all know doesnt fly regardless of cost and having checked his spec list hes not held back on whats hes put on that 370Z either 😲 Sure, on paper the cars might seem pretty similar but we drive on tarmac, not paper 😉 Get a test drive in a Porsche and see what you think 👍
  5. Price point WAS different, a 987 is the same money as a decent Z33 now and a cooking 981 is the top end of 370Z Nismo money. Hence the comparison I guess.
  6. STOP THE PRESS - @davey_83 and me agree about something 😲😲😲 I bigtime miss the old jap days - I bought my first 200SX in 2000 so watched the scene go from lads trying Laguna lip spoilers and Saab intercoolers right through to LS swaps and spaceframe builds but the early days were always the best, I particularly loved Santa Pod as you could never tell what the next car up was going to do - remember the Fensport Corolla? Man I loved that car 😍 As a bit of a trackhead youre dead right on the 2 pedal, 4WD stuff as well, they are really, really quick but almost intuitive to drive and nowhere near as much fun - what the point of decent times if your heart rate doesnt go up? On the last bit: the Cayman is still arguably the best street car Ive driven (admittedly the 981 but 987 is pretty damn good) and I still miss my Z33 all the time, even on track in much more capable cars, they are indeed exceptional value for what youre getting.
  7. I have owned bikes, I have raced people on bikes and if you've got any kind of ability once the bike is into 2nd its going to leave the car behind. Unless youre only racing to 50mph or need to go round a corner. FWIW a Chiron will just beat an R1 over 1/8 mile but a Ferrari Enzo wont, terminals are about 100mph Anyway, tell us more about this amazing Pinto, you must know what it did a quarter in?
  8. Very much so, I went to 2 of them and was on speaking terms with Mick Begley, Ron Kiddell, Andy Barnes, Simon Norris etc, we used to send a team from SXOC back in the day. But as @ilogikal1 says, these cars were incredibly heavily modified, you wouldnt ever see them on a trackday and they are as far away from an OE Cayman or Z33 as an F35 jet. So yeah, if you want the Jap scene featured the most heavily modified cars but the Germans made the best OE stuff by far. IMO the fastest real life hot hatch is the RS3/Golf R and has been for a while too. Cant remember where they build them though 🤔
  9. Im not going to state the obvious ........ but you cant make a claim like that without backing it up. An R1 does a 1/4 in a flat 10 seconds, so does a Bugatti Chiron. Im sure there are some 1971 Pintos out there that will do a 10 second quarter but Im pretty sure they also cant actually turn a corner, or brake more than once. Have you got any more spec for us?
  10. So an 80s trackday, or a made up story about car tuning in Japan are more relevant than what people are actually driving on trackdays today? As an old bastard who was doing trackdays in the 90s I can assure you we would have given limbs for a 968 or an M3 rather than the MX5s, Civic and Astras everyone was using, Ze Germans have always had the performance car game wrapped up IMO. Agree on the price point thing though, people seem to have very short memories - I bought a 350Z as a Cayman was way, way out of reach financially, of course its not going to be as good. Same reason we used 200SXs and Skylines for drifting rather than aforementioned M3s and 968s, no-one had any money and the Jap iron was much cheaper.
  11. Youve not driven a Cayman either, have you? And I wont even mention a Peugeot RC-Z being a rival to a 987S Fair comment as far as Stuttgart Drift goes but you only have to go to a trackday to see what the better cars are dynamically even though they generally cost more - your average Touristfahrten is probably 70% BMWs and Porsches, include Golfs and youre hitting 80%. Ive said it many times before, Z33's (and Z34's to a lesser extent) are great cars for the money but they dont measure up to a Cayman, until recently 2nd hand prices have definitely reflected that.
  12. OK. The fastest ever car round the Nurburgring is a Porsche, until very recently the fastest production car was also a Porsche and 6 of the current fastest 10 production cars are ......... you guessed it, Porsches. Slow AF, obviously. On value for money we are talking about a Porsche as a similar money alternative to a Nissan and as for a C5 being fast dont make me laugh, Ive got a LS7 Z28 running 650hp and I cant keep up with a GT2RS. BTW, its not spitting dummies, its people talking absolute arse about stuff they dont know ......... and then repeating it? SRSLY?
  13. You seem to have missed @Ekona question, have you actually driven many Porsches? Id put at least my mortgage on the total being zero, otherwise you wouldnt make such a stupid comment. Porsches have a reputation for exceptional engineering standards and very desirable cars for a reason. And much as I like a 350 or 370, the Porsches are much faster IRL. Mainly due to that engineering thing.
  14. A Nismo is physically a lot more car .......... but so is a transit van, or a bus, it doesnt make them better. A quick check shows 987 prices are about the same as Z34s too. As for buying a badge - a Z33/Z34 is good but no-one would ever claim they are the best sportscar of the last 30 years, the Porsche is a better car in nearly every respect.
  15. Not really a comparison, IMO the 981 is one of the best road cars ever built. The 6 cylinder cars and GT4s dont seem to depreciate either ..........
  16. This one: Ive seen it in 3 different countries now, each time Ive got a bit emotional - I reckon its arguably the most valuable car in the world (as it happens Ive had a good look round the second most valuable as well) If not then see @DoogyRev choice but Id have the James Coburn one, that also makes me all emotional when I see it 🤤 ETA Im 44, at least I think Im 44 🤔
  17. I always ask the same question with this question - how does the car know what fuel is in it? I didnt watch the whole 20 minutes but the dude mentions at the beginning he adjusted the timing to be "aggressive", so not how the car usually runs. As with anything with a knock sensor the car will start pulling timing when it detects knock, but the key fact is that it unless engine management has fuelflex then it wont advance timing when the fuel is "better" For me this test is showing which fuel gives closest replication of whatever the car was originally mapped on, it would be more illuminating to remap the car for each fuel but youre bringing a whole load more variables into it then. If youre running FI, higher boost and fuel flex (or are mapped for a specific fuel) then Ive no doubt there are gains to be made but for most the difference is going to be minimal.
  18. Unless you know the seller personally (and sometimes even then) use Paypal, its pretty much scammer proof if you pay the fees.
  19. Because a welded diff is 100% predictable and locked on deceleration, an LSD isnt and doesnt. If you want to drift, or run a serious track set up a viscous LSD is not going to be as effective as a welder. Sure, you can get a plate diff that locks the same every time but a 2 way OS Giken is £1600 ......... a welder is effectively a 3 way OE diff and costs about £50.
  20. I can think of at least 6 cars Ive had a welded diff on, Im struggling to think of a diff setup that couldnt be welded TBH.
  21. Almost like he doesnt want anyone test driving it .......... 🤔
  22. Insurance and SORN arent a problem if youve got an MoT booked, it will need a battery and brakes freeing off before it goes anywhere and if nothing else it saves the buyer bringing a trailer to collect. Regardless, it would be risky with standard one, but would anyone in their right mind buy a 600hp car they couldnt test first? Id be half tempted myself for the lols but the moneypit potential is massive if its got serious underlying issues, also noticed its apparently only running piggyback engine management, bit weird for a serious money build like that. Interested to see what @marzman gets back, if its a runner and can get an MoT thats very interesting indeed.
  23. Seems very cheap to me coupled with lack of MoT suggests underlying issues, its not driven anywhere in 5 years ......... Why wouldnt you bang an MoT on, let people drive it and take at least another £5K?
  24. In a V10 R8 youre buying a car that retailed for £85K in 2008, running costs arent going to be a highlight £500 for an oil change isnt terrible when you compare with any Ferrari or Porsche and unsurprisingly tyres, brakes and clutches on 180mph cars arent going to come cheap either, as it happens Ive just bought tyres and brake pads for my Camaro, all told £3400 (about the same as an F355 3 years service with no surprises) ........ but if you want to go past GT3RS's thats what you have to pay, Toyo Proxes and a set of Yellowstuff arent going to cut the mustard. As has been said elsewhere, if you want one then go for it, the experience *should* outweigh the increased running costs, the noise definitely does
  25. docwra

    R8 would you?

    Im not actually sure that you could spend enough money to make a 350Z do what a Cayman or an R8 does. Ive got much love for them but theres not a lot of comparison other than both have 2 seats, R8s and Caymans have a very well deserved reputation 👍
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