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  1. Oh, you can drift an auto, I have a good friend with no legs who doesnt have a lot of choice and still manages to be better than I ever was For most of us its like running 100m in high heels, its possible but why would you want to when there are obviously far better options?
  2. If the failsafe braking system failed then its probably fair to assume the datalogger and brake lights might have too. The other option is the guy did that deliberately and didnt touch the brakes even before he drove into a building ........... mmmmmmmm.
  3. Disagree. Any conscious person would be hitting the brake pedal as hard as they could in that situation, he was still switched on enough to try and avoid other traffic. Scary @*!#.
  4. Watched his speech yesterday and thought "you know what, Ill give this lad a chance". About an hour later heard he had reappointed Suella Braverman (who resigned after breaching ministerial code 6 days ago) as Home Sec and thought "same old same old" He had a chance to get people back onside and he blew it with his first decision.
  5. My F355 was with Directline for the first year then went to Lockton, this is their Porsche specialist thing: https://www.locktonperformance.com/insurance-services/specialist-porsche-insurance.html Lockton were cheaper, had much better benefits and when I had to claim were pretty awesome, the only negative was they wouldnt do GV without a professional report first, the policy also topped out at £85K which I only found out after Id written it off. Camaro is less expensive but more unusual, all of the companies I contacted would quote for it but prices were very variable from about £900 up to nearly £3K.
  6. Did you get that the right way round? No drifter would ever choose auto over manual, ever, and any decent trackday driver would be the same, you have much more control with a gearstick and 3 pedals. Drive might be smoother and even faster with DCT but its not the option for the track. Manual track focused cars like M2's, GT3's and GT4s all hold value better than the DCT versions, thats got to tell you something?
  7. I dunno, theres some decent talent in the party IMO - even if you dont agree with their politics Rayner, Reeves, Lammy, Cooper, Milliband, Thornberry all present pretty well for me, dont forget youve got Burnham and Khan waiting in the wings too. The Tories have the problem that you have to be a Brexiteer, most have some element of scandal associated with them and with the Cabinet revolving door weve had since 2019 (there are only 2 incumbents that have done more than 3 months) most have had a stab at being a Cabinet member and have benn proven to be incapable, sycophantic liars. I mean, Rees-Mogg has been in the last 3 Cabinets FFS 🤣
  8. Labour havent made any firm statement on how they would mange the economy mainly as they dont have a clue what they are going to inherit. They have committed to a UK owned renewable energy company and big investments in renewables, they would also introduce a body to ensure taxpayers are getting value for money (see aforementioned track and trace money) both of which seem good ideas to me. While Rishi undoubtedly knows the job, Rishi also effectively created the problem - as someone said last week youre still an arsonist even if you try and put out the fire you set. FWIW Im not a massive Labour fan, I just despise what the Tories have done over the past 6 years not just to the country but also to the average mans opinion of politicians. They are not all the same.
  9. Rishis proposal was 1000% better than Truss's, not least as he accurately predicted everything that would happen if she went ahead with it. This was in August:
  10. People have very short memories ......... Rishi signed off the £37Bn for track and trace, was fined over Partygate, chose not to investigate £17bn of Furlough/Covid Loan fraud, held a green card for 6 years while an MP and benefitted from his wife having non-dom status while he was the actual Chancellor. He also doesnt know how to fill a car up or use an EPOS but TBH that doesnt worry me too much when compared to the countless times he stood behind Johnson and agreed/supported his bullshit, IMO anyone thats openly lied to the country shouldnt get near the top job. On the other hand the Labour leader was brought up on a council estate, funded himself through the Bar, rose to become DPP and head of the CPS and was knighted at the end of it. The deputy leader left school at 16 with no qualifications but while pregnant but rose to a top trade union job, currently holds down her constituency and parliamentary jobs with 3 kids and actually knows whats shes talking about and despite desperate smear attempts but the press neither have been caught lying, misleading parliament, breaking rules etc. We have had Conservatives for 12 years, what in that time has actually improved? Why cant Labour (or anyone else for that matter) do a better job?
  11. Unless theres a reason you can drive stick Id say manual all the way in pretty much anything pre-2016 from a Fiesta to a Ferrari. Auto boxes from that era (including flappy paddle SMGs and DCTs) just feel old, loose and slow these days, a nice example is that you can pick up an F1 gearbox Ferrari 599 for about £80K, if you want a manual they are closer to £400K - although the F1 box was a technical marvel back in the day it ruins the car now. This is an extreme example but its the same for SMG M3, M5's, Caymans, drivers cars need 3 pedals and older autos dont cut the mustard when compared to todays offerings.
  12. Yeah, modern cars have nannies and stuff in them, theres also an element that you have to be very confident or mad to have the bollocks to floor something thats 700hp+, fear and self preservation plays a big factor in keeping cars out of the hedges I remember not actually flooring my first 200SX for 6 weeks, took it easy in BMW and Camaro to start with even though In had a lot more experience by then. I don wonder about these raffles giving away 600hp cars though ........ but then I guess your average 18 year old will take the cash alternative as insurance is going to be "tasty" on something like that
  13. Did he? Blimey, best check hell hasnt frozen over Fair play to Max, if youre going to win a championship 27 seconds in 28 laps is the way to do it. Hopefully Merc will come up with a more competitive car next season and Ferrari will figure out tactics, arguably any of the top drivers have the talent to be World Champion so if the cars are closer 2023 will be pretty epic.
  14. docwra

    What pads???

    I did quite a few trackdays on mine, pretty sure I replaced them at least once on an 80K car without having to do discs .......... but yeah, they have a reputation for that
  15. docwra

    What pads???

    I really like the CL RC5+ on mine, bit dusty but awesome stopping power
  16. https://www.roadandtrack.com/reviews/a40978570/2023-nissan-z-vs-2022-toyota-supra/ Surprised by this TBH, but then he is American
  17. Whatever they come as standard with, maybe A048's?
  18. I have a mate with an Exige S, he rarely drives it and not at all in winter/wet as he reckons theres no grip. Also doesnt do trackdays. When I suggested he sack off the track tyres its on atm and stick some PS4s on there so he can drive in all conditions he refused as "they wont look as nice"
  19. MPS4S are about as good as road tyre as it comes, but then Ive done my fastest lap round the Ring on MPSS fronts and MPS4 rears so what do I know?
  20. M4 is pretty much track ready anyway, if youre a n00b then Id just get out there, do a day and see how it gets on. I personally dont do the glove and bootie thing (if youre wearing booties then you need to be fast 😉), Id put money into uprated brake pads, decent tyres and a if you get properly into it a seat too, makes a massive difference if youre not being flung about all over the gaff Biggest issue for me is always tyres, PS4S etc. will always go off in the dry but Cups and the like can be a bit hairy in the rain; that said youd probably expect to do at least a couple of days before youre pushing to the extent your tyres are melting. Basically check the cars fluids are all OK, drop the tyre pressures a bit when you get there, put on a helmet and enjoy yourself, theres not much more to worry about until you get a lot more serious 👍
  21. Can I add the A110 Alpine to the list, £40K will get a decent one
  22. R8 isnt really that expensive maintenance for a supercar though, I reckon a Cayman would be about the same. Unfortunately when you start messing about in Porsches and M cars its generally going to cost more, but short of engine failures its usually worth it - I d definitely get yourself in a manual V8 before you dont have the chance anymore.
  23. Not in my experience. PS4/PS4S are awesome fast road/occasional track tyres but like PS4s they do get a bit melty after a lap or two pushing or a really hot circuit. Off the track IMO they are the best compromise but ............ ...... NS2R seem to handle heat better while being pretty decent in the wet and Ive got A052s on the BMW as (hopefully) the best all round track tyre for Spa and Zandvoort in November, but then again they are bastard expensive and only have 7mm tread to begin with 🤪
  24. My Z28 was a replacement for an F355 - I certainly considered a 981 GTS/GT4 but thought Id end up driving it to work every day where the Ferrari was very much a special occasions type of thing. On paper it ticked the boxes but turned up to see it and wasnt really blown away - its very big, looks heavy and the guy selling took it very easy on the test drive (weird as he'd won a sprint class in the car last season), definitely not Ferrari replacement material. Got in to drive myself and decided I was buying it within about 250 yards - chassis, engine, brakes, noises are all incredible, it just gets better the more you use it. The fact it cost half what the Fez did for a car with less than 10K miles was the clincher, I cant see myself selling it now
  25. The car was made specifically by Chevy to go round the 'Ring as quickly as possible, it laps faster than an LFA, Ford GT or LP640. And they didnt set their times in the wet, trust me when I say it goes round corners This one has 150hp over the car that did the 7.37 as well Despite the power the reason I bought it was the chassis, its absolutely sublime and genuinely as good as *anything* Ive driven. The only other street car fitted with spool dampers is the Aston one 77 and ceramic brakes are a £10K option on a GT3 .......... we dont talk about fuel though Oh, and its very unlikely to depreciate, this is 1 of 51 produced with no aircon. If it was me with the 40K Id still be looking for a 981 (arguably best street car Ive driven, also unlikely to depreciate) but dont rule out the leftfield options without trying them first, for example you could get a nice TVR, F-Type, Exige for £40K .......
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