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  1. Please give my love to Caroline x
  2. Err.. how big is your lawn? 5 acres?! Not quite. Do you want a photo? Happy to take one for you
  3. Wow, a really spectacular wedding I love the horse and yours and your wife's clothes. Congratulations to both of you
  4. Thats easy: Amazing work on the mole catching though, one day Im going to follow him and probably finish up watching him sleep all day. Been trying to convince him he can take down a deer, I love a bit of Venison me. Could have done with a hand from that cat when I found this slumbering on the landing a few weeks ago http:// Actually we put him outside and he flew off to catch some more insects for us
  5. That would make for an unusual 'To Do' list Go to Sainsburys Iron shirts Make packed lunches Wee on some moles
  6. My cat's never bought in anything larger than a mouse. In fact she normally limits herself to small shrews. No interest in moles at all. I'm still procrastinating. Got a number for a mole catcher (both sexes of moles catered for presumably Flex ) and tomorrow I'm going to the farm store where they sell traps of all kinds to get some rabbit-proof mesh to put on the one fence that doesn't have any on already but will I take any action? Dunno Maybe I should drop my iPad into the run and play Jasper Carrott clips to the moles on an eternal loop? Could work?
  7. Thanks everyone. All points of view noted I'm still only dreaming about owning another Zed at the moment because I'm elderly and my Fiesta is nice enough to drive, easy to park (I struggled a bit with my Roadster as I couldn't see out of the back window, although it was very easy with the roof down ) and the local garage gave me a great deal as I traded in my 20 month Fiesta for this one. I should be happy with what I've got but I still find myself looking at Zeds and feeling jealous because I have never loved a car so much
  8. And maybe a nice pair of trousers and a waistcoat with the leftovers
  9. Thanks very much for the link to that article. It was really informative and I can see why a mole is a formidable enemy now. I'll see if Mr Twobears will have a go at trapping them but I really can't bring myself to do it. Hypocritical I know but I just can't
  10. I guess you can't like all posters on here I'm amazed that anyone can remember me after all this time to be honest.
  11. I don't think I could kill them myself I will feel terrible asking someone else to do it but I can't have mole blood on my hands. I've seen one above ground. It had got into the duck enclosure for some reason and they were chasing it, presumably with a view to a lovely afternoon snack It was beautiful, so shiny and cute. I keep thinking they might give up and go somewhere else but I'm probably kidding myself.
  12. You're not that old! I'm older than you and I've retained most of my marbles!
  13. Ha ha, great minds think alike and so, obviously, do inferior ones Now where's my tin hat?





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