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Bonnet Perforation Warranty Claim Success!


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On Friday i picked up my car from JT Hughes in Oswestry, having successfully claimed under the bodywork perforation warranty. I noticed a bubble on the bonnet following the winter months, and upon closer inspection the underside was in a poor state! Please excuse the poor iPhone snaps!










So about 7 weeks ago I went to the dealer, who originally tried to suggest it was a stone chip :lol: but they took pictures and said they would ask Nissan UK for a decision. It took a lot of chasing on my part and they didn't even sent the claim off for 2 weeks, but eventually it was booked in last week.


Beaut of a Honda Jazz as a courtesy car ;)




Vtec just didn't kick in though yo! Made the Zed feel even quicker when I finally got it back :lol:


Brand new bonnet painted and fitted:








I will get a proper picture when the weather is a bit nicer :)

Only fly in the ointment is that whilst valeting the inside of the car someone managed to knock the power cable for my speed camera detector onto the seat rail, before moving the seat back and forth to hover the carpets :headhurt: So I am expecting a call from them tomorrow to discuss that.

So fair dos to Nissan UK for honouring the warranty, despite my car not having the 'body checks' stamped in the back of the service book (whatever they are!)

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That's good news! Well done for having the motivation to chase it up.


My bonnet is going on the underside too, might be worth trying my luck I suppose.


I don't many stamps in my service book as it's been independents and myself for the last few years so wonder how I would get on.


How long is the perforation warranty again? I didn't think it was as long as 10 years.

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Interesting that doc Colin.


Can see the 12 years cover but also states vehicle must have followed the service schedule. So if a nissan garage turns around and says "didn't service it with us" they're in the right to do that?


Don't get me wrong :) i want this warrant to work since i'll need it soon too lol

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Hmm, I may have to make a few calls. Im falling foul of the same thing and mines a 2004... Full Nissan history too up until last year.


Did you just go in/call and ask about the warranty? Ive just emailed my local dealer to find out. Also mentioned about the other common place for rust, the rear wheel arches, see what they say.



Dealers called back and want me to pop over Saturday for them to take a look. Il keep you all posted as we all know many people have this bubbling in the same area. The dealers said on the phone that the decision wasn't made at Dealer level, so any warranty claim is made by Nissan UK and not the dealer, just have to convince them to send the claim off!

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Add me to the list as well :) going to Nissan Cardiff Friday morning so they can take some pics and send the claim off. You would think that if one passes and Nissan pay out then they all would. But we will see.


Good luck CS2000.


I'm trying my luck with the little bit of bubbling i've got on the top of the bonnet plus the rear quarter panel rust bubble. Worth a shot.

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I just turned up and asked for the service manager. It is in their interests to make the claim successful, as they get the £££ for doing it! I think that the main thing that made mine successful was all the perforation and paint coming off, which was totally at odds with the rest of the car which is immaculate! I took with me printoffs of all the other successful threads on here, and left them with him :)

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