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  1. Man I wish this had come up for sale a year ago! GLWTS Having seriously looked into buying one of these, you are lucky to get a ratty one that would need a decent amount of bodywork for less than £25k.
  2. This is still available. PM me if you're interested.
  3. Original post tidied. I will now post the strut as long as you cover postage. Phil739 had dibs on the bonnet now as previous dibs has not contacted me.
  4. Original advert tidied and now will post all items.
  5. That is indeed my old car. I'm actually quite sad seeing for sale... especially at £500 more than I paid for it 7 years ago. Apart from using a bit of oil (Which is fairly normal for a revup) it is mechanically sound. I has auto folding mirrors, an uprev remap, HFC's and Nismo S-Tune exhaust. Just recently had the roof and sides painted as they had started to become a bit tatty. All the other good bits are for sale in my thread! I would have kept it if I had anywhere to store it, but sadly only room for one car on my drive. I've hardly driven it since I got my 911.
  6. All PM's responded to and original post updated.
  7. Takaeda intake - £120 collection / £130 delivered In really good condition and comes with the original stickers etc. Please PM me any questions. Paddy
  8. I have now sold my 350Z, so have a few things lying around which probably can't be sold. I'm happy to give members on here first dibs before I put on eBay or take them to the tip. I do have some good stuff for sale, so look out for those shortly! Everything listed below is free of charge, provided you come and collect (From Leeds) or cover postage. 1. OEM Strut brace The feet have been painted and this was originally polished. The finish has now started to corrode. Could easily be rescued. 2. DE Bonnet - Still available This was removed and stored when I got the HR style hump bonnet fitted. There was no major damage when removed, just the usual chips and a few scratches related to age. Paddy
  9. I clearly suck at finding obscure cars. Prodrive P2 it is...
  10. If I could afford one, I would have one in a second. To me, it is the epitome of cool. The only time I have ever seen one was in Cannes during the film festival. On the presumption that I'm right, here is the next one:
  11. That rear arch reminded me of a Clio V6... which it isn't, but I believe it is another (Even more rare) Renault - Spider?
  12. I first thought Exige, but the rear is slightly different... then I remembered a car which was built basically from an Exige... Hennessey Venom?
  13. Looks like a Quasqui with a missing rear window!
  14. I thought it'd be too easy! Well done.
  15. Failed at the internet... Someone competent post the next one please!
  16. Probably far too much car for an enthusiasts forum... I didn't have one of these to commute with in 1974...
  17. And you still couldn't get a large piece of furniture in or want to take it to the tip, so you may as well get a DB11.
  18. I'm not sure a stunning and practical car exists, due to the nature of what we mostly think is stunning. i.e. 2 door coupe. I'd never describe a Golf R (Or similar turbo hatch) as stunning, but that would basically tick all of the other boxes. I'd stick with the 2 door coupe. I wouldn't compromise my car choice for 364 days of the year, just so that I can fit some flat pack furniture in... That's what delivery vans are for!
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