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    Weekend zed !

    Withdrawal symptoms are taking over and I need to get myself back into a zed since selling my previous one prematurely due to engine issues back in march As I'm now working away mon to fri it will literally be a weekend toy with limited budget say £5k ideally maybe 6 at a push ? Therefore looking for a fairly older model , high mileage not a big issue as I will be doing very limited mileage myself but a well kept example preferably hence me probing the forum first before searching autotrader and PH
  2. When I had engine chatter it turned out to be oil starvation , have you checked your levels ?
  3. Struts , bt cradle , matts all still available !
  4. Rear ass shot please !?!?
  5. Pop charger sold pending payment Check original post for other bits left , open to sensible offers !
  6. Open to offers on the remaining items guys All must go !
  7. Pms replied Sorry for the delay guys have been on holiday Plenty of goodies left for sale !! Drop me a pm if you need to know anything more
  8. Bump Plenty of bits still for sale Check out original post now edited to update
  9. Pop charger still for sale £14 postage
  10. Just a note guys that I am on holiday from this weekend until 28th July so please let me know before I go if you would like anything !
  11. Cargo net and owners manual now sold !
  12. Grounding kit and number plate holder now sold
  13. Went to remove my boot weight last night and there isn't one ! Might need one though if putting back to stock ! Haha haha well you know where I am if you need
  14. Headlight bulbs now sold !
  15. Apologies ! It came with the car so assumed it was OEM, it fits like a glove? If this is not the case will amend the ad , thanks
  16. PM replied Ground kit sold pending payment
  17. I'm afraid not Could give it a go :wink:
  18. The zed was sold a few months back and although wanting another zed a mortgage now comes first. Therefore we have all my old goodies for sale.... Headunit wiring kit including steering wheel controls and fascia for double din Pioneer units. Only two months old. £50 + pp JWT Pop charger, heat shield, mounting bracket and K&N recharger cleaning kit (approx 50% left in both air filter cleaner and air filter oil) - £80 + pp OEM boot struts x 2 These require re-gasing as are a bit temperamental, especially in the colder weather. However may be of use to somebody. Looking for £15 + pp OEM aerial £10 + pp Cargo boot net SOLD OEM front number plate holder wrapped in carbon fibre SOLD OEM driver and passenger floor mats, general wear and tear £30 + pp HKS 5 piece grounding kit in blue SOLD OEM glove box mat, good condition £10 + pp BT adapter cradle only £20 + pp OEM boot weight anyone???? Postage could be pricey.... Genuine 350z owners manual case only - slight mark to front cover as can be seen in the photo. SOLD 8000k D2R front headlight xenon bulbs x 2 used since Feb 2014 SOLD Open to sensible offers guys Any questions please drop me a PM and will get back to you as soon as I can





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