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  1. FUG

    Weekend zed !

    Withdrawal symptoms are taking over and I need to get myself back into a zed since selling my previous one prematurely due to engine issues back in march As I'm now working away mon to fri it will literally be a weekend toy with limited budget say £5k ideally maybe 6 at a push ? Therefore looking for a fairly older model , high mileage not a big issue as I will be doing very limited mileage myself but a well kept example preferably hence me probing the forum first before searching autotrader and PH
  2. When I had engine chatter it turned out to be oil starvation , have you checked your levels ?
  3. Struts , bt cradle , matts all still available !
  4. Rear ass shot please !?!?
  5. Pop charger sold pending payment Check original post for other bits left , open to sensible offers !
  6. Open to offers on the remaining items guys All must go !
  7. Pms replied Sorry for the delay guys have been on holiday Plenty of goodies left for sale !! Drop me a pm if you need to know anything more
  8. Bump Plenty of bits still for sale Check out original post now edited to update
  9. Pop charger still for sale £14 postage
  10. Just a note guys that I am on holiday from this weekend until 28th July so please let me know before I go if you would like anything !
  11. Cargo net and owners manual now sold !





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