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  • 2 weeks later...

Haven't driven the Zed since Xmas Eve due to all the ice/snow.

Was a warm 5° today so she had a wash.

Moved into the garage.

Some TW Sealant Hydrophobic Wax.

Optimum Optiseal on rims.

Polished tailpipes.

AG tyre gel.

Topping up the battery for her to resume normal services commuting tomorrow.



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On 31/12/2020 at 13:49, HEADPHONES said:

Terribly below par msitpro:thumbdown:

Only ONE photo!

With such a rare Bayside beauty multiple angled shots are MANDATORY:p

Well I did... And deleted the rest because I thought it was against the rules of the thread!


I need to pull my finger out and edit some more without rear plate in view.


Here's another anyway...




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9 hours ago, HEADPHONES said:

^Normally we're only treated to decent concaveness on rears, but your fronts look well dishy:teeth:

18x10 +25 front and back. 265/35 front 285/35 rear :) 


I always said my dream wheels would be Advan GTs in satin black or the same gunmetal/silver. Very hard to justify £4000+ though in the right fitment, before tyres.


These TC4 came up on JDMdistro about 15 months ago. Not ideal fitment, as I've got the weirdness of a 265 F and 285 R, so different sidewall bulges :( 


Also ride height for UK roads, driveways is an issue with running 18s on 35 profile. But then 245/265 would look silly on the width of these wheels!

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She’s been hibernating since November. Opened the garage up today to have a peak and check she’s all ok B) 

Oil change and aux belt + full wheels off detail to be done soon ready for when the sun comes out again :thumbs:




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