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What products are you guys using currently?


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Many years ago when Soft99 Fusso went viral, I bought a tub and was well impressed.

Watched new products pop up as the new "must haves"

Used and loved 

Sonax BSD neat

Sonax BSD mixed with a range of other cocktails.

Turtle Wax Seal n Shinea

Turtle Wax Dry and Shine


Past few months I've gone back to Soft99 Fusso and loving the beading and self cleaning properties. The tub is still about 80% full🤣.

I use Turtle Wax Dry and Shine on the rims every wash.

Autoglym tyre gel dressing.

Gone back to Autosol for tailpipes.


What are your current favourites for pampering your Cars?




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Snowfoam, without a doubt Alien Magic. Not the cheapest but the dwell time is superb. Bright colours and scented good enough to drink (please do not drink) 

Cleaning, pretty much only Auto Finesse. From soap to fall out remover, tar and glue, citrus wash, wheel cleaners. A selection of their soft detail brushes and a set of the stiffer bristled ones for wheels/engine bay

Sealer, super quick and easy Auto Finesse Lavish. Snow lance it onto a wet car let it sit for a minute or so and rinse off. Dry and a 'Ceramic' coating that lasts a good few washes. Usually wax over it if attending a show, just for that extra pop

Wax again Auto Finesse Fusion.

Bay dressing, Dressel from, yup you guessed Auto Finesse.


Metal bits, well the short tails, Autoglym metal polish

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Switched to car chem and their sister company VP for majority of products. Car chem produce products for a large amount of companies so buying from them cuts out middle man, majority of products are fantastic 

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