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Toyota GR86 2022


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1 hour ago, Ekona said:

Bye bye NA :cry:

It wasn't that highly regarded as a NA engine with the torque dip though in fairness. I'm really excited by this new one and I modified my 200SX from 200bhp to 250bhp and that was pretty much perfect I thought for road use. Fast enough but not unusable fast. 


250bhp and around 1200kg is a lovely sweet spot I reckon. B) Although I did think that 420bhp and around 1200kg in my Cerbera 4.5 wasn't too bad either!! :lol: :drive1

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The GT86 was on my list when I was looking to buy my 370Z but I will admit that because I've been used to torquey engines in the past...I think I would have been slightly disappointed with the performance of it. I also have a F56 Mini Cooper S with a 2 litre turbo engine(only 189bhp) but I like how torquey it feels low down(although it only revs to 6500rpm though). 


With this new turbocharged GR86 coming out it gives me a very good option to swap the 370 for one if I ever fancy doing it. I'd have another S14a 200SX tomorrow given half the chance and I absolutely loved that car. :wub:

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Pretty inevitable move really - cars are always getting more powerful and NA engines are all but a thing of the past in new cars. I liked the original GT86 a lot though - it was light and nimble, and had great steering.

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2 hours ago, coldel said:

Here we go, 20th Feb https://thejdmdaily.com/news/new-toyota-gr86-launching-july-2021-according-to-leak/ 


Sounds like it will be a decent car, GT86 and BRZ prices will no doubt crash, @SuperStugot to be thinking of selling on? If prices on the GT86 did crash down got to be worth going for a cheap one and supercharging?

I'm not sure if it's worth selling it TBH.


I paid 13k for mine on 30k miles, spent 5k or so on it with various bits - exhaust, headers, ICE, wheels, remap and BBK - all the weak points (torque dip, crap stereo, flat sound, nasty wheels) have now been addressed (without the next stage of going FI). It's probably worth about 11k as it sits, to someone who wants to avoid doing all those jobs I've sorted, maybe 13k if I wanted put it back to stock and sell the bits off. It's nicely fettled and, as you can tell from those expenses, no amount of man maths will get me the spent money back.


My big plan was to use the Spa trackday that was scheduled for next week :cry: as a final decision point. If I loved it (which I have done on tuition days), then decide that the BRZ is becoming a long term track toy (in which case ~10k for coileys and supercharger too) then just running it like that until it dies and buying a second practical car (Alfa Guilia Veloce or similar) for the road. Alternatively, sell the BRZ, extend my budget a little and get an "all in one" car that can be lived with day to day but is up for it on track too - I got an itch for a Cayman 981S or maybe 996 C4 or perhaps one of the hyper hatches like a Type R or A35.


Naturally this has all been scuppered by COVID ruining my Spa Day, so I'm just browsing auto trader - as usual!


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9 hours ago, GranTurismoEra said:

Then the Yaris GR is coming with 1.6 3 Cylinder 257 BHP AWD and probably weighing 1100kG. 5.5 seconds and an unfortunate top speed of 102 MPH apparently 

Try 143mph (230kph), which should be enough for most I would think! 

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