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  1. Why don’t the Civil Service, BBC and the other staff mentioned pay PAYE as employees, not to mention employers for the organisations? The mentality that if it’s bad for me, I want it to bad for others too, is totally beyond me. You don’t get more, if they get less. You may as well hope for it to rain next door to make it sunnier in your back garden More broadly speaking, let’s face it, the problem of people not having enough money has been around way before COVID-19, and perfected by the ideological (not economic) austerity of the last 10 years, which has demonstrably grown the national debt, despite promising to clear it. Sadly there was no magic money tree then. The aid they’re dishing out now is nothing to do with helping people who need it, if it was there wouldn’t have been any poverty or food banks in the UK for decades. This about discovering the magic money, when it suits your voters. It wasn’t that long ago the big plan was just to let everyone get infected and see who dies - they’ve not developed a selfless new desire to “do the right thing” overnight.
  2. Mint. Love these.
  3. Day 12 of WFH, Arnold Schwarzenegger workout is still not yielding visual results but is getting easier. Lewis Hamilton Challenge on GT is going better, improved my lines by following him around a lot and starting to take some time out of him now - just the 2 seconds a lap down on him at Interlagos. Please note, I was 0.14 seconds ahead part way through turn 1.
  4. They look way better, now they are spick n span, have you put anything on to protect them from UV?
  5. Seems like some areas have been battered by the panic buying, the worst I've seen on the Fylde coasts was there was no bread or milk on one trip, but that's stopped no (although there's obviously no hand sanitiser anywhere). I braved it yesterday and the only thing I couldn't get was chicken and halloumi, hardly a brave story of survival against all the odds! I hope it stays that way, now people have filled their cold storage.
  6. Maybe you are right to b this way and I am too cynical. Regarding the root cause, I think China will do something about that just for the sake of their own economy in future, let alone the international pressure. I think SARS was also live animal contact wasn't it, not sure if it was jut farming on another market. Who needs their food THAT FRESH???
  7. Working from home, IT project manager. I usually do a day a week from home, so it's not a massive departure, but I have started to miss the day to day office chat after 9 days. I realise that's a first world problem right now when so many have no income, but even if I wasn't still working, I'd still miss the interaction. My 'work flat' has just me in it, 3 floors up, so it's "easy" to isolate away from the world, which is a blessing. Think I might have an e-drinking session this weekend with the lads lads lads to mix it up. @andybp given the other nasties you must usually be exposed to, I guess this probably isn't such a big deal when you're fully suited up?
  8. Has the pandemic been revealing? Who didn't know already people are selfish? Who thinks panic buying was invented by the pandemic - we've seen it in the past due to a few days of SNOW - that's just an excess of really cold drinking water. If anything has been revealed by this, it's the lack of preparation by the people who are responsible for contingency planing on a national and international level. I'd love to live where the public can be trusted to individually make risk judgements on leaving the house, but we proved last week, it does't exist. I'd love to live where people stop panic buying, because they realise it means someone else can't get some pasta, but we proved last week, it doesn't exist. Last night loads of people went out into the streets to salute the incredible work of the NHS, yet a few months ago they voted to slit its throat and let it die, so it can be privatised, all to save a few quid a year in taxes - a FEW POUNDS each. The pandemic hasn't taught us that adults behave like cornered animals when they are jarred out of their normal existence, only the terminally naive didn't know that. It's taught us that if there isn't preparation for this type of event in future, proper national preparation that costs tax money (gloves & masks & sanitiser, not bog roll) then we're likely to sleepwalk into the same again in future. It's only going to get worse as population density increases and we're too cheap to provision for it.
  9. Because getting in your car is so much higher risk than just walking around I guess we had our chance to be sensible and people blew it.
  10. I'm not sure if it's worth selling it TBH. I paid 13k for mine on 30k miles, spent 5k or so on it with various bits - exhaust, headers, ICE, wheels, remap and BBK - all the weak points (torque dip, crap stereo, flat sound, nasty wheels) have now been addressed (without the next stage of going FI). It's probably worth about 11k as it sits, to someone who wants to avoid doing all those jobs I've sorted, maybe 13k if I wanted put it back to stock and sell the bits off. It's nicely fettled and, as you can tell from those expenses, no amount of man maths will get me the spent money back. My big plan was to use the Spa trackday that was scheduled for next week as a final decision point. If I loved it (which I have done on tuition days), then decide that the BRZ is becoming a long term track toy (in which case ~10k for coileys and supercharger too) then just running it like that until it dies and buying a second practical car (Alfa Guilia Veloce or similar) for the road. Alternatively, sell the BRZ, extend my budget a little and get an "all in one" car that can be lived with day to day but is up for it on track too - I got an itch for a Cayman 981S or maybe 996 C4 or perhaps one of the hyper hatches like a Type R or A35. Naturally this has all been scuppered by COVID ruining my Spa Day, so I'm just browsing auto trader - as usual!
  11. Goddam sneaky commies, your average Rooskie don't take a dump without having a plan ;-)
  12. Oooooooh that's interesting. Hope they keep it relatively low speed though, don't need yet another one of the 863 boosted 4 pot baby GTR wannabes, the fact you have to work it is the USP.





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