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  1. The vast majority of people will act in their own immediate interest and will consider (and possibly even implement) any number of non-invasive or mildly irksome measures that "do good". They may eat fewer animals per week, change to plant based milk, get a bag for life, try and cut down on single use plastics. These make one feel good and show others what a caring and considerate person one is. These things they do will make no real difference and the group in question is known as, normal people. The bulk of the remainder will positively act in the greater good; they will buy electric cars, take fewer flights, sort the recycling properly, switch to a green energy supplier and even go about putting leaflets on SUVs or tweeting about global heating. These things make one feel tremendously virtuous, so much so, that one will positively advocate theses activities to anyone who will listen, and even those that won't. These things they do will make a very tiny difference and the group in question is known as, eco-mentalists. The remainder of the remainder, a very tiny percentage of all the humans, will do as instructed by very rich individuals and organisations. The things they could (but won't) do, would make an enormous difference to the future of humanity, and the group in question is known as, politicians.
  2. Talk about deluded, people who get their panties in a bunch about flights, SUVs, meat eating etc need to get a grip on things that actually do make a difference like global energy production and cement manufacture. It might have helped if everyone on the Titanic had picked up a pint glass and started scooping out water, but it would only have bought them a few more minutes, not a safe trip to New York. P.S. The printing of that card, has a carbon foot print. Offset it all you want, you can’t get back the energy and release that occurred producing, delivering and placing it.
  3. They all went in the same batch, except for one late payer who is still in my living room. Just rechecked your address details, everything looks fine.
  4. Cracking write up mate and the car looks mint too. Good on ya.
  5. I can reorder, but given only a few people have been in touch about late requests, the volume will be too low to qualify for a bulk discount. I don't order spares because the surplus for the club on the calendar is so small (it just about covers 1/3 of the cost of the annual event insurance) it would only take a few unsold to make it not viable. If anyone REALLY wants one, you'd be looking at about £28 delivered for one. Please get in touch by PM in the next couple of days if you'd like to do that.
  6. I’ll post up some pics in a few days
  7. Excellent news, glad they are all coming through and look ok to you all If anyone doesn't get theirs in the next few days, drop me a PM.
  8. Some beads from this morning. I realise these are neither the highest, sphericalest nor tightest, but what did impress me is that they formed on a single layer of AMMO Reflex, which I put on 10 days and 500 winter miles ago, without any QD, wax or other LSP on top.
  9. Arrived today from printers, might JUST be able to get them in today's post. Thanks everyone for supporting the club like this, it really does make a difference Thanks to all you prompt payers out there too
  10. We should form a club, I also have the whiff of pork in my nostrils
  11. WOW! There can only be handful like this still out there. GLWTS.
  12. What ilogikal1 said and I will also post something up here once all the people have seen their calendars.
  13. No, but only just. I'll put you down for one and be in touch after work today.
  14. Thanks for the prompt payments that have already rolled in.





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