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  1. SuperStu

    Home project - Raspberry Pi3 into Playstation1

    I got totally side tracked, sadly not gamin though, house move, new job, holidays, once I finish the house (circa 2035) I’ll be back on it.
  2. SuperStu

    JEEP Wrangler

    Great pics mate and one hell of a trip!
  3. Couple of snaps from the trip. Fangio chilling at Monza. Bernie's internet banking login at Monza in the Ecclestone suite. The historic banked curve. Insanely steep. Running repairs ahead of the GP. Pagani Porn Looking up at Stelvio, the glacier in the top right is where the road reaches up to - eventually! Hanging out at Lambo £13 grand for a suitcase in CF Yet another day driving passed - yawn! Check out this drop top beetle. Very much enjoyed some passenger time in the 911 - this is the first time something's really come up as a rival to my Mustand plan. Decision decisions. Ferrari - decent, but no Pagani. Medical before the simulator session. Just a few questions and a quick cough. Some BRZ Love. Flat earth experiment completing disproving the globe theory. Chilling for lunch on our 14 hour alpine route day - exhausting. The world's happiest toilet. The man with the plan. Thanks Col
  4. Superb trip Col, thanks for the invite and for turning it into reality. Great write up I’ll stick some pics up later.
  5. Just catching up on this from the shores of Lake Como, so disappointed to miss the event, but I can't complain too much about my drive through the Swiss Alps. I can't say a big enough thank you to Andy for making it all happen, I'll never understate the effort the team makes but Andy has dreamed this up, organised and made it happen - which is absolutely fantastic and what the place is all about. A truly outstanding contribution to the Community.
  6. SuperStu

    Cleaning Advice

    My gooch alone takes an hour to wax, let alone the rest.
  7. SuperStu

    Cleaning Advice

    Jet washing is fine, so long as your technique is. Don’t work perpendicular to the surface, don’t get too close and obviously stay miles away from anything that’s rusting/bubbling/peeling. There’s no need to run a PW at super high pressure, it won’t lift stubborn grime even point blank, you’ll need to get hands on for that, so there’s no point trying to blast it off.
  8. SuperStu

    Cleaning Advice

    Ooooh, I need some new MFs, will give these a shot
  9. SuperStu

    Ball Joint replacement

    Keep it reasonable on this thread please. Calling any member an idiot isn’t on @Dal123, when it’s someone with that level of knowledge and experience of Zs, you’re at risk of embarrassing yourself.
  10. SuperStu

    2008 Night Blue 350Z 62K For Sale Clean Mods

    @eroll_350z Please include a price in the ad.
  11. SuperStu

    350z T shirts

    SuperStu - In for a large blue.
  12. SuperStu

    Bluetooth adapter - free

    Approved as it's free.
  13. SuperStu

    Stubaru BRZ

    I've had my eye on this, quite literally, since I test drove the BRZ. The monstrosity of a high level brake light blocks about 85% of the view out the rear, helpfully there is a solution. This little guy. Testing the LEDs. I did test in the boot first but wanted to make sure the frustration of lying upside down, in the rear of a coupe, in 50 degree heat and losing my rag at least once, didn't have an impact. All done and dusted, nice and clean and I can finally see out the back to keep an eye on the heavy Zeds behind disappearing away. Easy install, if you don't consider the trim clip, which bravely gave it's life for the greater good. Remember kids, safety mods can be fun too.
  14. Nice giveaway Paddy, good on ya.
  15. SuperStu

    Interior cleaning and fitting of new stereo

    My first time being mentioned in the same breath as Obi Wan ilogikal1 - I just want to thank the academy, the fans... For me, to clean it, just some diluted apc sprtized on a soft micro fibre towel, wipe on, flip, wipe off. To dress it, I’ve got a bit of C6 Matte Dash knocking about which I think is decent enough. But await The Oracle before spending any money just yet...