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    Best hoover

    I got one of these, it’s pretty hardcore. https://www.drapertools.com/product/13785/20L-1250W-230V-Wet-and-Dry-Vacuum-Cleaner-with-Stainless-Steel-Tank Not many frills and takes a fair amount of abuse (small rubble, liquid, etc).
  2. I’m one of those who likes to give him a little stick, he doesn’t mind the sound of his own voice, but I do love Wheeler Dealers and am very grateful for what the show’s taught me and entertained me with. Interesting to hear how much it takes to put episodes together. Thanks for sharing it, well worth a watch. You did well to get any questions in at all mate!
  3. Glorious that mate. How’s the sound?
  4. Good video, although he bangs on a bit, turns out I’m probably over applying on these. I buy fewer products than ever these days, I don’t have the time to try so many and stick to my favourites, and Gyeon sees a fair bit of my detailing spend. I’d defo give TW a shot at that price though if I see it on the shelf.
  5. It's been a while since it's been easy to pick the option you like, instead of the one you dislike the least. Across the whole political spectrum.
  6. You could apply the same logic to austerity, that is having and has already had impact on people's lives, more so even than Brexit. Yet it struggles for screen time and column inches compared to Brexit because it's not as sensational, divisive and it only effects a portion of society that major media outlets are not especially interested in courting.
  7. In my opinion, the Z is a chunk quicker (stock v stock) in the real world; it’s all bags of torque in most gears and tons of grip, any proper circuit (with decent straights) would see the Zed stretch its legs. You probably shouldn’t be driving the Toybaru, at the point where it becomes a real pleasure to drive, on the highway (unless its on the Primacies!) whereas the Zed gave me more smiles per mile just GT’ing around in a bit more comfort, stretching its legs across European motorways. In the Alps though, I was pleased to be in the BRZ. I love it because its so nimble and neutral and you can pedal it pretty hard on a B road without really worrying about your licence. The seats are great and the driving position is perfection. But the BRZ really does need a few mods to bring it to life though (better rubber, headers, exhaust, remap), where as the Zed is really nice right out of the box and has more presence. I did some drift taster stuff in the Zed and once you get a feel for the bulk, its still incredibly sharp even with a few extra KGs. I’ve been very lucky to own them both. It’s a real personal preference thing, I’d recommend both to anyone, so long as you drove each one before choosing. The Zed community can’t be beaten though
  8. I know it’s a sign of getting old but can anyone remember the mid/late 90s and early 00s The music was great, football was at its peak balance between skill and still having proper tackling, cars were getting out of the awful 80s styles with loads of cool jap stuff, movies were great and had actual film footage in amongst CGI, and you might not like the government of the day but they got some stuff actually done and weren’t overtly evil and did more than one thing at a time...
  9. You just had to do it... Can someone just give him a warning now and lock the thread? Save a lot of effort in the long run!
  10. So are they make their margin from the person at fault’s insurance company, not from the policy holder? If so, I don’t have much love generally for claims management companies (motoring or otherwise), profiteering is rife when it comes to the bill for assigned blame. It’s a lazy assumption by me, but I can’t see them doing anything other than ballooning the value of claims to make their end. I don’t know exactly when we stopped expecting the insurer to sort out insurance claims...
  11. Never RainX This is good in my experience https://waxandshine.co.uk/shop?keywords=Glass&olsPage=products%2Fg1-clearvision-smart-glass I’d like to try this one next https://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/gyeon-q2-view
  12. Please give a warm welcome to Classic Line Insurance who've signed up to be pro traders and help support the club. Classic Line Insurance are a leading name in Classic & Specialist Car Insurance in the UK and work with numerous Car clubs and events across the country. ClassicLine look at each vehicle and client individually to offer the best possible policy and price for you and your car. A Classic Car is not necessarily deemed by age and this means Classic Line can insure modern classics, future classics, specialist and cherished cars, modified cars and generally anything a little different or interesting. As well as offering multi cars policies to cover your daily drivers too. All policies come as standard with everything you should need from an insurance product at no extra cost: Fully Comprehensive cover 90 days of European cover Breakdown cover for UK & Europe including home start Motor Legal Cover Windscreen cover Classic Line can also offer track day cover and agreed value policies. To find out more please www.classicline.co.uk And to get a quote call the team on 01455 63 9000 Classic Line offer all 350z UK members a 15% discount, simply quote ‘Nissan 350/370z UK Owners Club’
  13. As above, the new motor looks ace. Is there going to be a fast (ish) one?



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