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  1. Not fight now mate, life is getting in the way a little bit. But I'll post up as soon as I have a batch.
  2. Remember kids, dealers are for your drugs, not your car.
  3. That's great, glad it's moving in a confidence inspiring direction.
  4. Glad you got this sorted mate, it sounded like it was ticking you off a bit when we were chatting on the CAT day. Have you managed to make any of the changes you talked about on the day, like the ARBs? Has it helped?
  5. Thanks for doing that, the more people who do the better forums can recover from this heinous attack on sharing knowledge.
  6. Looks beautiful. Nice job
  7. It's gorgeous mate. Now leave it alone!
  8. Good to finally get out this summer. Bumper turnout for "North West", kudos to those who were up at 6am to get here. Some cracking '50s and 70s on display. And in the VIP section... Thanks @Spatt for sorting it all out and leading
  9. Are you allowed a 52" widescreen TV on your windscreen?
  10. Shame about the late start.
  11. It might be useful if you could post up a couple of links/screenshots to other forums where the layout is more up your street. Thanks.
  12. Sorry to read this, I hope you can make a success of this campaign and make a positive difference.
  13. Please form an orderly line Ladies, no queue jumping!
  14. Got it, I'll have a look in my big bag of trim clips.
  15. I've got loads of clips knocking about mate, drop me a PM with a photo of the ones you need and I'll get them over.