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  1. SuperStu

    And the next car is...VXT

    You need the seats out for a proper interior hoover anyway. Congratz mate, gorgeous looking motor, great colour too.
  2. SuperStu


    Don’t forget to post up some pics!
  3. SuperStu

    Brexit again

    I was on the point 2 tip for a while, but then I considered that the major demographic who want out at any cost (the perplexing “things were great in the olden days, but obviously not so great that they didn’t change” position) will either never work again, or are very close to retirement and, better yet, have already reaped all the economic benefit. The worst that’ll happen is that their pension pots might take a dent and some food and energy price rises. Fortunately for them, pensioners are the single biggest recipients of benefits, and they vote in large numbers, so any negatives they feel will be quickly pandered to. Regarding point 1, I too think the “rules” need to be respected, the only part of that I find there to any wiggle room in that argument, is that there was demonstrable lies told in the campaign, that were extremely popular. Once the rules were broken then, any subsequent position of trying to defend it as a process with integrity, is almost catastrophically demolished. Once you start using your hands to play football, there’s little point in getting upset about the offside laws.
  4. SuperStu

    Brexit again

    In consultation with the whole Team, some posts have been hidden. Not because they breach the rules, but simply because some members were unhappy about them and we try accommodate various levels of sensitivity where we can, whilst still allowing for some warm discourse. Please don’t confuse a simple concession to anyone who is more easily upset, with a disciplinary measure against the poster(s). When there are breaches of the rules, they won’t be dealt with in the public space and the offending member will be aware of them because we’ll have a private dialogue. Then, once the team have had a chat, actions are taken and it’s usually resolved amicably. Many people have had warnings in the past and we’ve all gotten over it. P.S. I wouldn’t usually explain the views of the team in public, but given that this appears to be one of the more divisive topics and the clear and obvious attempts by the lizard people to subvert Brexit, The Team have views on Brexit on both sides of the divide, we’re not part of the secret cabal. In a wider point, many other web forums have explicit rules forbidding the discussion of politics or religion or contentious issues, personally I think this detracts somewhat from the community and having all manner of views (on things other than Brexit) actually makes this a more engaging place to be.
  5. SuperStu

    Brexit again

    So far as I can recall, no one got particularly upset in the past when another member posted a car meme or a link to a YouTube drift video or an article about a car launch, with little or no additional content surrounding it. Objections to this style of posting (which I do personally find irritating) might have a touch more credibility now, if they had complained about them PRIOR to complaining about ones where they disagree with the content.
  6. SuperStu

    [SOLD]Datsun 240z restored

    Sold - thread locked
  7. SuperStu


    One please! Ta.
  8. SuperStu

    [SOLD]Time to go GT-Four

    Sold - thread locked
  9. SuperStu

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    You are a busy bee!
  10. SuperStu

    Neighbour Stacking Stuff Against My House

    @ATTAK Z drew them up for me, only cost £5k and he said it’s some of his best work
  11. SuperStu

    California Senator Proposes New High Speed Motorway

    At 100mph I hope it won’t be one of the concrete sectional ones where your teeth rattle every 100 yards
  12. SuperStu

    Neighbour Stacking Stuff Against My House

    Fear not. I’ll do a build thread when it’s priced up and my internal house upgrades are done. As a teaser, here’s the detailed architect’s drawings.
  13. SuperStu

    Neighbour Stacking Stuff Against My House

    I know you’ve all been desperate for closure on this, so here’s the latest. The rubbish up up against my house has been moved, in part, there’s still plenty there but there is at least now an air gap between it and the wall. Naturally I’m using UN Inspectors and Peacekeepers to monitor the situation. My garage planning permission has been granted, on the condition that I abandon my garage roof terrace dream. This is a victory of sorts and I’ll be pleased to have a larger workspace, albeit without the BBQ area of my dreams. I’ll be erecting the maximum legally permissible height boundaries (2m) in response to the unprovoked attack on my lifestyle by old people with nothing better to do. In the current climate of all or nothing, black or white, absolutism, it feels like a reasonable compromise and hopeful we can agree a meaningful de-escalation along the borders. A soft Garexit, if you will.
  14. Approved, but you may wish to remove your email from the ad before the Russian bots grab it.
  15. SuperStu

    Shemima Begum?

    It’s all well and good not bothering to define things for the angry mob, their only due process is to find the furl for flaming torches and already supply of pitchforks. Once you start having legal ramifications, you can’t just screech and point. Once Brexit happens and all the ECJ is finished and we just go back having common sense laws, at least we’ll be able to deport her back to errr... ...the U.K?