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  1. I moved into my house about 10 month ago, met the neighbour and had a chat all was well. I noticed he'd piled a load of stuff against the side of my house - covering an area of brickwork about 6 square meters. My house is detached but there's a path on his property which runs against my house, my gable end is effectively the property border and his storage location of choice. I initially had no objection to him storing all this stuff, ladders, some wood various other items as he told he was cleaning out/renovating and it was going to be moved, but so far as I can tell, not one item has moved in the last 10 months. Ordinarily this wouldn't bother me in the least, but when my kitchen was replaced recently I noticed that wall suffered from a touch of damp, which has been addressed, my concern is that the crap he's got piled against it is restricting air flow and my damp will come back. Naturally I've googled this, but all the results seem to be people whingeing about fences. I don't care what he lays against the fence as it won't do any damage, or if it does it will be cheap enough to remedy, but the house, on the other hand, could be expensive to sort. Now I know the sensible way to deal with neighbour issues is to just politely ask if he could stop pilling this crap against my house, but I'd sooner know if he has the right to do so before I politely ask him to shift it. Anyone know from experience or profession what the rules are?
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    [SOLD]**Sold** 2017 Nissan 370Z Nismo - Pearl White

    Sold - thread locked
  3. SuperStu

    Brexit again

    Where does the bull go? That’s not a joke about Boris Johnson BTW.
  4. SuperStu

    Brexit again

    This feels like two lifetimes ago.
  5. SuperStu

    Calendar 2019 - ORDER HERE

    Not been sent yet but your name is down, I’ve just not updated the list on this thread as I thought I’d replied to your PM.
  6. You're in luck Cougarstore is round there IIRC, Z specialists. https://www.350z-uk.com/forum/94-cougar-store/
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    [SOLD]Fairlady Z Azure Nismo 2002

    Sold - thread locked
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    Exploding Windows

    You sure someone didn’t take a shot at you? Worth getting the Mrs tested for gunshot residue?
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    Project Garage

    Holy sh!tballz, that's a massive garage!!!
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    Calendar 2019 - ORDER HERE

    Got it the flurry of last minute orders, thank you. I'll be placing the numbers with the printer tomorrow.
  11. SuperStu

    Calendar 2019 - ORDER HERE

    Last call before the order goes in. Also if you've not paid, but you still want to be involved, please respond to my PM. Ta!
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    Time To Own A Waft Mobile?

    As above and used for me.
  13. SuperStu

    Time To Own A Waft Mobile?

    The 6 never really floated my boat, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the S5
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    Calendar 2019 - ORDER HERE

    Thanks for further payments today, much appreciated.
  15. SuperStu

    Calendar 2019 - ORDER HERE

    Thanks for everyone who has paid already, really appreciate the quick responses