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  1. I have used the same superb mechanics at Grinspeed in Leyland for years but find myself working in Sheffield for the foreseeable. I’ll be going back there for big mods, but I need a local for other things. Does anyone have any recommendations in the area for either a decent indie? Happy to drive a bit for one. Thanks for your help.
  2. Up to you, but might want to drop your address off.
  3. along, love the back end on a Mk1 - thicc
  4. The usual simplistic, short term penny pinching BS. The majority of car owners do so as a necessity, rather than the pleasure of driving or ownership. If they had real, viable, cheaper, convenient alternatives they would take them up in a second, but we’ve not invested properly in public transport since we invented the train. People swallow the rubbish about their being no money for investment in solutions but it’s an ideological choice not to invest, rather than a constraint. We were apparently potless before Covid, but then magicked money up to pay everyone’s wages at 80%. It needs to at least be some carrot, not all stick.
  5. Love these shots. Sig needs update now
  6. Yay another Larry fan! If you want to double up on an order some time and cut the shipping to the UK, drop me a PM. Absolute world of options out there and the best thing is, no one totally agrees on any products Polished bliss is a great shop and also has loads of good content too - https://www.polishedbliss.co.uk - it's not just restating what the manufacturer says, it has their take on application as well. I would suggest to dive in with a few things, you'll end up buying waaaaaay more than you need and then either stick with something you like, or move on when the bottle is empty. If you're tempted to keep trying new products each time, take it from me, when you find a good one, make a note or save a bookmark so you don't forget what it was! There's also some decent content on this very forum, pinned in the Detailing section, if you've not seen it already. Last but not least, before he says it https://gyeonquartz.com knock out some great products and there is good instructional content on the site too.
  7. Have you tried putting a coating on to make them easier to clean in future? Never through to do it until now.
  8. What a shame. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/two-men-arrested-after-video-showed-car-going-more-than-200mph-in-west-sussex-12005522 Interesting that there “is no excuse for speeding at any time” when you routinely see blue lights speeding, call me a pedant but that’s BS.
  9. White on black plates look so much better than ours, particularly the rear yellows we have.
  10. I ordered 50 quid of spices from spice mountain and a grinder, if lockdown has achieved anything, I can now make myself one excellent curry! Just need to learn the other thousands of dishes now.





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