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  1. Headlight Washer Jets

    You tried Zmanalex on here?
  2. British Motor Museum & Evening - National Event

    Forum Name Car Reg No Colour Museum only Museum, Hotel & evening meal 1 andy james 350z AJ07 ZZZ Silver Paid 2 buster + 1 350z V80BSV Blue Paid 3 Nso93 370z T9 NSO Grey Museum only 4 Shezza 350z B9 MAS Black Paid 5 Rickdon + 1 370z WF63 UKG White Paid 6 Z370Z +1 370z AJ04 MOR BLUE Paid
  3. British Motor Museum & Evening - National Event

    I don't want to get in the way of the sign up process, but I do want to highlight the cracking amount of effort Andy has put in to make this happen. Whilst the Forum and the Team do what we can to support, this is all happening due to Andy's vision for a 2018 event and the graft required to pull it all together. I think everyone who attended Coventry last year, recognised that big national events are a huge part of the club, let's help Andy make this a success. Get involved and sign up!
  4. Not that I have anything against black rose, but I think black Black looks perfect on 70s. Nice motor.
  5. Major JAAAAG project ...Update Feb 2018

    Love the gauges and switch gear, you may be building an e-type or it may be a spitfire. Have you had to make many tough decisions when it comes to purity versus sensible modern upgrades?
  6. Mars next stop :)

    Currently unemployed. What of it?
  7. Drift experience/ training

    I really enjoyed the day, having no prior experience and a complacent view on how easy it was going to be, I learnt a lot. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to learn in a controlled environment, there isn't anything driving related you can ask the instructors at CAT they won't be able to help out with. I think I was most impressed when, after a day of trying to nail a drift, we challenged instructor Paul to show us how it's done, so he jumped in Wazzo's V8 Zed (a totally unique vehicle) and showed us how it's done in about 30 seconds flat.
  8. Mars next stop :)

    Love all those paragraphs of sideshow, attempting to diffuse and cloud the issue at hand, all of which can be summed up in the simple phrase “based on current evidence”. Do you concede that bubbles can exist within water? Demonstrating that the surface of water can be curved when being acted upon by variables such as pressure, gravity, temperature and surface tension?
  9. Mars next stop :)

    If google water bubble, see what comes up.
  10. Mars next stop :)

    Case closed, cuff ‘em boys.
  11. Colour.

    Where the hell is mustard in the poll?
  12. Mars next stop :)

    Apparently NASA do it to protect their state funding. No ones really sure why they get paid more for a globe. Probably some sort of tie in deal with the Premier League.
  13. Mars next stop :)

    When a serious challenge is made to something that has been claimed, it’s done so by applying the scientific method. Findings are published and peer reviewed to discern if the method and findings were rigorous and stand up to challenge. They don’t make a youtube and then say, “Ha ha, disproved!”. Where is this serious science in FE? There literally is none. Not a single piece. It’s the exact same pseudo-scientific fabrication as other conjecture like Intelligent Design. Never once proven, in any shape or form. In all of the many posts you’ve made in here, not one has any grounding in anything other than anecdote. You can’t pick and choose which science bits you agree and disagree with on a whim, because you’re not backing the hypothesis that you want so desperately to be true, you’re backing the process. The best bit of science is the constant challenges, but do it with rigour, not stories.