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  1. Take a little time, have a read here. https://www.350z-uk.com/forum/187-exhaust/ Regarding “chipping”, unless you know what you’re up to, don’t do anything that doesn’t involve going to an actual dyno and using a technician with some experience.
  2. Looks really tidy mate. Nice mods.
  3. It helps to consider the no policies/manifesto approach from a non-political perspective; Nigel is preaching a message of general hope of a return to a non-specific historic state, to disciples who are unconcerned of the detail, but know they want to go there, at any cost. A cursory read of that statement might lead some to suggest it’s condescending, but, however much it may appear that way, it concisely explains approximately 80% of the behaviours I’ve observed in the last few years. The other 20% have a much more specific idea of what the Brave New World looks like, but are as unlikely to be able to get what they want as the remaniacs. Sadly, anyone trying to implement a belief quickly finds that the gossamer thin ideas that have been put forward, to provide the facade of intellectual rigour, are undeliverable. At this point, the only achievable course of action is the “Leave at any cost approach”, which lacks the need to have policy/manifesto detail, as the converted are unconcerned by the practical implications of their belief. You may as well ask someone who is demanding to going to heaven what their flight number is. There are loads of good reasons to leave, none of which are ever put forward by opportunistic outfits like this lot.
  4. Idiots are idiots, armed with a blunt tool or with high tech.
  5. SuperStu

    Stubaru BRZ

    I keep eyeing the alcantara dash panel from the facelift BRZ, I might pull the trigger, but for the time being it's not really bothering me, pretty as the new one is. I'm actually much more jealous of the facelift rear lights, steering wheel controls and the Brembos on the 86 Blue Edition. If I was sensible, I'd sell this and just stump up for the blue edition, but the colour just isn't up my street. Plus I keep browsing ohlins coilies too...
  6. SuperStu

    Stubaru BRZ

    It has been quite some time since I've done anything on the BRZ, turns out modifying kitchens and bathrooms is more expensive, more time consuming and less exciting than taking care of your car. However, Subaru finally got around to doing the valve spring recall that's been looming for a while now, which was an opportunity to change the clutch and plugs (not to mention a free fluids service!) and drive an Aygo for a few days. Most of those things were good. Since she's been to pieces and put back together again, all seems well. As a reward (and an excellent birthday present to myself) I treated her to some new rims, big thanks to @Adrian@TORQEN for sorting them out. These are an inch up in radius and width over stock, not the perfect offset to go flush, but that wasn't an objective, I just really, really hated cleaning the OEM wheels. Booked in for a setup tomorrow to put things right. In other news, I've decided to abandon the #failing no modification policy and also the find a more sensible daily initiative, I've to plan some comfort improvements too. More in future, hopefully.
  7. I have a spare copy of The Run that I meant to pass on when I sold the Z. FREE to any 350z owner who would like it. I’d suggest a small donation to the forum might be a reasonable “price”. First one to PM with a shipping address wins. P.S. You’ll need to be pretty old skool to watch it, as it’s on an ancient physical media called DVD
  8. Seems like a missed opportunity to enter a race series
  9. It’s a very reasonable question. In short, you can’t as a Member, if you feel the need to correct something, you can edit it. If you really must have it removed, you can either PM someone on the team or report the post and ask for it to be deleted.
  10. F&F is just (original) Point Break... ...for kids.
  11. Let’s keep it on topic and fact based, rather than conjecture on timelines.
  12. I’ve just realised that due to my age I don’t consider the latest remake of TMS to be a thing, which is potentially dangerous for younger viewers, I was referring to the Brynner/McQueen version as the superior remake.
  13. Hell of Zed, GLWTS. High res pictures shrink because we have to host images ourselves these days.



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