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  1. Sorry mate, but no, fabric is cheating.
  2. SuperStu


    The question was straight forward. It’s a challenge to your post, a page previously, about why education on gender is good and bad. However, I’ll be more explicit, so it’s clear. What specifically is the “bad” information that someone being educated about gender issues should not be exposed to? Despite not understanding the question, there are three paragraphs about pride parades, 3 women and sport. Each a gossamer thin attempt to create a diversionary debate about anything but the topic in hand. Not only is it conflating gender education with sexuality, two entirely separate issues, the arguments are also contradictory. You first posit the matter of pride parades as a ‘legitimate’ concern about human procreation (where it’s demonstrable that the Earth’s population is dramatically expanding). Yet the next paragraph is about the need to “advise against” the girl who brings different boys home to have sex with. Which problem is gender education causing, too much procreation or not enough? It can’t be both. Next on this tour of other concerns, we’re on to sporting matters. At hand now is fair competition. Luckily there’s only one thing that makes sport unfair, gender education. When in reality, all manner of exceptional athletes are born genetically different to others. You only need to look for the number of four foot tall basketball players in the NBA, or large footed swimmers, or distance runners of sub Saharan extraction, to see that sport is dominated by people who have talent, but also benefit from advantageous genetic characteristics. These characteristics are legitimate, yet gender genetic traits are illegitimate? Is it fair that I can’t be a world class sprinter because I’m too short and have comparatively fewer fast twitch muscles than other athletes? No. But where’s the moral panic about that? Which groups are up in anger about this genetic difference’s impact on the sporting field of play? All of this mirrors the exact same posts on the flat earth thread. Namely, putting forward an agenda under the banner of “a discussion”. Yet it comes across like there is some other objection to education on gender issues (or human sexuality) that isn’t being spoken out loud, yet, can be furthered via a variety of other periphery issues, of no real consequence, that provide a convenient vehicle to attack the intended target.
  3. SuperStu


    Please elaborate on the bad influences of gender.
  4. SuperStu


    This isn’t a political issue, it’s one of awareness. There’s no subject that is improved by withholding information from people. Keeping ideas from people only serves one end. Same reason Latin is so prevalent in certain teachings, we’ll tell you what they mean, you don’t need to worry yourself about it.
  5. SuperStu


    Yeah, unless you plan to navigate your ship on truth or fly a plane on truth, facts are under appreciated by the masses
  6. SuperStu


    It’s not like they’re all getting stuff chopped off/added on as tweens, live and let live for me Clive. Much like the abortion brouhaha in the US, I find it really hard to get my head around getting worked up about what decisions someone else makes. Don’t believe in it, don’t do it, easy; but if other people want to do something, what’s it go to do with anyone else
  7. Hi A mate of mine has an intermittent issue shifting into 2nd in her Hyundai IX35, it’s out of warranty and her local indy has test driven it but found nothing, their advice is to wait until it fails and deal with it then. I don’t think they’re keen to open the box up TBH. She’s not mad about the idea of waiting for it to fail and being stranded somewhere with a young ‘un in the back, so wants to be more proactive, without throwing endless money at it. There’s no noises, no clutch slip and no other gear shift problems. Most of the time it’s fine but, as with all intermittent issues, it never manifests when she’s got a mechanic nearby. I’m not mechanically gifted but it screams synchro problem to me as it’s just the one gear. I’ve googled it but there’s not much out there on these types of vehicle that isn’t just generic “it’s the clutch/gearbox, go to a main dealer” chat. Any ideas?
  8. SuperStu

    Stubaru BRZ

    Thanks for the kind words. It’s a different kind of fun to the Zed, obviously torque is next to nothing so you have to be in the mood to do some work if you want to have fun. I’ve enjoyed the loss of weight, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why. The way it behaves on the edge is quite addictive too. If you were serious about changing, then a drive in a lightly modified one where the irritations have been ironed out (torque dip mapped out, silly noise generator removed, etc) will quite quickly either convince you or warn you off. I’ve technically had two adults in the back seats, both under 5’9”, and they were quite keen to get out after 30 minutes. They’re reasonable for a short trip to drop/collect someone but they’re not a serious solution to regularly ferrying 4 people around. It’s nice to have the option though. Long term is quite likely to turn it into a dedicated track toy, so the seats would go and some BBK and coily action would happen, then boost somewhere down the line. It needs boost if you want to really get down the road, but I’m not that arsed about doing more than NSL on the highways these days.
  9. It’ll be Clarkson apologists trying to stir it up. If it’s gone from racial slurs and lamping producers to this, it’s going in the right direction!
  10. SuperStu

    Stubaru BRZ

    Thanks mate. Part is OEM from the facelift, came from Japan though so JDM as **** yo!
  11. SuperStu

    Stubaru BRZ

    Nice friday afternoon mod, OEM fitment and 2 minutes work, perfect! Out with the old plastic. In with the new leather. Perfect match on the stitching too.
  12. SuperStu

    Stubaru BRZ

    Yeah, could be. I REEEEEALLLLY want to weaponise it for track, but my garage woes are getting in the way for now. I'll get there. It was a bit lively at first, with the crap primacies on, which a lot of people like for being a drift god etc. This mostly went away after fitting the MPS 4s, which is fine by me, I prefer grip, and has really diminished since I put the new rims on and added an extra inch of rubber.
  13. Put up with it is the option for an easy life. You could try: - invading his personal space when you chat - not showering - burping and/or farting around him - go nuclear and ask if he fancies a bum? Obviously the risk on the last one is he says yes.
  14. Something to bear in mind, if you go against your partner’s wishes and the worst should happen, you’ll literally never stop hearing about it. Best to be on the same page, right or wrong.
  15. I’m quite morally flexible when it comes to this sort of thing, so that’s not really a consideration IMO. From a lending eligibility perspective, you need to know if your partner’s job has a probationary period and what your lender’s criteria are about using income from people in probationary periods.



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