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  1. Love the valve amp. Have you lifted another design or just gone for it yourself? How big are the speakers? Can’t tell if they are 3ft or 3 metres!
  2. After some input from you guys on helmets and gloves for track days, perhaps a little motorsport in future too. So far my shopping list includes: - HANS posts - FIA certification - Looks cool Probably a bit over the top for common or garden trackdays but it’s where I keep most of my thinking gear and I’m too beautiful to risk this mush Obviously it’s a go to a shop and try them on sort of purchase. - Can anyone recommend a physical shop in the North (that’s above Derby, not Watford!)? - Full face or chinless? - Any other tips? Regarding gloves, I’m assuming that fireproof, comfy and well fitting are the only important things, but any other suggestions welcome. Budget is in the region of £500. Ta.
  3. SuperStu

    Stubaru BRZ

    Haha. No problem mate. I got the aerial from Fensport, but can’t see it on their site these days. It’s the beatsonic one. To be honest, it’s shocking as an aerial. If you use the radio at all, rethink this mod!!!! Valentis regularly come up on the GT86 forum I frequent - gt86.org.uk However, I ordered mine from https://www.ctautoparts.com.au/ because I only wanted the red ones
  4. I’d definitely be totally honest with them. Was there a genuine reason why your normal routine of parking on the drive was disrupted? If so, then it shouldn’t really be a problem.
  5. Everyone is welcome. Ask questions, chip in on advice, have opinions. Play nicely and all will be well.
  6. @Ridz Please can you add a price.
  7. Maybe try a gentle warm with a hairdryer?
  8. Hubba hubba. Not cheap but looks fun. https://www.motorsportauctions.com/category/331/National-Category-Rally-Cars/listings/38914/Nissan-350Z-(35l-V6).html
  9. Show car taking a kicking! Looks like you’re loving it though
  10. SuperStu

    Stubaru BRZ

    Three layers of C5, same as the wheels and also the exhaust now.
  11. SuperStu

    Stubaru BRZ

    Cheers mate. Thanks for supplying the rear discs too. Spot on service, as usual.
  12. I didn’t get involved last season, but will do this year. Happy to set one up if last season’s isn’t being rekindled.



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