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  1. SuperStu

    New TG presenters

    Paddy & Freddy Do Cars? They've gone nuts.
  2. SuperStu

    Fairlady Z Azure Nismo 2002

    GLWTS mate, gorgeous Z.
  3. SuperStu

    Datsun 240z restored

    Gorgeous, GLWTS. If I hadn’t started knocking down my kitchen this week I’d have had this off you.
  4. SuperStu

    350z-uk.com Car Stickers - See Post 1

    No problem mate, the change has been done and it should be taking effect in the next day or so. A few of us have been on holibobs recently and things can take a bit of time.
  5. SuperStu

    350z-uk.com Car Stickers - See Post 1

    It’s being looked into, apologies for not getting a fix in sooner. Occasionally the lives of volunteers get in the way of running this free resource.
  6. SuperStu

    What does flyered mean?

    Nice work mate, please don’t take this the wrong way but the “and” is lower case and everything else is upper. I can’t authorise this, my OCD is going beserk!!!!
  7. SuperStu

    My 240z Project

    Thanks for sharing all this mate. Love these big builds, cracking to see all the work paying off.
  8. SuperStu

    350z-uk.com Car Stickers - See Post 1

    We’ve got plenty of 370 in stock. I’ll get one out tomorrow. When you say it doesn’t work, what exactly isn’t working? Ta.
  9. SuperStu

    350z-uk.com Car Stickers - See Post 1

    Usually a few days. Who’ve you PM’d on the Team?
  10. SuperStu

    Busters new toy

    Cool video guide, these are so good for your confidence if you’re, like me, a bit freaked out by chopping OEM wires on some mods.
  11. SuperStu

    Another new owner

  12. SuperStu

    My for sale post got approved then deleted?

    I’m sorry for my error, sorry you don’t meet the rules mate, but spamming won’t help.
  13. SuperStu

    It's Humpy's birthday!

    Sorry I'm late to this, belated Happy Birthday mate.
  14. SuperStu

    Facelift 2006 Nissan 350z GT

    Gorgeous looking Z - GLWTS mate.
  15. SuperStu


    You sure that nob is straight?