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  1. Top one please. Also I'm not sure they are to scale.
  2. Welcome along, car looks great, the CarPlay upgrade for the Sat Nav is a really nice idea.
  3. Too rich for me for what I've seen so far. Funnily enough I'm considering some Pork and Lotus in the price bracket just below (and also a Mk2 Nismo in the bracket just under that) but this isn't quite sexy enough right now to get me going. Though I would say the exact same about the Supra and people love that.
  4. I've been saying this for AGES
  5. If you are asking what I want, I want a 240z with all modern fixtures and fittings please!
  6. Fix the front end, it’ll do fine.
  7. Apologies I didn’t check all 14 pages before making a light hearted comment. When you say “story” is that an actual story, one of the myriad conjecture pieces or fantasy render 253?
  8. Who's betting on same 370 with updated panels?
  9. I get the 5 series I get the Touring I can even get the diesel But 2.0 ???
  10. Crikey I hope not. I'm browsing a lot of Pork on autotrader these days and they seem to think white is an upgrade over black
  11. Why would it have such a high front end? It's still going to be a boxer with a low COG. I don't get these fantasy renders...
  12. It's not about weight or power, it's about ride. If you take a comfy GT, make it less refined. It's a sports.
  13. Because GT v Sports, I miss GT.
  14. Usual drill - https://fantasy.premierleague.com League Name 350z & 370z UK Password hb0min Yes I'm running the same promotional trailer as last year and the year before.





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