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  1. Come on gang, it takes a huuuuge amount of effort to make national events happen. All you gotta do is turn up, have fun and enjoy the evening booze up!!! Coventry was brilliant, I'm sure this will be just as epic.
  2. The ilogikal1 test thread

    You sure it's called Mohs and not Show?
  3. The ilogikal1 test thread

    I did try and get a "Favourite Products' (not just ilogikal approved) vibe going in here. https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/100787-proper-wash-guide-add-your-favourite-detailing-products/
  4. 350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    The nuts and bolts look tricky enough to do, but the wiring is a dark art. Great effort doing all this yourself mate. Great build.
  5. The ilogikal1 test thread

    It’s been an absolute rollercoaster, thanks for the time and effort, not to mention the smells. I need never look further than Revolt. 10 minute plus dwell times with fallout removers? I’ve always been a bit worried about leaving them on that long and it drying out, no issues during the test? Would you leave it that long on paint? Also, those wheels still need a refurb...
  6. The ilogikal1 test thread

    Revolt is the winner. I know, it’s what I buy!
  7. POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Sensible move tethering the bumper on, just in case.
  8. Roadster soft top module location

    Don’t hope, PM!
  9. Roadster soft top module location

    Try Zmanalex, he’s taken a roadster to pieces and put it back together again, at least 5 times. He’ll probably have a used module too.
  10. Seat removal

    Big nuts. In the floor. Also disconnect your air bags and heating, yellow tab underneath IIRC. Be careful, you probably should disconnect battery first for the air bags and pump the brakes a few times. They're heavy AF, remember to get them in position to come out whilst the electric is still on!
  11. Mustang Build Thread

    I wish they’d spent an extra ten minutes on the coolant reservoir. I’ve already had to bookmark covers and replacement options for my inevitable purchase. Nice Work in that engine bay G.
  12. Upgraded to 370Z

    Ooooh that’s nice, prefer that to the other blue. Enjoy.
  13. Another One Goes Gold - Thank You Coldel

    Meet the Team. https://www.350z-uk.com/staff/
  14. Col has decided to hang up his moderating gloves and concentrate on his mud running career. As well as the normal moderator duties, which take a good deal of commitment in of themselves, Col has had the job of looking after the Forum Traders. This is a critical role because it's Trader Fees that keep the lights on and the forum free to Members - our founding principle. Not only has Col put in countless hours looking after that, he's put time in improving it and making life easier for existing and future mods. Huge thanks from me personally, but also on behalf of the whole Forum for giving up your time to make the place better.