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2 hours ago, HEADPHONES said:

I had an E reg 1.3L hatchback Sunny.

Together with the Corolla they established legendary Jap reliability💪

Any pictures fella?


Yeah Ford, Renault and Vauxhall in its class of the days just didn't cut it.

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1 hour ago, paulie said:

We got to have a wee drive out in my mates 'Glasgow' commission Singer. What a thing! Think it was about three years in the making. 

Wow !

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Old AEZ alloys were in need of new tyres, so used this opportunity to tyre up my Almera GTi wheels. Doesn't take much rubber to fill those arches 😁




I had felt bad going through the 350z with the rust treatment and underseal, while leaving the little Sunny. She needed way more attention and is asked to go out in all conditions while never missing a beat - she's happy now. All four arches thoroughly cleaned, rust treated and undersealed along with underbody. Gearbox and brake fluid change also while she was up. 




The old brake fluid was rather dark, probably not been changed in a decade.



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Gave the old girl a clean up and added the 15mm spacers .. took it down by the river for a very quick photo shoot this morning 




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