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  1. When leather and Alcantara collide...

    Thanks for that, Mick. It was a pleasure doing work for you, sir!
  2. When leather and Alcantara collide...

    Thanks for the recommendation, sir. PM sent.
  3. Recaro Cross Sportster CS

    There's a question! I believe they have a similar deal to the Speed and SR seats, whereby you could have a "Cross" designation that gives you a different base. On the Cross Speeds, the base has shallower bolsters and an extending front squab. On the CS Cross, I think the bolsters are smaller and that's the only difference. But I honestly don't know enough about the CS range to say whether the bolt pattern for mounting the seats to a subframe is the same as earlier seats like the SR or Trendline.
  4. Recaro Cross Sportster CS

    There's usually a pair or two on eBay for between £600 and £800 - out of a Corsa VXR, I think. I keep debating a set for my Z32 but keep deciding to stick with the Speeds as they're period-correct.
  5. When leather and Alcantara collide...

    I'm booked up past this summer already, I'm afraid. Sorry! If you want, I can still PM you a quote anyway...?
  6. The worst day

    There's nothing I can add that hasn't already been said, but condolences to you and yours (and his wife and unborn child) for the sad and tragic loss.
  7. My Dad

    Really sorry to read this, Celia. Lost my mum in 1994 so I know where you're at right now.
  8. New project..... Datsun 240z

    I'd love to be able to buy a 240Zand restore it. Absolutely beautiful cars! And this one is looking like no exception!
  9. Lexx Goes Gold

    I've known Lexx for a few years now and he is, without a doubt, one of the most genuine guys I've known in my life. He's done a sterling job here and is to be commended. And yeah, his ability to impregnate with twins on both times of asking is truly remarkable!
  10. Fluke's interior overhaul

    Out of all the people who've used me from this forum, only one of them has been even vaguely "local"
  11. Fluke's interior overhaul

    I come in a little cheaper than that, but not much.
  12. Fluke's interior overhaul

    I actually have a few hides of yellow leather on the shelf at the moment
  13. Fluke's interior overhaul

    And we are now finished! As orange as orange can be, just as Fluke requested. Pretty snazzy, I reckon
  14. Fluke's interior overhaul

    Another couple of bits done, namely the gearknob and handbrake handle. I don't think they really need much explanation...
  15. Fluke's interior overhaul

    I like the sound of this. Thank you! At least the facelift doorcards are a little more interesting than the PFL ones. But a splash of colour and a lot of leather do make a big difference! Not with the main body of the dash, no. The central fascia was originally going to be trimmed (the part that houses the aircon and auxilliary gauges) but I believe it's being hydrodipped now instead.