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  1. It was dropped to £375, now down to £350.
  2. I've got the ART brakes, not the Torqen BBK, however I'd advise caution if you go for anodised brakes, a lot of hand car wash places use chemicals which kill the finish, not an issue if you wash your car yourself though.
  3. Hi All, I have a Motordyne XYZ Pipe with HFC for sale. It was on the car for about 3k miles and has been sitting in a cupboard in an underground car park for the last few years. £350 including postage or £300 collected from Surbiton. XYZ Pipe HFC: Thanks, Haydn.
  4. Hi All, I'm selling my flat and complete on Monday and and to get rid of a Front & Rear bumper plus side skirts. They're from a 2007 HR and were removed with approx 16K miles on the clock and don't have any major damage (a few stone chips on the front maybe), however they've been sitting in an underground car park for a few years so will be rather dusty! If anyone can collect them before Monday then they're welcome to them... free! Collection from Surbiton. Sorry, no photos with my name on them as I haven't been to the flat in a while (had a tenant living their), but as they're free I'm hoping this will be OK. I might be able to get to the flat this evening to take some photos, although I won't have time to lay them out for good photos. Thanks, Haydn.
  5. The 1-4 numbered radio preset buttons input the code, lets say your code is 1026, you'd press 1 once, 3 twice and 4 six times. Once the screen says "1026" you press the radio seek button on the right, can't remember if its up or down but it doesn't cancel the code so press the other one if the first one doesn't work. Just in case the right seek buttons don't work, use the ones on the left, if I can't remember if it's up down I might have my left/right confused as well.
  6. I'm 99% sure you can get your car remapped via UpRev for 95 RON. I believe someone like Mark@Abbey can send you a generic 95RON Uprev map as well to avoid having to go for a proper on dyno remap.
  7. I'm fairly sure you'd be able to back out of that mission/level/quest, go do other stuff and come back to it when you're ready, I kind of like the way you can do stuff before you're ready. My main issue was that there were 3 or 4 special armour/weapon sets which when worn together were far more powerful than all the other stuff, so basically you have the choice of fast&low armour/balanced/slow&heavy armour, there's not really any other choice. Something like Dark Souls has a ton of different armours/weapons where you can mix and match for various results.
  8. Sounds like a hassle if things go wrong, the bodyshop could blame the dent guy and the dent guy could blame the bodyshop and you'd be in a world of pain... easier to have one person to blame if you need things corrected.
  9. The reason it's the default choice is due to the CMYK support, if you send stuff to print houses then sure, you probably want to use PS over GIMP, although you can get plugins to add rudimentary CMYK support. Otherwise there's not much difference to most users. Also if you're a Linux user, PS kinda sucks via wine.
  10. I've used gimp for years, there's a "gimpshop" plugin which basically changes all the menus to mimic photoshop which may make it easier for people who are familiar with that.
  11. You could just reformat the hard drive to exFAT and use it on Mac & Windows without the need for third party drivers.
  12. I obviously had the wrong parents, my first car was a clapped out Ford Escort.
  13. And there I was thinking that you were the Michael Schumacher of 350Z-uk!
  14. As long as you don't take too long changing it! I'm not sure how long the timer is on the stereo, but if you leave it without power too long then it does require a code which can be a PITA to get from Nissan if you don't have it anywhere.
  15. Before anyone says it, yes this is a holy thread revival, however it's in the spirit of remembrance so do one! Anyway, what's everyone's thoughts on this whole FA/SFA vs FIFA poppy argument?
  16. Do they do things differently these days? When I was there in the late 90's you wouldn't know you had a ticket until you went to renew the equivalent of your tax-disk. Someone while I was there got caught by the same camera every day to and from work and just assumed it wasn't working until she had a HUGE bill after a year.
  17. Interesting, I've never found them noisy at all even with the roadster roof down... but apparently they're rated "3 bars" which is "above the future EU limit"... bloody EU!!
  18. Really? Any references to that as I can't find any info through google.
  19. You should change your Forum position from "Administrator" to "Parent" and place Valy and Stylz on the naughty step.
  20. Congratulations! We have a little one due in January... I don't really need to sell the Z but I'm tempted to once spring comes.
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