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  1. It was made by Dixon Motorsport who unfortunately went out of business and cost a lot more than I'm selling it for... I would've thought everyone would know Ti exhaust are a lot lighter that stainless steel. I'm surprised this hasn't sold already. But yes, difference from OEM is weight, sound, durability against rusting and +100 cool points for all that awesome burnt Ti colouring! I've always got comments from mechanics on the exhaust, I had to stop in South France on the way to Italy once, the mechanic didn't speak a word of English but he managed to mime he wanted to steal the exhaust pretty well.
  2. BUMP! It's worth bearing in mind that Titanium doesn't rust in the same way as steel, the Titanium Oxide created when it meets oxygen creates a protective barrier preventing further oxidisation/corrosion so a Ti exhaust should far out live a SS equivalent.
  3. Just found this video of the sound for anyone interested:
  4. The AAM TT headers/downpipes aren't compatible.
  5. Hi All, Another thing I sadly can't use anymore now I'm going TT, Motordyne ART pipes, £300 delivered: Note: This obviously doesn't include the rest of the exhaust which is for sale in another post: Regards, Haydn.
  6. Hi All, I can't believe I'm selling this! Unfortunately as I'm going forced induction I need a larger diameter exhaust for all the extra power and I'm going to have to sell this piece of art to pay for it. Fully titanium, cat back. I'm sure someone who's heard it will post regarding the lovely sound it makes. £1000 excl postage. MODS: Yes there is a piece of paper with my name/date... just not in all the photos. Regards, Haydn.
  7. Hi All, This is no longer available. Haydn.
  8. Well this is everything you need to TT for £10.5k (less the £1k for the suspension bits), fitting would be about £3.5k at somewhere like H-Dev. Actually, you might need a little bit more depending on the exhaust you have, the downpipes from the kit are 3".
  9. If there's someone who wants the cat I'd happily split, but i don't want to be left with a cat on its own. Having said that, cats usually get good money from scrappies, i could find out how much I'd get from them and reduce the cost that way? Seems like a waste of a good cat though.
  10. So I can afford a home. My justification in spending that much was a) what other car would perform as well as a TT'd Z for the same cash incl mods, comparible cars would cost much more and i love the Z.
  11. Just noticed the TT kit on Torqen is currently up for £10.8k... So you get all the other stuff for £700!
  12. Hi All, NOTE TO MODS: Apologies for not including photos, all the parts listed below are currently with Adrian@Torqen so I can't photo them. Adrian can confirm if needed. I hope that's OK? As some of you are aware I've been waiting the buy for the AAM Twin Turbo kit as you'll find here: http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/98901-torqen-torqen-partnerships-with-aam-to-develop-rhd-version-twinturbo-kit/ After 2 years all the parts have finally arrived and are waiting with Torqen for installation... unfortunately a mortgage has come along at the perfectly wrong time and I need to raise some money. All parts below are brand new, not even delivered to me yet, the kit includes: - 350z HR AAM Twin Turbo Kit - 350z Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors, 48mm Length - 14mm Top - 14mm Lower O-Ring (Set of 6) - 350z AEM In Tank Fuel Pump Kit Ethanol compatible 320 LPH - GTM Fuel Return System - 350z HR Clutch Masters FX300 Clutch Kit, Segmented Kevlar Steel Back System, 110% over stock holding capacity - 350Z HR Clutch Masters Aluminum Flywheel, FW Weight: 13lbs - 350z HR ZSP Tilton Racing Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade - 350z HR Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit in black - GReddy Profec Electronic Boost Controller - Injector Dynamics injector harness plugs - GT-R R35 spark plug - 350z HR Stainless Steel clutch line - Motul RBF 660 clutch fluid - Fuchs Titan Pro Race S 5w30 engine oil 2 x 5L bottle - Motul Inugel Coolant 1 x 5L bottle - 350z Eibach Front and Rear Anti-Roll Sway Bar Kit - 350z TWM Performance Short Throw Shifter - 350z SPL PRO Front Endlinks - 350z SPL PRO Rear Endlinks The last 4 items are obviously not 100% required for a TT kit, if somebody wants to buy the TT kit without those 4 I'll knock £1k off, however I won't sell those 4 without selling the TT kit. Regards, Haydn. EDIT: Just realised I missed the GTM fuel return system, added to the list with no price change.
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