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  1. You're obviously rating Nissan dealers below royal mail - close call I have to admit!
  2. Hi All, I bought my Z in June and it was missing a stamp in the service book, it's a June '07 313 and only had the '08 service stamped in the book - however there was an invoice for the '09 service and I called the dealership to confirm they have a record of it prior to purchase. I've since had the '10 service done* and it's stamped in location 3 of the service book leaving the 2nd location free for a retrospective stamp from the dealer who did the service. I'm really scared that the service book may go missing, so what's the best way to get this stamp done? Send the book recorded delivery with a self addressed recorded delivery envelope for the return? The dealership that forgot to stamp the book is Crosby Park Nissan in Liverpool - has anyone had any dealings with these guys? Are they reliable enough to trust with a posted service book? I guess I could drive there but it's 235 miles each way which seems excessive just to get a stamp on a car that's done 14.5k miles! *The '10 service was due when I bought the car, I bought it from a Hyundai dealer who offered to do the service for me but I wanted a full Nissan service history so they gave me £340 off the price... and then I got a full service done for £185 at mates rates @ Nissan. Cheers, Haydn.
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    I'd suggest taking it to your local dealer or a wheel/tyre place and trying to describe the problem to them - if the language barrier gets in the way ask if you can take someone for a drive to show them the problem. They'll then be able to tell you what the problem is and quote on a price to fix it... probably easier than all this guess work!
  4. Tell them faxes are valid and provide the link I posted above... then tell the lazy ass call center bloke to get off his arse and do some work!
  5. They could use a molded air intake imho, something like this but nicer. ;P
  6. They can accept prints of downloaded cover notes as of April this year (which sounds a bit fake-able if you ask me!) and have accepted faxes for as long as I can remember, I used a fax in June. Photocopies aren't acceptable though which, considering you can take a print or fax, seems ridiculous! Confirmation from the DirectGov.
  7. I had success stopping a leaking MR2 T-bar using some rubber lubricant, although that was restoring slightly older rubber rather than out of place rubber - it does "puff up" the rubber though so may help. Besides, it only costs a fiver so may be worth giving it a go before removing/packing. This stuff's pretty good.
  8. HaydnH

    350z wanted

    Black GT 313 Coupe with 19.5k miles on autotrader for £15k ish, may be worth a look. Having said that, I managed to pick up a '07 GT 313 roadster with sat-nav and 14k miles for £15.7k a couple of months ago so maybe it's worth waiting for a good deal?
  9. OH, just realised the OP was talking about the colour black... not the limited edition black... DOH!
  10. I was offered mate's rates (about £28k) on a black when I was looking to buy my z as my brother works for Nissan... even at that price I couldn't bear the depreciation of a new car, it'll be worth what, £18-19k in 2-3 years? Personally I'm happy to buy a few years old... so let me know when you finish with the black in a few years time.
  11. You should have stated in your police report that he seemed to be staggering slightly and slurring his words.
  12. Hi All, I recently bought an '07 313 GT Roadster, which so far I'm very happy with, however, I've got a few questions about bluetooth for phone use & the Bose aux mod. I apologise if some of my questions have been answered before, I've searched around and found useful threads - but they don't seem to cover all my questions. 1) Bluetooth for phone use, considering my Z doesn't even have a cradle in the middle cubby, let alone the Bluetooth adaptor, it's just an empty cubby: - Are these easy to purchase? If so where from? I've seen a few "PM XYZ" messages but not sure if they're still around being a new member. I'd obviously need more than just the BT adaptor. - As I don't have a cradle, will I definitely have a mic? Where's this located so I can check? - Is the cradle/BT adaptor easy to fit? i.e: are the connectors going to be present below the cubby? - The cradle appears to be right in the middle of the cubby, can this be offset to allow room for a phone cradle also? In the phot's I've seen there seems to be a screw hole in the bottom of the cubby. - Can you only operate the phone from the phone itself? Depends on the phone I guess? 2) I'll be doing the BOSE MP3 AUX cable mod at some point as per the FAQ: - I'd like to attach power to phone in the middle cubby - is there somewhere I can get power from easily near the cubby? A simple micro-usb cable would suffice. - I guess you have to press play on the tape before any sound is heard via mp3? I'm guessing this is fairly quiet if the tape has no internals? - Can you still play tapes with the aux cable attached? Hopefully I'll have room in the head unit for a proper socket, I'm wondering if I'd need a switch or anything to allow tape usage again or not. Thanks in advance for your responses, Haydn.
  13. Don't bother with this one... I've bought it http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/ ... 359262515/
  14. I know what you mean, the lines look a little odd when the roofs up... I only plan on using mine as a toy on nice days though so that shouldn't be a problem. If I was planning on using it more often I'd probably have gone for a coupe.
  15. I just put a deposit on an '07 (313) GT Roadster, black/black /w 14k miles on Saturday, the week before I got out bid on a '06 (296) GT roadster, blue/black with 16k miles... I've seen a few but maybe I'm further south... can't wait to collect this week!!
  16. 5 replies in under 10 minutes... I'm guessing I've come to the right place!
  17. Hi All, Not quite a Z owner yet but I thought I'd get in early! I put a deposit on a fully loaded (sat nav etc) '07 (313) Roadser GT, Black/Black, 14k miles, UK car on Saturday. It should be ready for collection by the weekend (needs 1st MOT, valet etc beforehand)... can't wait!!! Haydn.
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