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  1. What are you looking for? I'd be tempted to sell mine... for offers above £20k.
  2. I thought you would over a stock plenum on NA, same reason for installing a spacer?
  3. Hi All, I've got a 260Z Autobook which may be of interest to someone. There's a few on ebay for £25-30, call it £15 including UK postage? Haydn.
  4. Was it reg GT07ZZZ? Could've been my dad borrowing mine...
  5. I have no need for one of those endoscopes... so I ordered one of course.
  6. Payco - Mark 2 Nismo 370z davey_83 - 350z nissanman312 2010 sc gt Flashback - 350Z Bikeracer - sc Nismo Andy James-350z buster-350z Zippypooz - 350z Paul K - 350z Roadster jcurtis - 350z Skippy- white 350z Dunks - Supercharged 350Z GranTurismoEra - 370z Nismo mk II nissmoandy jissed_350z Seb - 350z wizard - s/c 350z amyzed - 350z Mopedmark - 350 Mopedmarked Kingsley - Midnight Blue 350z Stephanie -Gunmetal Grey 350z MatthewThain -Ginger 350z RyanByng - Azure Blue 350z Valy - 350z Adrian@TORQEN - Nism Martinw plus 1- Black 350z Shortpaul - Gunmetal 350z
  7. Hi Guys, Unfortunately I'm going to have to drop out of this, shame as I was really looking forward to catching up with everyone since my car's been off the road soooo long. Hopefully I'll make a meet soon! Haydn.
  8. HaydnH


    F*** Photobucket!
  9. HaydnH


    From the album: Signatures

  10. I still have no idea why they don't do the NV1 front bumper.
  11. Yep, picked the car up a few weeks ago. A lot of people think the Yokos have terrible wet grip due to the reviews. I find the grip in the wet is very good and as you say, progressive and predictable, even around Brands Hatch in a mid-rear car on a rainy December days in the rain after they've gritted half of the track! Possibly the reviews say the wet grip is bad as it's a lot worse than their excellent dry grip rather than being bad compared to other tyres in the same situation?
  12. Technically, yes it's a fail as it should have them. However I haven't actually heard of anyone failing due to it and lots of people seem to have done it. Personally I kept my washers on my aftermarket bumper.
  13. Payco - Mark 2 Nismo 370z davey_83 - 350z nissanman312 2010 sc gt Flashback - 350Z Bikeracer - sc Nismo Andy James-350z buster-350z HaydnH - 350Z Zippypooz - 350z
  14. About £35 cheaper per rear tyre compared to AD08Rs... almost enough to make me consider switching... EDIT: Actually, with the £40 off on black circles right not for buying 4 Michelins, it works out to £43.56 per corner cheaper! (Michs: £556.28 per set, Yokos: £730.50).
  15. I haven't had a chance to create a thread or anything yet myself either, but I've just uploaded the video of the dyno run to youtube for the benefit of this thread:
  16. If this was in burnt titanium I'd be drooling even more than I am now lol.
  17. I bought a £500-600 quid ish delonhghi bean to cup from amazon on black friday for about £300... worth every penny.
  18. Ooooh I love the burnt titanium look... may be they want to create an extra one for my 350! Not even sure they've started on mine yet.
  19. Dixon Motorsport, unfortunately they've gone out of business since. Lol, I have enough used nappies and baby pictures as it is!! If anything I'm tempted to create an ad for the baby in the for sale section!! (Shhhh... don't tell the wife)
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