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  1. Looks the business mate! Glad it’s gone to a good home! Hows the sound with the hfc?
  2. If I can help it, no, collection preferred as it is a large item and I wouldn’t want it to be damaged, I am up and down the country over the next few weeks tho if that helps?
  3. Great condition, brought from Torqen less then 10k miles use over 2 years, probably say you need to get some new gaskets and bolts but other then that it’s in good condition with no rust or dents etc retail £1499 asking £700 the stereo surround is the kit you need to fit an aftermarket stereo, which also includes the harness to use the steering wheel controls on a pioneer stereo, retail on these kits are around £120 asking £60 located in Stafford j13 m6
  4. Sorry ive overseen this, remove me from the queue please I haven’t got the car anymore
  5. You would be able to if you ran a processor unit such as a Audison Bit10 or Bit1! As this was my original plan, but I thought I might as well upgrade the lot!
  6. Should of sold the other one off could of brought some other bits for it lol Cheers guys, There's a video on my Instagram @rich_padley
  7. Got my cat back exhaust delivered and fitted last week, love the noise and was relatively straight forward to fit..
  8. got my exhaust delivered today even after a little mishap super excited to get it fitted tomorrow
  9. ok well heres probably the only shot of the car i've got to get things started: so the first thing on my to do list was to sort out the terrible bose system and awful front end headunit. the list of things going into the car: Pioneer SPH DA120 app radio headunit hertz Hi energy front end hertz hi energy subwoofer hertz HP5 silent coat sound deadening chord wiring audison power and earth cables & DIsi blocks stinger RCA's so first thing to do was to strip out the old crap and give the metal a clean ready for some sound deadening: layed it all out ready to go down: then was time to strip the interior and take the old headunit out: i put the new headunit in to see how it fits and where to run wires etc: decided to go for the RCAS in the centre, power on passenger side, i've put the GPS receiver on the dash Ran the power wire through the loom behind the battery: this is where the fuse holders going to be: i then mounted my crossovers in the boot next to the standard bose amp: i then ran the speaker wires up, removed the standard speakers, made the mdf templates for the new speakers and sound deadened the doors: wired the tweeters up: finished off the headunit with all the wiring done: built my sub box: built an amp rack which is attached to the side of the box: sorted the ground out: and thats pretty much where i'm at now, its all powered up and working fine, ive just got to build the false floor for it once the systems finished next up will be fitting an ARK exhaust system (CBE) then i'm going to look at fitting my air ride system to the car as well as a set of wheels for it
  10. That's awesome, I get paid on the 4th, new exhaust time!
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