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  1. How is it these days? I enjoyed it for a while, but found it a bit too repetitive doing the same quests day in day out, week in week out. When that expansion came out that didn't include a raid and was basically go get the same weapons but at a slightly higher power I was off. Loved Vault of Glass though, that was great fun, the second raid not so much as I could solo the whole thing which kinda takes the fun out of multiplayer.
  2. Obligatory Yoko AD08R plug.
  3. Never heard of it, but looking at the connectors it uses the standard RCA style cables (those red/white/yellow ones) for output which I'm pretty sure the OEM sat nav doesn't use so I doubt it will be an easy install.
  4. Why do the put "Ages 11-16" on the box? Shouldn't it just be "11+"?
  5. HaydnH

    Is anybody there?

    He has... just a temporary one.
  6. HaydnH

    Is anybody there?

    He's in Romania, back Wednesday... not sure if there's someone covering while he's away.
  7. Don't forget that if you can't find what you want in the UK then changing your google foo from MX5 to Miata will show the US goodies.
  8. JC3 was/is in the store's October sale for £25 so I thought I'd give it a go... not played it much yet though.
  9. OFFS! The cat's sleeping on my bonnet again!!
  10. I uploaded a few images before that 1 and was flipping/resizing etc quite a bit, I get the feeling some flipped="true/false" flag got stuck... hopefully the next one will turn out OK!
  11. It shows you a photo of the final image before you click submit, it's hard to F that up! Unless you mean user error by whoever printed it at Barclays.
  12. Hi All, So I wanted to order a contactless debit card from Barclays, however to do that you have to phone telephone banking which is always a hassle. So I thought I'd be clever and order a personalised debit card, Barclays do that for free. a new card should be contactless right? And I get a photo of my Z on my card... win win! The web based app is fairly easy to use, you upload a photo, scale/flip/move it how you want and submit, easy! It looks like this: See how I've positioned my Z so well in the area with no text or logos? My card arrived today and, personally I think they've done a spot on job! Awesome!! Haydn.
  13. Personally, every time a stone or something made a noise under the car I'd be second guessing whether the cheap decats were falling apart so I'd prefer to pay a little extra for something I know is good quality.
  14. I'm not sure if that's true but it makes sense that a heavy car needing a stiffer Chassis, Bentley claimed they had the stiffest convertible chassis. I think I read somewhere that Jaguar said the BMW M5 had the stiffest chassis they'd tested but could be wrong.
  15. If it was easy you wouldn't have to do it 3 times.
  16. I don't understand the tyre selection on these tests, they take the top of the range Michelin Pilot Super Sports (£175) and compare it against the lower in the range Yokohama V105s (£126) and Falken FK510s (£118). Why not compare against the Yoko AD08Rs (£160) or Falken FK453s (£148) which seem like a better competitor? * Prices are from black circles for a 245/45R18 for comparison on budget/quality/whatever.
  17. Congratulations! I've been to 2 different weddings in Santorini and they both had the same vicar/priest, I wonder if you had the same one... did he sound a bit like the Swedish Chef at times?
  18. HaydnH

    NEW car!?

    It's not 4 seats but MR2 Turbo? If you're not a fan of convertibles the T-Bar is a great compromise, you could always go tin top if you really wanted. Reliable, fast, cheap (ish considering age) and won't depreciate... unless you bend it.
  19. If it was about £500 and you lived closer to me I might be interested as a runaround for when the baby arrives...
  20. Can't you buy the game from Amazon for like £20?? Ooooh I remember that part, took a few attempts but it's rewarding when you finish it. I think there was another part where you play the girl in a confined space that was bloody tough as well.
  21. Such an awesome atmospheric game. Loved it on the PS3 Possibly the best story mode of any game I've played, glad I waited for the PS4 remastered version tbh.
  22. HaydnH


    I wish I had something that was "made of performance and show off" on my car! It's guaranteed to increase BHP though, I wonder what the guarantee is?
  23. What's the worst case scenario though? The stack shatters/breaks and the air filter catches the crap? I doubt the air velocity would be great enough to cut right through the filter and enter the engine, you'd have to expect the odd stone or whatever hitting the filter which would cause more damage.
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