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  1. price reduced, please see advert for full details.
  2. mines for sale ( in the zeds for sale section.
  3. hi guys, this car must go so open to offers.
  4. price reduced to £12,295 open to offers though
  5. mine for sale in 'zeds for sale section?
  6. given the price of these cars now days , having the Bose and leather etc is a must... theres a lot about but like all people are saying its what happens when you sell on.
  7. mine fits your criteria if you can strecth a bit more on budget?? it in the f or sale section
  8. ta very much ! some one must be looking for one?!
  9. both very good vids . but they both talk with that geeky whingy tone. 5 grand is just stoopid , jus get the pollish to do it,
  10. i saw a kid at the golf club who asked " what is it" ? Also a chav on a bmx said "sick car bruv"! i mean... really!? talk properly no bad ones only moaners who say " stop cleaning your car!!!"
  11. http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2803550.htm





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